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How to Make a Wide Nose Look Smaller

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make a Wide Nose Look Smaller

Are you worried about the size of your nose and think it's too wide? If your nose is quite prominent and you don't know what techniques to use to disguise its dimensions once and for all, pay attention to this OneHowTo article. We reveal the best beauty tips so you can visually change the shape of your nose and make it look much finer and stylized. Read on to know what are the key ways of helping you make a wide nose look smaller and convince yourself that it's not necessary to resort to surgery so you love what you see in the mirror even more and feel more sure of yourself.

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  1. Contour a wide nose
  2. Divert attention away from the nose
  3. Well defined eyebrows
  4. Hairstyles to hide a wide nose

Contour a wide nose

There is no better way to make a wide nose look smaller than using some makeup tricks which will refine it, stylize it and visually correct its prominence. The contour technique is your best ally when you want to camouflage your less flattering points and enhance your appearance to make it more attractive. Here we show you step by step what you have to do to make your nose look thinner:

  1. After moisturizing the skin with a moisturizer, apply a pre-base or primer so your makeup lasts longer.
  2. Apply your usual makeup foundation to your face. Preferably, this should be light-textured and matte, as makeup which makes the skin glow can make your nose stand out even more.
  3. To create the effect of a thinner nose, you need a foundation that is 1 or 2 shades darker than your normal one. Take a small amount of dark foundation on a brush and draw a vertical line that starts at the beginning of the eyebrow towards the nostrils, on both sides of the nose. Blend well, dabbing the makeup towards the cheeks.
  4. Now you need to give luminosity to the central part of the nose so that it is stylized. To do this, apply a little beige concealer or illuminator from the bridge of the nose to the tip of it and blend it well until it completely melts into the skin. Try not to mix the light shade of the illuminator with the dark base that you previously applied.

If you use this trick of combining light and dark shades to refine the nose, and you want to know how to use it to beautify your entire face, then you can't miss our article about how to do makeup contouring.

How to Make a Wide Nose Look Smaller - Contour a wide nose

Divert attention away from the nose

Another technique to make a wide nose appear narrower, in addition to the above tip is to divert the attention to other parts of the face. How? It's very simple, you just have to enhance your most attractive features, such as your eyes or lips with more striking and impressive makeup. That way, your nose area will remain in the background.

Among the best options for striking eye makeup, include smoky eyes with dark shadows, either in black, grey, blue, violet, etc., and thick, well defined upper lashes. Whatever you choose, don't forget to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes by applying a coat of mascara to the lashes. If you have them, curl them beforehand with eyelash curlers.

If you decide to highlight your lips instead of your eyes, then there's nothing better for drawing attention to your mouth than by having intense red, fuchsia lipstick, orange, chocolate brown, plum, burgundy lips, etc.

As a finishing touch, apply a little rouge on the top of the cheekbones, in the center of the forehead and chin.

How to Make a Wide Nose Look Smaller - Divert attention away from the nose

Well defined eyebrows

Facial harmony and its overall appeal largely depends on the eyebrows, which is why image and beauty experts give much importance to their care and design. If your eyebrow shape is appropriate for your facial shape, you'll look much more beautiful and all your facial features will look more stylized and enhanced, including your nose.

First, you should know which shape of eyebrows is more flattering for you, so pay attention to the following lines to find out:

  • Round face: arched eyebrows at a slightly raised angle.
  • Oval face: very slightly rounded or arched eyebrows.
  • Square face: eyebrows at a very sharp angle.
  • Long face: flat eyebrows without a defined angle.
  • Heart-shaped face: slightly rounded eyebrows.

Once you've found the ideal design for your eyebrows, remember that hair removal on this part of the face is not simple and you can't start removing hairs like crazy. It is essential that you pay attention to the correct proportions and remove any extra hair whilst bearing them in mind. To ease the task, we have prepared a OneHowTo Article about how to shape your eyebrows where you'll see the steps in detail.

How to Make a Wide Nose Look Smaller - Well defined eyebrows

Hairstyles to hide a wide nose

Did you know that your hair can also help to conceal a broad nose? If you choose hairstyles which divert attention from the central part of your face, you'll make the dimensions of your nose less visible. Your best bet is to opt for hairstyles with a side parting, side fringe and long, hairstyles with lots of waves at the sides or curly styles. All of these are perfect so the eyes focus on other features to make the nose look much thinner.

On the contrary, it is important to avoid wearing very straight hair, hairstyles parted in the middle, straight fringes or those that cover a lot of the forehead. If you're wearing any hair accessories, it is best to place them to one side of the head and never in the middle.

How to Make a Wide Nose Look Smaller - Hairstyles to hide a wide nose

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How to Make a Wide Nose Look Smaller