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How To Protect Hair Before Straightening

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 27, 2017
How To Protect Hair Before Straightening

Hair straightening irons provide that straight look so many women crave. However, the heat emanating from the process can be very detrimental to the health of hair. When we don't care for hair before straightening it we run the risk that the heat from the straightener penetrates the hair cuticle and burns it, causing it to become withered and porous. To prevent that from happening, discover how to protect hair before straightening, here at OneHowTo.

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Steps to follow:


To care for your hair before straightening you must first wash it with special shampoo according to your hair type. Thoroughly wash your hair, if possible shampoo twice so that it is completely free of debris and oils. Then apply conditioner from the middle to tips and remove with cold water. Two great conditioners that are used in India to maintain amazingly healthy hair are Amla oil and Cassia paste. They will protect your hair from strengthening, sun and other damaging agents.

How To Protect Hair Before Straightening - Step 1

After your hair is clean, apply a moisturizing hair mask. This will moisturize your hair before straightening it and so reduce the impact or dryness that may be caused by the straightener. Ideally, you should apply the mask, let it stand for 20 minutes and then remove with cool water.

How To Protect Hair Before Straightening - Step 2

To care for your hair before straightening it is important to know that you should never straighten your hair when wet. The intense heat of the straightener on wet hair is equivalent to grabbing a lock of hair and throwing it in a pan with boiling oil. It is best to dry your hair with cold air from the dryer or wait for it to dry in the wind and then straighten it.


It is very important to use a protector before straightening. There are creams, serums and balms on the market that offer protection for hair from the heat of the iron and dryer. These products act on the thread creating a sort of barrier preventing high temperatures from penetrating deep into the cuticle and so the hair is preserved intact and healthy after straightening it. You can also use a natural hair relaxer to make straightening easier and protect your hair. Or you can try coconut oil for hair.

How To Protect Hair Before Straightening - Step 4

Detangle your hair before straightening, detangle each strand before using the straightener. When there are knots in the hair and we use the straightener, it is likely that the hair will split or the knot becomes worse. To avoid this, use a comb with thick and separate bristles that will leave your hair free of even the smallest knot.

How To Protect Hair Before Straightening - Step 5

A major error made when straightening hair is that it is used at the highest temperature. Ideally, before ironing the hair, wipe your straightener with a cotton bud soaked in alcohol and heat to a temperature between 170 ° and 190 °.


The straightner you choose is very important to protect your hair before straightening. Ideally, you should have a straightner with ceramic plates because they offer better protection for hair from heat. It should also be medium width, neither too wide nor too thin, so you can manipulate and reach all parts of your hair.

How To Protect Hair Before Straightening - Step 7

Finally, it is good to know that you should divide the hair well before straightening. Straightening thick strands will not help you get the look you want. It is advisable to straighten thin strands and do not use the iron more than three times over each strand.

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well noted. i use hair straightener very offen, i know it is not good for my hair, but i use it like a habit and i cant go out without using hair straightener. but i search on internet some good tips and tricks. i think this is a good one to read for protecting our hair
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How To Protect Hair Before Straightening