How to Make Your Nose Sharper With Makeup

By Nidhi Nangia. July 25, 2018
How to Make Your Nose Sharper With Makeup

If you want to make your nose sharper, then a few makeup tricks can be of great help to you. Celebrities and millionaires are luckily able to sharpen their noses through plastic surgery, however, for others, this option may prove to be a little too expensive. Therefore, here at OneHOWTO we have collected a few makeup ideas on how to make your nose sharper with makeup. Not only is this options more cost effective, but it is temporary and easy.

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How to sharpen your nose - Tip 1

Here is the step by step guide on how to make your nose sharper with makeup:

  • Start by prepping and priming your skin. Because you will be using multiple makeup products on your face, this step is very important. You should choose the right primer depending on the kind of skin you have, be that; oily, dry, acne prone etc...This simple step will allow the makeup to stay on your skin for longer.
  • Second, apply foundation on your face as you would normally do. This will not only even out the tone of your skin, but also allow the makeup to blend appropriately. If there is any: redness, spots or obvious blemishes on or around your nose, apply foundation that is of the same color as your normal skin.
  • The next step is to choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your normal skin tone. Apply this concealer along the bridge of your nose. Use a concealer brush or damp makeup sponge to blend it gently. This step alone will make your nose look longer and sharper.
  • Now, take a cream or liquid concealer which is one shade darker than your normal skin tone. Use a narrow or pointed concealer brush to apply this concealer only along the sides of your nose. Do this by drawing thin lines on both sides of your nose. You can then use a wet makeup sponge or a concealer brush to blend these thin lines.
  • A highlighting powder with a touch of gold hue is also a perfect addition in making your nose look sharper. Apply some of this powder on a downy brush and run it along the bridge of your nose. By doing this, you will both set the lighter shade concealer and give a highlighting effect onto your nose. Be sure that the highlighting powder that you use is not overly shimmery or glittery.
  • Now grab a contouring powder of a cooler tone. Use it along the sides of your nose, setting the darker shade concealer you used earlier. Be sure that you are not using a bronzer with shimmer. Go for a matte and cool-toned contouring powder instead. Apply the product with a pointed brush, and then use a foundation brush to blend.
  • Finally, contour the remaining parts of your face, specifically your forehead and cheekbones. This step will drag attention away from your nose. Your face will look naturally contoured, resulting in a sharper and slimmer appearing nose. And from there, you can finish with eye and lip makeup, if you wish.
How to Make Your Nose Sharper With Makeup - How to sharpen your nose - Tip 1

How to sharpen your nose- Tip 2

Here we provide you with another technique used to contour and sharpen a nose:

  • Before you start applying makeup onto your face, put one finger on the middle part of your nose that you will shade later. Dab the remaining part of your face with bronzer.
  • Apply a thin layer of bronzer on the sides of your nose. To do this, use a middle size feather brush using your thumb and index finger, and tap. This will allow you to blend the lines and even out your skin tone. You will give a more natural touch to the shading if you use this tapping technique. Also make sure that the contouring you are giving to your nose does not reach your eyes or the space between your eyes and your eyebrows.
  • Now finish your makeup with eye, lip and cheek makeup.
How to Make Your Nose Sharper With Makeup - How to sharpen your nose- Tip 2

Best makeup products for contouring

The makeup products that you use while doing your makeup also play an important role in giving the right shape to your face and bone structure. Here are a few things to consider:

  • If you want to make your nose appear sharper with makeup, then you will need to choose the proper brushes. Your foundation brush should be small and angled which can shape and contour your nose as desired. You can also use a fluffy beauty blender or blending brush to make the lines softer. Doing your makeup using proper brushes will make your look well-blended and natural.
  • Use good highlighting tools as well. Use a shimmery concealer to highlight the nose and be sure that it is one shade lighter than the natural tone of your skin. Add the highlighter only after applying all other makeup products on your face. You don’t want to draw extra attention to your nose.
  • The foundation or powder that you use should be a shade darker than your normal skin tone. Darker makeup will create shadow that will make your nose sharper and thinner. Once you blend the makeup, the contour of your nose will look natural. The eye shadow, foundation and powder that you choose should be a little darker than the natural tone of your skin.

How to make your nose sharper without makeup

Making your nose look sharper with makeup is a temporary technique. Your nose will move back to its original shape after you wash your face. But there are ways to permanently make your nose sharper. Here are a few:

  • Nose shaping exercise: Press the bottom of your nose using your index fingers, and try breathing out with force. Repeat 10 times everyday.
  • Nose straightening exercise: Smile and push your nose upward using your thumb and index finger. This will strengthen the loose muscles on the sides of your nose. Repeat 20-30 times everyday.
  • Nose shortening exercise: Put your index finger on your nose tip and press gently. Try breathing out while exerting downward pressure on your finger. Repeat as many times as you can everyday
  • Breathing exercise: Block your left nostril with your index finger, inhale with right nostril, hold for 5 seconds, block the right nostril and exhale from left nostril. Now repeat with the other nostril. Repeat 10 times daily.
  • Nose wiggling: While keeping your face still, wiggle your nose vigorously and then rest. Repeat a few times daily.
  • Use a nose clip: There are nose clips available out there which you can purchase in order to make your nose appear slimmer. You can clip the tip of your nose using this clip and it is intended to make your nose look sharper permanently. It is safe to use, and does not interfere with normal breathing. Available in the shapes of ribbons or butterflies, these nose clips have proven to be extremely effective in sharpening noses.

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How to Make Your Nose Sharper With Makeup
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How to Make Your Nose Sharper With Makeup

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