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How to Take Care of Naturally Red Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Take Care of Naturally Red Hair

If you are a natural redhead, you're in luck - you have beautiful, unique hair. However, given its unique tone, it requires special care to keep it looking vibrant and shiny. Although there is no specific treatment or shampoo for red hair, there are certain ways for taking care of red hair and reviving its colour. OneHowTo.com shares some tips on how to care for red hair to keep it looking gorgeous.

Steps to follow:


If you are natural redhead, use a shampoo and hydrating conditioner, making sure it's not too heavy. Generally, natural red hair tends to be thick, and so it must be hydrated gently. You can also use a henna shampoo, which is the type of shampoo that derives from the Henna plant. Henna shampoo is great for creating beautiful highlights in your red hair that will help revitalize the tone and make it shine without any damage from artificial colourings. We also recommend that you spend small amounts of time in the sun because with the reflections of the sunlight, your hair will look even more radiant.


Normally, red hair is thick and more rebellious than blonde or brown hair. Hair masks are important for thick hair, as are heat protection products. Apply these before using hairdryers and straighteners, depending on the type of haircut or hairstyle you have.

If you like to straighten your hair, using a mask is essential in preventing excessive damage. One tip you should always follow before straightening your hair is to use a heat protecting spray or mousse.


If you want to lighten your red hair, you could go to the hairdresser for some highlights. Alternatively, you could use a highlighting shampoo to bring out more pigmentation. Do not use very strong products; chemicals can alter your colour tone. Be careful and prudent about this when choosing products. If you have flaming red hair, it's best to use a colour shampoo - it is gentle and has a wonderful effect.


An important tip in preventing your red hair from losing intensity of colour is to look after the hair cuticle. To close the cuticles of the hair, you should apply a serum with a silicone and vitamin base. This product will keep red hair shiny, smooth, protected from the elements and free of frizz. It is highly recommended to use the same serum every two or three nights, applying it on dry ends.

How to Take Care of Naturally Red Hair - Step 4

When you comb your red hair, avoid using products with alcohol because these dry out the hair and cause the colour to fade. The best option is to use cream lotions when styling hair; these are much more hydrating for the hair and enhance the red colour.


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How to Take Care of Naturally Red Hair