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Fashion Tricks to Look Taller: What to Wear

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 24, 2017
Fashion Tricks to Look Taller: What to Wear
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There are aspects of our physical appearance that are possible to change, such as the texture and color of our hair or our weight. Others, such as height, can not be changed so simply. However, you can choose what you wear to accentuate your height and make you look taller.

Depending on what clothes and accessories you wear you highlight your favorite traits and hide what you don't like about your body to feel more confident and attractive. In this oneHOWTO article we'll share some fashion tricks to look taller and go over what to wear to add a few inches to your body. Read on!

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  1. Create a taller silhouette and watch your posture
  2. Skirts and dresses that make you look taller
  3. Trousers and jeans to look taller
  4. Choosing patterns and colors
  5. Accessories to look taller
  6. Choose the ideal haircut

Create a taller silhouette and watch your posture

The most basic tip to make you look taller is not a fashion but an attitude trick: maintain a proper and upright posture so as not to lose any inches from your stature. Always sit and walk upright, with the chest slightly out and making sure your back and your shoulders are aligned and slightly pushed down. Your back will thank you as well!

Wearing layered clothes or outfits with too much volume will make your silhouette look wider and shorter. It is better to wear clothes that fit tightly to your body, as long as you feel comfortable and you think it suits your figure. Creating a taller silhouette is all about finding the right volume balance.

Coats can make us seem more slender, stylized and tall. Coats fitted to the waist with a princess cut and buttons are ideal. These elements, although small, manage to create a vertical line that extends your upper body, boosting your height.

Dresses, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters or jackets with V-necks also have a visual vertical effect and help you look taller. This fashion trick is especially useful for evening events, as it makes any outfit look more sophisticated.

Of course, high-heeled shoes or boots will also make you look taller. If you are not very fond of this type of shoes and feel that they make your feet feel tired quickly, choose shoes with platforms or wedges to help care for your feet.

If you want to add a few inches to your height without anyone else realizing it, you can use heel lifts inside the shoe, hidden under the soles. This is an excellent alternative to walk easily and stylize your figure, and it's used by many Hollywood actors.

Fashion Tricks to Look Taller: What to Wear - Create a taller silhouette and watch your posture
Image: www.misscosillass.com

Skirts and dresses that make you look taller

One of the easiest ways to look taller through fashion tricks is to wear clothes that create the impression of longer legs. If you want to wear skirts and dresses, choose high-waisted ones and avoid clothes that start at the hip, as these make your torso look longer but shorten your legs.

Pay attention to the length of the hemlines. To make you look taller, skirts and dresses must reach your knee, never longer, or your small stature will be accentuated.

Ensuring the skirt or dress is the proper length is one of the best celebrity tricks to make you look taller - take a look!

Fashion Tricks to Look Taller: What to Wear - Skirts and dresses that make you look taller

Trousers and jeans to look taller

Even if you love bell bottoms and bootcut trousers or jeans, you should avoid them at all costs as they reduce your height. Skinny jeans, preferably up to the waist, will be your greatest allies. This kind of cut defines your figure and makes your legs look longer.

It is very important that all your trousers be the right length, as mid-calf models can be very comfortable on hot days but are not suitable if you are trying to look taller. Cropped or capri trousers shorten your legs, so we recommend avoiding them.

Another infallible fashion trick to look taller is to choose shoes in the same color as your trousers. Providing a feeling of continuity and long lines will make your legs look more stylized.

Choosing patterns and colors

Among the outfit tips to make you look thinner the choice of prints is fundamental, and the same happens with height. Avoid horizontal stripes that widen your figure and accentuate your short stature. Instead, a good fashion trick to look taller is to wear vertical stripes. The thinner the stripes, the more stylized your figure will be, especially on the top half. Do not hesitate to wear a blazer, shirt or blouse with whichever striped colors you like in your wardrobe.

Monochrome looks are ideal to look taller, as they create an optical effect that lengthens and slims your figure. Luckily, this type of total look outfit is among the latest trends and we've seen it on catwalks and in the collections of great designers.

If you want to accentuate the effect and seem even taller, choose dark colors such as black, grey, navy blue, brown or olive green. This does not mean that you have to wear these colors every day, but you can save them for special occasions where you want to stylize your silhouette.

Fashion Tricks to Look Taller: What to Wear - Choosing patterns and colors
Image: smoda.elpais.com

Accessories to look taller

If you are a fan of accessories, it is good to know that they can influence your style greatly and either help you in making you look taller or further pull down your stature.

To succeed in appearing taller, choose long necklaces - at least to the chest - avoiding short chokers that make your neck look to narrow and interrupt the vertical line you're aspiring to. Opting for simple garments and avoiding overly ornate pieces is also a good idea.

Fashion Tricks to Look Taller: What to Wear - Accessories to look taller

Choose the ideal haircut

And of course, among the best understated fashion tricks to look taller we also must remember the best haircuts to enhance the effect. The longer your hair is, the smaller you will seem.

Stylists always recommend over the shoulder cuts, like a bob cut. If you do not like wearing your hair so short, cut your hair not longer than a couple of inches below your shoulder. For those days when your hair is unruly, wear a high ponytail or a ballerina bun to look stylish and a little taller. Here you can learn how to style a bob cut.

Fashion Tricks to Look Taller: What to Wear - Choose the ideal haircut

These are our fashion tricks to look taller and our guide on what to wear. What are yours? Share them in the comments section!

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Fashion Tricks to Look Taller: What to Wear