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How To Apply Highlighter Makeup

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Apply Highlighter Makeup

Highlighter or illuminator is the best-kept makeup secret, perking up complexion for a natural, youthful glow. If you have not yet discovered the secrets and benefitsof this transformative make-up tool, we at OneHowTo.com will show you eactly how to apply highlighter makeup.Photo: guiademaquillaje.com

Steps to follow:


Highlighter is a good choice for concealing dark circles and tiredness and is the best-kept secret among Hollywood stars.


This product comes in a variety of different forms: Pencil, powder, cream or gel sticks - experiment with them and find the best on to suit you. Although it might seem to serve the same purpose as a concealer, this product has the added effect of illuminating the face, leaving it radiant and fresh.

How To Apply Highlighter Makeup - Step 2

Before applying, look at your face and decide which features you'd like to highlight. To make your cheeks stand out, apply to the tops of the cheekbones, up towards the temples at the sides of you eyes to illuminate eyes and then to the forehead to widen it (unless it is already quite large).

How To Apply Highlighter Makeup - Step 3

You can also apply it to the thinnest part of your lips to highlight the mouth; below the eyebrows to highlight your eyes; on your chin for radiance, and to the neckline to direct the eyes towards your cleavage.

How To Apply Highlighter Makeup - Step 4

If what you really want is to apply Highlighter makeup to illuminate your eyes, a pencil is your best bet. Gel versions can be used for any part of the face, creams are ideal for the cheeks, chin, lips and neck, while powder can be applied to all areas except for the eyes.


To apply it, dab a few spots on the area and spread evenly - with fingers if it's liquid and with a brush if you've opted for a powder. Do not overdo it because it will be harder to blend for a natural, flawless look.

How To Apply Highlighter Makeup - Step 6

After using a makeup brush to spread it in the area you've chosen, you should softly dab the area with your fingertips for the perfect finishing touch. You can also use a blending sponge, especially if you are planning to blend it in with a contouring effect.

How To Apply Highlighter Makeup - Step 7

If you've overdone it, remove excess with a separate make-up sponge , but bear in mind that it may be quite difficult to do this effectively.


Like any make-up product, choose a tone similar to that of your skin that is neither too dark nor too light. Pinks and golds go well with fair skin, whilst peach and bronze tones flatter darker skin tones.


Apply the highlighter in natural daylight if you can, to make sure you do so correctly and can see the final results before heading out into the streets.

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  • Try this product for a natural, youthful glow.
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How To Apply Highlighter Makeup