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How to Draw on Fake Freckles

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. October 23, 2023
How to Draw on Fake Freckles

Creating faux freckles is an artistic endeavor that begins with the right tools and a dash of creativity. As the trend of faux freckles gains momentum, many makeup enthusiasts are eager to embrace this charming addition to their beauty routine. Fueled by the influence of social media filters and sparked by celebrities like Meghan Markle, the quest for natural-looking freckles has taken the makeup world by storm.

If you're curious and ready to embark on your faux freckle journey, this oneHOWTO guide will show you how to draw on fake freckles with our easy tutorial. By the time you're done, you'll have mastered the art of achieving that youthful and whimsical freckled charm.

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  1. What is needed to make fake freckles
  2. Clean your face
  3. Moisturize your skin
  4. Apply foundation
  5. Apply bronzer
  6. Draw the freckles
  7. Fill in the blanks
  8. Blend
  9. Set the makeup

What is needed to make fake freckles

Fake freckles are a popular makeup trend that is here to stay. You can easily recreate this charming look from the comfort of your home. These faux freckles promise a natural, face-softening effect that radiates youthful charm. If you're a fan of those freckle filters on social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok, it's time to leave them behind and start embracing this playful style in your daily makeup routine. Here's what you need to get started:

  • The right Pigment: begin by selecting the correct makeup color, one that both matches your natural skin tone with its contrasting darkness. A brown eyeliner, eyeliner pencil or lip liner can do the trick. To achieve a flawless finish, opt for a matte eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow. Avoid anything with a shiny finish, aiming for a tone that blends naturally.

  • Consider henna: for a longer-lasting option, you can explore the option of henna fake freckles. Henna is a durable dye with a pigment that can maintain your fake freckles for up to 15 days. It's important to note that henna may not be suitable for sensitive skin, potentially causing allergic reactions. It is natural and 100% vegan if produced in the traditional way.

  • Application: to create your fake freckles, you'll need an eyeliner brush with a fine, firm tip. This will provide definition for your faux freckles and ensure they pop when you need them to.

  • Blending: you will also need to have a brush on hand to gently blend the freckles, ensuring they appear as natural as possible from the start.

If you've gathered these products, it's time to explore the step-by-step process of creating your captivating fake freckles. Follow these simple instructions with our how to draw on faux freckles tutorial below.

Clean your face

The first step to reproduce this makeup technique, as with any other, is to thoroughly cleanse your skin. The idea is to paint your freckles on a completely clean and dry face, removing traces of makeup, sweat or oil. To do this, you can help yourself with products such as cleansing milk or micellar water.

You can even use a scrub if you want to make sure your face is completely clean. Check out our article on how to make an oatmeal scrub to see how it's done.

How to Draw on Fake Freckles - Clean your face

Moisturize your skin

Once you have your skin completely clean, you should hydrate it using moisturizing cream. Let the face rest after applying the moisturizer so that the skin can fully absorb it and it doesn't interfere when you draw on fake freckles.

Apply foundation

The base of any makeup is essential, so before starting to draw fake freckles you should apply your makeup base to cover any skin imperfections. If necessary, you may also need to use concealers to hide more compromised areas such as different types of dark circles under the eyes.

Since this makeup technique aims to have a very natural result, we recommend avoiding oily makeup bases that cover too much. Instead, it is best to opt for neutral blushes or powders.

How to Draw on Fake Freckles - Apply foundation

Apply bronzer

Freckles normally appear during times of greatest sun exposure. For this reason, it is often best to apply some bronzer to the base for your faux freckles. It is not necessary if you want a greater contrast with lighter skin, but drawing on fake freckles with tanning makeup does help avoid skin damage from UV rays.

If we want our fake freckle effect to be as natural as possible, we encourage you to tan your skin by applying a little bronzer. To do this, you can use a large brush and apply matte bronzing powder on the bridge of your nose and above your cheekbones. With a touch of these powders you will give that light, natural and flattering tanned touch that will make your skin look like it came from the beach.

You can also check out some of our alternatives on how to tan your skin naturally if you want to see some other ways to achieve the natural freckle look.

How to Draw on Fake Freckles - Apply bronzer

Draw the freckles

With your skin well-prepped and ready, it's time to begin drawing those delightful fake freckles. As previously mentioned, choose an eyeliner, lip liner or eye/eyebrow pencil with a natural brown tone that complements your skin. The darker your own skin tone, the darker the fake freckles.

Once you've selected your pencil, let the freckling fun commence. Concentrate on the bridge of your nose and just above your cheekbones, precisely where you've applied bronzing powder and where natural freckles are usually in their greatest concentration. It's ideal to create petite freckles, but don't fret about uniformity. Natural freckles vary in size and shape, so embrace the irregularity.

The key to a flawless outcome is to start with a modest number of faux freckles, allowing room for gradual adjustments in quantity and intensity. This approach offers flexibility, making it easier to refine your freckled look to your liking.

Fill in the blanks

Once you have all the freckles drawn, you should check the result in the mirror. This step is important, since it will allow you to balance the makeup and fill in those spaces that have been left blank or empty. It is important that you remember that this technique consists of obtaining a natural result, so avoid excesses when filling in these spaces.

If you already have natural freckles, take a look at how to do the opposite of draw them on with our article on how to wear makeup when you have freckles.


With all the freckles drawn, it is time to blend them to achieve the desired result. This is super natural, discreet and flattering false freckles. To do this, you can take a little cotton and gently press on the area to carefully remove excess makeup or use a loose-bristle brush. This works best to blend if you have opted for the use of fluid and creamy products. This way you will achieve the desired blurred effect.

How to Draw on Fake Freckles - Blend

Set the makeup

And to finish this technique of drawing on fake freckles with makeup, all that remains is to seal the makeup by applying a light layer of translucent powder. With this, you will ensure that your fake freckles last longer and have a beautiful and natural result that is super flattering.

Do you dare to give your look a tanned, summery and natural look by applying this faux freckle makeup? The result does not disappoint.

One of the most desirable celebrities with freckles is Gigi Hadid. If you want to incorporate these faux freckles into a larger look, check out our tutorial on how to get Gigi Hadid's look with makeup.

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How to Draw on Fake Freckles