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Why does my Hair have so much Static Electricity?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Why does my Hair have so much Static Electricity?

There are several situations where you will see that your hair has a lot of static electricity: When brushing and combing it, when getting out of the car or a lift, when you take a particular sweater off... Static does not look very good, and it's an unpleasant sensation.

To prevent staticelectricity in your hair, here at OneHowTo we'll answer your question "why does my hair have so much static electricity" and offer useful information on static electricity and its causes.

What is static electricity?

The answer to why your hair has so much static electricity requires clarifying and understanding the very concept of static electricity first.

When we talk about "static electricity"we mean that something - in this case, your hair - contains an excessive electrical charge, even when the charged object is considered to be an insulator. This situation can build over a prolonged period of time, so the accumulation of electrical charge in your hair is maintained.

Causes of electricity in your hair

If your hair has a lot of static electricity, you should not worry; this is something that happens to many people continuously. However, those that are more prone to this phenomenon are people with thin or fine hair, as well as those who do not look after their hair properly.

There are also other causes that facilitate the build-up of electricity in your hair. These are varied, ranging from the presence of electronic equipment at home and at work, to the accessories that you put in your hair:

  • The shampoo you use. Generic hair shampoos often cause electricity in your hair at higher rates than those which are specifically designed to avoid electricity. To find out which shampoo to select, it is best to consult a specialist so they can recommend a suitable one for your hair type.
  • The brush you use to comb it. If you comb your hair with plastic brushes, your hair is more likely to contain electricity. To avoid this, select combs and brushes with boar bristles and those made of wood. However, above all, avoid metal combs.
  • Woolen clothes. If you usually add scarves, hats and caps to your outfit, you must pay attention to what they are made of and prevent them from creating electricity in your hair.
  • Ponytails. Many people wear ponytails; the ties and scrunchies they use to put their hair up can be conductors and may be the cause for electricity in their hair. If this is your case, it is better to change the objects you use and instead choose those which are composed of natural fibers.

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Why does my Hair have so much Static Electricity?