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Celebrity Tricks To Look Taller

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 16, 2021
Celebrity Tricks To Look Taller

Unlike what you might expect, many celebrities are smaller than the average woman: for example, the gorgeous Salma Hayek is only 1.55 cm tall, Eva Longoria measures 1.57 cm and the elegant Sarah Jessica Parker is only 1.60 cm tall. But despite their small stature, they have tricks to appear taller and always look great. Do you want to find out what they are?

At oneHOWTO we reveal celebrity tricks to look taller so that you can find out how to hide your height with a few simple tips. Ready to become a star?

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Steps to follow:


Consider miniskirts and short dresses. This beauty tip is essential for looking taller and is something the singer Kylie Minogue, 1.52 cm tall, never forgets before getting on stage. Show off your legs in short clothes and you'll make your legs look much longer than they really are.

Try it!

Celebrity Tricks To Look Taller - Step 1

Wearing high-waisted skirts and trousers is a classic celebrity trick to look taller. The beautiful Scarlett Johanson is a big fan of this beauty tip. The actress, 1.60 cm tall, always wears high-waisted garments combined with short or tight tops that manage to create an effect of longer and more slender legs.

Here you can learn how to wear mom jeans, perfect to add some height.

Celebrity Tricks To Look Taller - Step 2

Forget prints: A trick that celebrities use to appear taller is to wear plain, un-patterned clothes and, whenever possible, a total look. Are you wondering what is a total look? This is how fashion experts called outfits that use a single color. This way you'll look taller, especially if the color is dark. Actress Eva Longoria, 1.57 cm, is faithful to this beauty trick.

In this article we give some more fashion tricks to look taller, with a full run-through of what to wear.

Celebrity Tricks To Look Taller - Step 3

Wear head accessories. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham wear different head accessories to look taller, such as caps, hats, fascinators, headdresses and simply high hairstyles. These elements, which at first seem only decorative, are also designed to gain a few extra inches and appear taller on camera.

Celebrity Tricks To Look Taller - Step 4

High-heeled shoes, the obvious celebrity trick, are also great. Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Shakira never leave home without a pair of killer heels. Dare to try a pair of heels and gain a few extra inches - or choose platform shoes if those feel more comfortable!

Celebrity Tricks To Look Taller - Step 5

If you liked this article on celebrity tricks to look taller you can also take a look at how to wear a saree if you are short.

What do you do to look taller? Share your own tips and tricks in the comments section!

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