How to Get Rid of Dandruff With Baking Soda

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. June 30, 2021
How to Get Rid of Dandruff With Baking Soda

Dandruff is a common skin condition and is the result of excessive flaking on the scalp. Its causes are varied, but it is not a serious threat to our health. The most common problem is that it can be aesthetically displeasing and even lead to social problems. Fortunately, there are various products and treatment which can be used to remove dandruff and prevent it from returning.

In severe cases, you should speak to a dermatologist who will be best able to advise on treating the dandruff. However, if you have a milder case, there are some home remedies and treatments which can be effective. At oneHOWTO, we share one of the most effective solutions with our guide on how to get rid of dandruff using baking soda.

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  1. Is baking soda good for dandruff?
  2. How to use baking soda to get rid of dandruff
  3. Home remedies for dandruff

Is baking soda good for dandruff?

Before knowing how to remove dandruff with baking soda, we should look at how dandruff develops in the first place. There are several causes of persistent dandruff. When we use the correct product on our hair, it will condition it well. When we use the incorrect product it can damage its quality and lead to problems such as dandruff.

Dandruff can also be the result of certain dermatological conditions such as dermatitis. In this case, the flaking skin is a symptom of the disease. When dandruff becomes a serious problem, it can result in discomfort and low-self esteem. When this occurs, using baking soda may not be sufficient. Seeking the advice of a dermatologist is the best course of action.

For many individuals, dandruff only occurs sporadically. Sometimes it can appear due to the proliferation of microorganisms on the scalp (e.g. bacteria) or due to environmental conditions which lead to an excess of dead skin cells. In these cases, baking soda can be a great remedy to solve the short-term problem.

You can use either baking soda or bicarbonate of soda and get similar results. However, baking soda is preferable. There are other benefits to your hair of baking soda. Not only can it get rod of dandruff, but it is a natural antacid which can help the pH balance of the scalp. It also has fungicidal properties. If the dandruff is the result of a mild fungal infestation, it can help treat it. Finally, applying baking soda to your head and gently massaging into the scalp can work as an exfoliator to the skin, improving condition in general.

How to use baking soda to get rid of dandruff

You can find baking soda shampoo available in commercial stores easily enough. If not, there are many products available on the internet. However, to save money and for immediate results, you can make your own baking soda home remedy for dandruff. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda into a container and gradually add water until you get a paste with a consistent texture. This texture needs to be applied and spread over your scalp easily, so it shouldn't be too thick.
  2. When you have the mixture ready, moisten your hair. Comb the mixture through the hair and separate strands so that you can more easily apply the baking soda mask directly to the scalp.
  3. With the tips of your fingers, perform a gentle massage that favors the exfoliation of dead skin and reactivates the microcirculation of the area. Let the baking soda paste work for approximately 15 minutes.
  4. After this time, wet your hair again with just a little water and massage again. Letting the water and baking soda also reach your scalp, not just your hair.
  5. Finally, rinse with plenty of water to remove any residue and help prevent dead cells from adhering to your hair.

Once the baking soda mask has been applied and washed out, you can wash with a suitable shampoo. Do not perform this baking soda remedy for dandruff more than 1-2 times a week. If the dandruff still persists, you will need to speak to a dermatologist.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff With Baking Soda - How to use baking soda to get rid of dandruff

Home remedies for dandruff

There are many anti-dandruff shampoos available on the market. They all have specific active ingredients which are designed to work for different hair types. However, many of us will be just as well served if we remove dandruff using home remedies like our baking soda remedy above. However, we can intensify the power of this homemade shampoo by using other ingredients.

To harness the power of this natural antacid, we can create a neutral pH shampoo for various purposes. Here we show you the best options for you:

Vinegar and baking soda for dandruff

Vinegar is also a powerful fungicide, making it one of the most powerful home remedies to get rid of dandruff. By adding a few drops of vinegar to the mixture of water and bicarbonate, you will see that your hair regains its shine after washing.

Lemon and baking soda for dandruff

Prepare the mixture of bicarbonate and water as we have indicated above, but also add the juice of half a lemon. In this way, you will not only eliminate dandruff, but you will keep excess skin flakes on the scalp at bay. In addition to dandruff, if your hair has a tendency to get greasy easily, try this remedy. Here you can read more about how to use lemon for dandruff.

Aloe vera and baking soda for dandruff

Aloe vera and bicarbonate is an ideal combination to combat dandruff, managing to soothe itchy scalp. In addition, if your scalp is damaged it can be used to help protect the skin.

Finally, if you are looking for more home remedies to combat dandruff, an interesting option is to use certain essential oils. For example, tea tree oil for dandruff is very effective, especially when used for dyed hair. Use it diluted in other base oils (e.g. olive oil or almond oil) and apply once a week to your hair and scalp. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse. You will see that the dandruff disappears or diminishes in only a short period of time.

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How to Get Rid of Dandruff With Baking Soda