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How to Do Arabic Eye Makeup

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Do Arabic Eye Makeup

Do you want shocking eyes? Then apply an Arab style make up to your eyes, a technique that will bring out the intensity of your gaze by highlighting your eyebrows and eye lashes with dark and very striking colors. This type of make up is widely used by Arab women as they wear a veil that covers their face and only show their eyes, so they intensify these with a very striking and feminine make up.

It is a very elaborate make up that can be combined with more colorful eye shadows (blue, turquoise, pink, etc.) to get a very striking combination with the black eye liner. In this OneHowTo article we will tell you how to do Arabic eye makeup so you know how to reinforce the beauty of your stare.

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Steps to follow:


Arabic style makeup uniquely highlights the beauty of the eyes, so if you want to use this type of make up you must apply a layer of foundation in your skin tone, blending it well below your cheekbones, nose and chin. If you want to frame your face you can apply a little blush on the cheekbones to shape your features but apply a tan color and put aside the pinks. In OneHowTo we explain how to correctly apply a mousse foundation.

For the lips it is best to opt for a lip gloss or lipstick that is slightly pink so it only slightly stands out, do not give the lips any more prominence as the eyes are the center piece of this type of make up.

How to Do Arabic Eye Makeup - Step 1

Lets start the Arabic style eye makeup. The first thing we have to do is apply a neutral shade on the eyelid that will help us unify the skin color of this area. A good idea is to apply a matte beige or any other tone that is similar to your skin color. A matte finishes will help you get a sophisticated look that is perfect to continue with this makeup.


Now that we have unified the skin color we will apply the eye shadow. As already mentioned above, the color is for you to choose as this type of make up application allows from darker and blackened eyes, typical of the women of the desert, to livelier tones in a pure Hindu style. So, you can opt for a dark violet shade or an emerald green, gold, etc.

Once you have chosen the best color for your eyes it is time to apply it on the eyelids. For the the color to set we suggest you use a brush to mark the eye socket, in this way it will be easier to outline your face without going over the top. In OneHowTo we reveal step by step how to apply eye shadow.

How to Do Arabic Eye Makeup - Step 3

Now we will continue with the eye shadow to further enhance the gaze by using a color that is in contrast to the first one. This second color should be lighter, for example if we have originally opted for a black shadow we can now choose a blue or grey, if we chose a violet we can now opt for a pinkish color.

We will have to apply this lighter shade on the eyelid so our eyes shine and make the color more vivid and dynamic. The objective is to frame the entire eyelid with these tones that will make our eyes strong and seductive.


Once we have the shadow ready the next step is to apply the eye liner to frame the characteristic Arabic style eyes. To achieve a perfect finish it is best to use a liquid Kohl liner as this will lengthen your eyes and get the end result that we are looking for.

To line the eyes we start with the top of the lashes towards the tear glands and carrying the brush until the end of the eye, holding the applicator with a steady hand and trying to make the line progressively thicker towards the end. You will have to finish with an upwards pointing tail-line to get that amazing look.

The tear duct area should be well highlighted, so you must also apply black eye liner here by following its curvature and trying to link the lower and upper eyelashes. Like so it will better frame your eyes, highlighting and enhancing their natural beauty. The line around the tear gland can be made slightly longer to give it an almond effect.

How to Do Arabic Eye Makeup - Step 5

When you have framed the eyes the finishing touch will be to apply black mascara to curl them and get a full effect. We recommend that you apply several layers to frame your eyes perfectly and get that Arab style effect that we are looking for.


You should also consider other elements that will also be part of your make up, such as the eyebrows. Eyebrows can frame your eyes and enhance their intensity, so we recommend that you pluck them in a way that will best suit the shape of your face and keep them well shaped. To do this you just need a special pen designed for eyebrows or, if you do not have one, you can apply a shadow in the hair's natural color and to outline the eyebrows.

In OneHowTo we explain how to outline eyebrows step by step, so you know to maximize your eyes.

How to Do Arabic Eye Makeup - Step 7

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How to Do Arabic Eye Makeup