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How to Maintain Burgundy Hair Color

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. July 13, 2017
How to Maintain Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy hair color has become one of the hottest hair styling trends over the last couple of years. Wherever you go, you will definitely find a girl with burgundy color on her hair. This color looks lovely on girls with different skin color and hair texture. But the only downside is that it fades away very fast, as compared to other hair colors. Here in this oneHOWTO article, you will find some tips and tricks on how to maintain burgundy hair color and make it last longer.

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Steps to follow:


First of all, in order to maintain burgundy hair color, it is important to keep your hair conditioned for at least one week before you go for getting your hair colored. Deep conditioning your hair 3 days before the hair color day will give them a moisture boost, that will make your burgundy color bright, vibrant and long-lasting. If you like, you can make an avocado hair mask you can use for this purpose.


The shampoo and conditioner that you use after you have dyed your hair burgundy should be specifically formulated to suit the needs of colored hair. Regular hair care products may be too harsh for your colored hair, and may strip off the color from them. In fact, using henna shampoo is a great idea, as it is not only free in parabens and other harmful chemicals, but it's also a great way to maintain red hair dye tones.

How to Maintain Burgundy Hair Color - Step 2

Hair oiling is extremely important for burgundy colored hair. You can use any healthy oil to apply on your hair. Preferably, apply oil in the night, let it sit overnight, and wash off in the morning. Oiling will give some much needed hydration and moisture to your burgundy hair. Argan oil is a great natural option to keep your hair in perfect condition.


Whenever you wash your colored hair, always wash it with cool water, as washing it with warm water is one of the most common hair dye mistakes. This doesn’t mean that the water should be cold, but it should not have any warmth in it. Tap water at room temperature would be fine. Washing hair with warm water will open up your hair cuticles and fade your burgundy color.

How to Maintain Burgundy Hair Color - Step 4

A dry shampoo is perhaps the best friend for burgundy hair color. It will lock in your natural oils without making your hair too greasy. If you don’t have time, apply dry shampoo and you are good to go without washing your hair for another couple of days. Not only this, dry shampoo is also effective in adding volume to your hair and holding those curls.


Keep your colored hair protected from swimming pools filled with chlorine, harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, and other such damaging factors. Cover your hair with a scarf or hat when you have to go out in the sun. If you are going inside a pool or on a beach, it is advised to apply a leave-in conditioner on your colored hair. This will coat your hair and protect it against chlorine or salt damage.

How to Maintain Burgundy Hair Color - Step 6

Whenever you are about to use a heat styling tool on your colored hair, such as a hair dryer, curling iron or flat iron, don’t forget to mist some heat-protecting spray on them. Make minimum use of heat styling tools, as heat may make your hair dry and make them dull and brittle.


Apply color glaze on your hair at least once in a week after washing. Read the product description and see how long you should leave it on your hair. After that time, rinse your hair off with water. Color glaze is useful in sealing your hair cuticles and adding the much desired sheen to your colored hair. This will make your hair look more vibrant and healthier.

How to Maintain Burgundy Hair Color - Step 8

If you want to make your burgundy hair color last longer, try not to wash it too frequently. Styling your hair in a certain way can actually increase the number of days after which you feel the need to wash your hair. After washing your hair, let them fall down for a couple of days. Apply some dry shampoo on your hair, curl them up and let them fall down again for 2 more days. After 4-5 days of washing your hair, start tying them up in a bun or ponytail. Spend a couple of days like this, and then wash off. By styling your hair this way, you will need to wash your hair only once in a week.

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How to Maintain Burgundy Hair Color