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How to Get the Latte Makeup Look

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. July 31, 2023
How to Get the Latte Makeup Look

The latte makeup look is a viral trend which allows us to look as if we have a perfect tan all year round. one of the most viral makeup trends to blow up on TikTok lately, the latte makeup trend uses a color palette of brown and copper tones. These tones combine to give a milky coffee tone from which the look gets its name. There are already many influencers and makeup tutorial creators who have jumped on the latte look bandwagon. If you want to join them, oneHOWTO explains how to get the latte makeup look.

  1. What is the latte makeup look?
  2. How to get the latte makeup look
  3. How to combine latte makeup with outfits

What is the latte makeup look?

While makeup and fashion ideas can blow up on any social media platform, nothing beats TikTok for making a viral makeup trend. This is exactly what happened with the latte makeup look. A makeup style based on natural and nude tones, this trend gives an equally natural look to make complexions.

Sometimes known as café au lait makeup, latte makeup is characterized by beige, brown, white and vanilla tones which combined to give a creamy look. The effect is to accentuate the natural skin tone, almost as if we didn't have any makeup at all.

One of the benefits of this trend is that it can raise the tone a little at the beginning of summer. As the summer advances, we can adjust the latte makeup look to match our level of sun. Of course, if we live somewhere without much sun, this makeup trend can be used at any time of year to give us a sun-kissed look that doesn't look like fake tan.

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How to get the latte makeup look

As we have pointed out, latte makeup is based on the use of products that boost neutral or slightly toasted tones. These give us not only a natural and tanned appearance, but also more luminosity on the face. To get a café au lait makeup look, we will want to achieve radiant skin with our base color. We then delicately highlight the facial features using warm, tan and neutral tones. If you want to get the latte look for yourself, here's how it's done:

Light base

The first step to achieve a perfect latte makeup look is to show off a luminous and juicy complexion. To do this, you should put aside makeup bases with a matte finish. Bet on liquid, natural bases that can be easily blended. If they are long-lasting, all the better. This will be the first product that you should apply after previously cleaning the face.


After applying the base, you should use the concealer to reduce imperfections or dark circles. Since the base of the latte makeup is a natural finish, it is not recommended to apply a lot of concealer. A few small touches that you can blend as much as possible will be enough.

Warm and copper tones

As we have mentioned, the tanned effect of latte makeup is one of the most characteristic of this makeup technique, especially in summer. You must choose these tones to correctly apply the blush on your cheeks.

Brown eye shadows

To do your eyes in the latte makeup style, you should opt for tanned eyes with brown tones. The smoky eye makeup technique will be ideal if you choose this monochrome makeup. And if you want to give your look a bit of shine, you can choose to give that light through a champagne or gold shadow.


The final touch in eye makeup will be the mascara, a product that will help you give depth to your look. Mascara is essential to enhance such a neutral makeup and powerfully mark the eyelashes, giving them more volume.

Nude lips

And we finish the latte makeup with a neutral lipstick, preferably in nude tones. To give your lips more power, you can first outline your lips, fill them in with a natural tone and finish with a bit of gloss in the central part.

How to Get the Latte Makeup Look - How to get the latte makeup look

How to combine latte makeup with outfits

Latte makeup has become the makeup of the moment thanks to its versatility. It is a technique that you can use both on a daily basis and for special events. Whenever you want to see yourself with a face that does not appear to be made up, the latte makeup can give you that natural look quickly. Naturalness and light tanning is what this makeup offers us that you can undoubtedly combine at any time.

Latte makeup for daytime

Latte makeup is ideal for summer thanks to the shades used to create it. You can combine this beauty look with more casual clothes to enjoy your summer vacation. If you also like pigtails or semi-tousled up-dos, the look will be accentuated.

Latte makeup for nighttime

Although this is a makeup trend that triumphs when used on a daily basis, it can be a great tool to achieve a sophisticated look at night. This is thanks to its ability to make the skin glow. If you want a natural look for summer nights, you can combine the latte makeup with a variety of outfits. You can have an all-black number, mini-dresses with white and black tones, boho dresses or a Balearic nighttime style. The latte makeup look can go with a wide variety of hairstyles, but it is particularly good for ponytails or hair being neatly tied up.

Although the latte makeup look takes a little time to get right, it is not a high-maintenance process. If this is your style, take a look at our related article on low-maintenance makeup routines.

How to Get the Latte Makeup Look - How to combine latte makeup with outfits

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How to Get the Latte Makeup Look