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How to detangle your hair with home remedies

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to detangle your hair with home remedies

When hair has lots of knots in it that seem impossible to undo, it is much more easily damaged and broken, even causing quite a lot to fall out. Plus, it makes it hard to achieve any sophisticated hairstyles such as braided ones. If you have to deal with big tangles in your hair every day you will need to pay more attention to hydration and try to increase hair care. In the following OneHowTo article we show how to detangle your hair with home remedies that will make styling easier and enjoyable. Do not miss it!

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Steps to follow:


Home detangling lotion. There is no need to resort to commercial detangling sprays to undo the difficult knots in your hair, now you can prepare your own at home within minutes. You just need to mix half a cup of water with a teaspoon of your usual conditioner and add, if you like, a few drops of some natural oil that is beneficial for hair, such as olive oil, argan oil or jojoba oil. So in addition to helping to untangle it, it will serve to moisturize it and make it look nicer when you style it.

Make the mixture in a spray bottle, shake vigorously so all the ingredients are blended, spray onto your damp hair and voila! You can untangle your hair easily and without hassle.


Apple cider vinegar. This is a very effective product for combatting tangles in your hair, because it leaves it incredibly soft and shiny which you will see when you finish drying it. To try this home remedy, just add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to half a cup of water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle, so you can easily apply it to damp hair. Another option is to rinse your hair with this water and apple cider vinegar mix to finish washing your hair.

How to detangle your hair with home remedies - Step 2

Avocado and olive oil. If in addition to being full of tangles your hair suffers from dryness and a lack of hydration, the following hair mask is excellent for you, uniting two of the most nutritious natural ingredients for hair: avocado and olive oil. How to prepare it? Very easy! Remove the pulp of a ripe avocado, mash it up with a fork and add a tablespoon of olive oil. Evenly apply the resulting paste to wet hair, leave on for 30 minutes and wash out with lukewarm water.


Coconut oil. Coconut oil has many benefits for hair but one of the most valued is that it acts as a spectacular natural conditioner deeply hydrating the fibres and leaving hair with a silky feel. This is a great home remedy for detangling hair in a few moments without damaging it, and we suggest applying a few drops of coconut oil to the ends of damp hair and then undoing the knots with the help of a wide-tooth comb.

If you want to prevent tangling, you can also use a natural detangling shampoo such as shikakai.

How to detangle your hair with home remedies - Step 4

In addition to these home remedies for detangling hair, don't forget the importance of keeping your hair healthy on a daily basis to prevent knots, dryness and brittleness.

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Maple Holistics
If your hair gets tangled too often than what is the best thing to do?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Maple,

It will depend on what style you want as well as your hair type. If following the advice in the article doesn't work, you may want to go for a shorter hairstyle. Otherwise, combing or picking your hair regularly will help with untangling.
heavy tangled hairs how to solve my hair problem? i will try aloe vera gel and also frizz control shampoo but no result . i am very afraid for my hairs, what to do? plz help me.
OneHowTo Editor
Coconut oil is usually very effective for the most difficult tangled hair.
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How to detangle your hair with home remedies