Does Cassia Change Hair Color

By Alice Marini. Updated: January 20, 2017
Does Cassia Change Hair Color

Before trying Cassia, many people wonder if cassia changes hair color at all, and what are the benefits of Cassia Obovata. Cassia Obovata is also referred to as Senna or Natural Henna, although the name is misleading. Cassia Obovata is a different plant from henna. It grows in Egypt and Sudan - around the Nile - its leaves are dried and made into a nice greenish powder.

Most importantly, Cassia is completely natural and chemical free. But what is cassia hair treatment? What does Cassia Obovata do for your hair? What are the benefits of Cassia Obovata for hair? And does cassia change hair color?

Read on, because in this OneHowTo article we are going to answer all those questions!

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What is cassia hair treatment?

Cassia Obovata powder is considered an excellent natural hair treatment. Here is how you can use Cassia Obovata as a hair treatment:

  • as a Cassia hair mask
  • as Cassia hair dye
  • as a Cassia hair conditioner
  • as a natural anti-dandruff treatment
  • mixing it with henna, katam, or indigo dye to enhance color

What does Cassia Obovata do for your hair? What are the benefits of Cassia Obovata for hair?

Cassia has similar benefits to Henna. Cassia Obovata has multiple benefits for your hair, and is recommended for anyone. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Cassia enhances hair dye and hair color
  • Cassia naturally conditions the hair
  • Cassia makes your hair deep and shiny
  • Cassia thickens hair, especially blonde and grey hair
  • Cassia adds texture to your hair
  • Cassia improves the condition of your scalp, especially if you have dandruff
  • Cassia is a natural hair moisturizer

Compared to henna, cassia has longer lasting benefits for your hair: up to 2 or 3 weeks. Also, its application is a lot easier because it does not require the use of gloves and you can leave it on your hair for a shorter time in order to get the same benefits. Also, cassia is safe to mix with virtually anything natural to make a cassia hair mask or cassia hair treatment.

Does Cassia Change Hair Color - What does Cassia Obovata do for your hair? What are the benefits of Cassia Obovata for hair?

Does cassia change hair color?

Let´s get straight to it. Generally speaking, Cassia does not change hair color. However, there are exceptions of how much change in color there is:

Cassia Obovata can enhance the color of some hair types. If the hair is blonde or grey, then it can add a kind of golden deep color. Also, it can add a strawberry touch to blonde hair. If, on the other hand, you have dark hair, cassia will not color your hair, but will condition it.

Cassia can also make hair turn lighter, if the hair has been previously discolorated, or if henna was previously applied on the hair.

Also, if you are wondering whether cassia changes color after a few applications, the answer is, it could make your hair more intense or shiny, but will not build up color as henna does.

So, does cassia change hair color? Usually not, but cassia hair treatment will definitely make your hair more shiny and healthy-looking, and can produce a slight color change as a nice side effect in some hair types.

Cassia hair recipes

You can use Cassia as a hair dye, in combination with coloring agents, or you can make a Cassia hair treatment, hair mask, or conditioner. You will find interesting homemade Cassia hair recipes below. A few tips before you start:

  • since Cassia can have a strong smell, you can add rose water, herbal teas or essential oils to your mixture to make it smell better. Your hair will smell amazing as well!
  • try a sample of Cassia Obovata mixture on a few hair to monitor any allergic reaction, or to see if you like the hair color result
  • leave your Cassia hair mask / treatment / color for 1-3 hours. The longer the better.
  • how much Cassia Obovata you need depends on your hair. If you have short hair, 100 grams should be enough. If you have long hair, you will need about 500 grams.

Here are our Cassia hair recipes:

Cassia Obovata hair treatment

  • Mix Cassia Obovata powder with warm water and let it set for half an hour. It should have a batter like texture
  • Apply it on dry hair
  • Wrap you hair and leave it on for at least one hour
  • Rinse with water and shampoo
  • Repeat every 2 weeks

Cassia Obovata dye for color change

  • Mix Cassia Obovata powder with warm water and a spoonful of henna, if you want lighter hair, or indigo, if you want darker hair. Check our article on how to make indigo last longer.
  • Let it set for 15 minutes. It should have a batter like texture
  • Apply it on dry hair
  • Wrap you hair and leave it on for at least 3 hours
  • Rinse with water only
  • Repeat when the color fades away

Tip: it is better to apply Cassia Obovata after your chemical hair color or highlights instead of before. That way, it will strengthen the hair.

Does Cassia Change Hair Color - Cassia hair recipes

Storing Cassia Obovata

You can store Cassia Obovata powder in a cool, dry, dark place. If you want to store the Cassia paste, put it in the freezer.

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I have done two applications of henna on my hair (natural henna).. so it is a natural red. My hair is very dry and frizzy from years of chemicals being applied, which is the reason I wanted to start using henna and get away from chemicals. I do have gray roots that will come out and I love the color of red my hair is now... will the cassia obovata for conditioning my hair change the color of my hair??
Does Cassia Change Hair Color
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Does Cassia Change Hair Color

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