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How Does Henna Shampoo Work

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
How Does Henna Shampoo Work

Henna shampoo has ingredients derived from a henna plant. It is a hair care essential that works well with both natural and colored hair. Henna shampoos are natural and are free from any ingredients used in regular chemical based shampoos. Such shampoos are damaging and drying for your hair as well as the scalp. If you are still skeptical about using henna shampoo and you're asking yourself: how does henna shampoo work? In this OneHowTo article you'll find the answer.

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  1. Benefits of using henna shampoo
  2. Myth about henna shampoo
  3. Who can use a henna shampoo?
  4. Limitations of a henna shampoo
  5. Extra steps to use henna shampoo

Benefits of using henna shampoo

Henna shampoos are well known to make your hair softer, shinier and beautiful. They also work wonders for those who are having trouble with their hair falling out. They keep your hair fuller and thicker, and maintain them in a better condition. Henna shampoos are free from sulfates, which act as detergents and are common ingredients in most chemical based shampoos. Sulfates can seriously dry and damage your hair, especially if your hair has been treated with colors. With no sulfates, chemicals or parabens, these shampoos are safe for your hair care. As compared to most chemical based shampoos, they are affordable too.

Myth about henna shampoo

Henna shampoos do not contain any ingredients that color your hair. A henna shampoo is a shampoo, not a color. However, it can work well with colored hair. While some shampoos available in the market can actually color your hair, a henna shampoo does not do this. If you want to give a coloring effect to your hair, you should use natural henna, and not henna shampoo. You can also Make Henna Shampoo at Home using this article.

How Does Henna Shampoo Work - Myth about henna shampoo

Who can use a henna shampoo?

Henna shampoo is a great product for those who are suffering from itchy or dry scalp, hair loss, dry or damaged hair etc. It may restore your hair shine and health, and also keep your scalp feeling moisturized but without making it oily. Natural shampoos like henna shampoos are great not only for your hair but for the environment too. So, you can freely use it around your pets and kids too. If you are looking for an alternative to a chemical based shampoo, then henna shampoo will perfectly fit your bill.

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Limitations of a henna shampoo

Henna shampoo is a 100% natural product that comes with an expiration date too. Because it does not contain any preservatives, it has a comparatively shorter shelf life as compared to other chemical based shampoos available out there. So pay attention to the expiration date on the shampoo bottle, and use it before that date.

How Does Henna Shampoo Work - Limitations of a henna shampoo

Extra steps to use henna shampoo

For best results from your henna shampoo, pair it with henna conditioner. The combination of these two products will definitely give you the most manageable and shiniest hair that is soft and strong. There are several brands of henna shampoos available in the market, with different additional ingredients and price range. You may need to try a few brands before you can decide which one works best for you.

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Hello, I am trying to make this henna shampoo at home and I’ve got all the ingredients you shared with us now, but I’m wondering if I can add some walnut powder to it and make it a natural dye shampoo..? You think it would work? And if so, how much powder you reckon I should add to my shampoo? Thank you x
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How Does Henna Shampoo Work