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How to Apply a Colour Rinse to Your Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 25, 2021
How to Apply a Colour Rinse to Your Hair

Having a colour rinse is simple, fast and it has many advantages. For example, if you do not like it, after a few washes it will be gone. In addition, this colour rinse can also be helpful if you want to add more brightness and radiance to your hair. It is important to know that color rinse does not cover grey hairs as permanent dye does. That's because it is a colour that does not impregnate the hair. If you're determined but you do not know where to start, on OneHowTo we show you all the steps and tricks to be an expert on how to make a colour rinse for your hair. Get started and change your style and your look!

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Steps to follow:


First, you have to decide on the colour you want to apply. Think about your clothing style, the colour of your eyes and you can even do online tests to check how your hair would look. Even though it's not an aggressive method for colouring hair, changing your hair colour every week is not recommended.

How to Apply a Colour Rinse to Your Hair - Step 1

When you've made a decision, go to the supermarket or specialty store. If this is your first time dyeing your hair, we recommend you go to a place where they can advise you on the best products so you can obtain the right colour, since the tone palette is very extensive and a professional will know best.


What you need to apply the colour rinse to your hair is the following:

  • The colour tone you want
  • A colour developer (comes inside the box of dye)
  • A bowl to mix the ingredients in
  • A tint brush to apply the colour
  • Plastic gloves
  • Plastic cover to prevent staining your skin or clothing

Plastic gloves and a plastic covering can be bought in a specialty store. In fact, some manufacturers give away these products with the dye.


Before starting, put on your plastic covering and gloves. If you wear glasses and you can replace them with lenses do it, as the dye could stain and tarnish your glasses. If you don't have lenses, do not worry, do it carefully as you go. Never dye your hair without glasses if you need them because you may apply the dye unevenly and it could look strange on your hair.

How to Apply a Colour Rinse to Your Hair - Step 4

Now we're going to explain how to proceed with the colour rinse. The quantities in this article are for medim length hair. If you have very short hair, reduce the amount; and if you have very long hair, increase it, but always respect the proportions.

First, we toss into the bowl half and half of colouring dye and developer. Stir the mixture well to make it blend and become one single colour. Remember that if the bowl is not metal, it could alter the properties of the colouring.

In addition, before starting, we recommend that you consult the advice that we show in our article on how to protect your hair from dyes so that your hair is not damaged during the process.


It's time to apply your new colour. Separate your hair into strands and gradually apply colour from root to tip. Above all, bear in mind not to apply too much dye. It will be detrimental to your hair and you may run out of product before finishing.

This procedure is carried out until the entire head is covered. If you have problems to see if you have applied the colour correctly, ask for help from someone. It is important not to leave any part of the hair uncovered.

How to Apply a Colour Rinse to Your Hair - Step 6

Afterwards clip your hairs together and let the dye act for between 25 and 30 minutes. Finally, wash out the excess and wash your hair as you usually would do, first with shampoo and then with a conditioner or hair mask. Now remember that you will have to pay more attention to your hair because it is dyed.

Now you are ready to show off your new look and with much brighter hair.

How to Apply a Colour Rinse to Your Hair - Step 7

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How to Apply a Colour Rinse to Your Hair