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How to Apply Make-up for an Oval Face Shape

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Apply Make-up for an Oval Face Shape

According to the canons of Greek beauty, an oval face is fortunate because it is the perfect shape on which you can also apply any type of make-up. Its semi-circular shape, with a large forehead and dainty chin, gives face balance and symmetry, the key to a beautiful face. If you're wondering how to apply make-up to an oval face, this article is perfect for you. Here at OneHowTo.com, we have some tips and tricks to make you look your best and accentuate your features.

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Steps to follow:


We all know the importance of a good foundation. If you have an oval face, you can choose almost any type of foundation, though we recommend using the same tone for the entire face. Retouch and highlight your face using a highlighter: After you've applied the foundation, apply a little highlighter in the centre of your forehead, cheeks and chin to give your face a little more volume. Do not forget to apply concealer to dark circles and eye bags.

How to Apply Make-up for an Oval Face Shape - Step 1

There are many variations of an oval face. Although this type of face is considered ideal for make-up application, you may want to shorten your face to make it look smaller. How? Very easy! Play with lights and shadows when applying makeup. For example, you can apply darker tones to the nose, chin and facial contours (just at the edges of your face).

Take a look at the picture below to see the whole contour.

How to Apply Make-up for an Oval Face Shape - Step 2

Highlight your cheeks with a good blusher. Apply a small amount of blusher using a good brush, in a circular motions. Do it diagonally, i.e. from the center of the cheeks to the temples as this is the best technique for defining your features. A good trick to applying blusher perfectly is to smile whilst doing so. As for blush tones, avoid darker tones. Go for a similar tone to your natural blush.

How to Apply Make-up for an Oval Face Shape - Step 3

When applying make-up to an oval face , don't forget the eyebrows. Avoid over-plucking your eyebrow , although you should keep them tidy in order for the shape to suit your face. To frame an oval face, define your eyebrows by following the natural arch, maintaining harmony of your face.

How to Apply Make-up for an Oval Face Shape - Step 4

Choose a focal point of your face: Mouth or eyes. This universal law will avoid an overdone look. If you choose to highlight your eyes, lipstick should be lighter. Conversely, if you want to emphasize your lips with dark, red or fuchsia shades, keep eye make-up natural and more subtle.


For good eye make-up, take their natural shape into account. Generally, eye make-up in earth tones flatter an oval-shaped face best, especially for day looks. For a sultry night look, go for smoky eyes - a fail-safe option!

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How to Apply Make-up for an Oval Face Shape