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How To Use Coffee To Dye Your Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Use Coffee To Dye Your Hair

If you want to darken your hair and get it to look much brighter but without resorting to aggressive dyes, coffee can help. This stimulating natural ingredient works as a natural remedy to enhance the colour of dark brown hair and make it look more vibrant and beautiful. Just use it as if it were a hair rinse to achieve the desired effect; read this article and follow the steps to know how to use coffee to dye your hair.

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Steps to follow:


Dying your hair with coffee is an aesthetic task that works and yields good results for brown and dark brown hair, as it can give it a darker tone and a more beautiful and shiny appearance. By contrast, you should not use this for blonde hair if you're trying to get a lighter shade that enhances its golden colour, you should rather use some of the treatments that we show in the article How to lighten hair naturally.


Coffee is a natural product that, unlike commercial dyes, does not damage your hair and therefore you can use it more regularly to darken your hair and enhance its colour, making it look much prettier. The treatment is very simple: first prepare two cups of coffee with the strong coffee that you normally use. When ready, wait for it to cool completely; it is important that you do not add sugar or any other ingredient.

How To Use Coffee To Dye Your Hair - Step 2

To dye hair with coffee and for the desired effect, you should use this product as a hair rinse. So first wash your hair using shampoo as usual and just after the final rinse, put your head face down and pour coffee over your hair, holding a container underneath to catch the coffee that falls. When finished, repeat this process two more times for more intense dark hair.


Massage your hair uniformly for the coffee to get in every crevice (scalp, middle and ends) and leave it in for about 30 minutes. After that, just rinse thoroughly and re-wash your hair with shampoo, not forgetting to use a good conditioner to keep it well hydrated.

How To Use Coffee To Dye Your Hair - Step 4

You can dye your hair with coffee once a month or, if you want to see results more quickly, once a week. Besides giving your hair a darker colour, coffee is a natural ingredient that will make it shiny, smooth and with a much more vivid tone. So go ahead and try this homemade hair treatment as soon as possible!

For more permanent, but equally natural dark colors, you can try katam hair dye or semi-permanent coffee colors.


Coffee is not only excellent to darken hair without the need to use dyes or colour baths, it is also great for skin care and can be used to prepare many homemade beauty treatments. It is known for being good to exfoliate the skin, combat cellulite, remove dark circles and fight aging dermis. If you want to know how to use it for all these tasks, see our article, What are the benefits of coffee for the skin.

How To Use Coffee To Dye Your Hair - Step 6

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How To Use Coffee To Dye Your Hair