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How To Remove Moustache Stains With Home Remedies

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: September 19, 2017
How To Remove Moustache Stains With Home Remedies

While moustache hairs might not be your ideal look, their removal can result in unsightly stains or marks on the upper lip area. If you choose to keep hair on your upper lip, it can result in dark upper lip shadow. This is when the hair is so pronounced that you can see it in most lights. While you don't have to remove either the hair or shadow, many people do as they don't like the look it gives them. This is particularly the case for women. However, oneHOWTO is at hand with this guide on how to remove moustache stains with home remedies. While there are clinical ways to remove hair and dark spots, we will focus on cheap, natural and easy ways you can do this at home.

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  1. With lemon
  2. Camomile and honey
  3. Yoghurt and carrot
  4. Cucumber and apple vinegar
  5. With hydrogen peroxide
  6. Other alternatives

With lemon

Mustache blemishes can be removed with the aid of lemon, an ingredient that acts as a natural lightener. It can be very effective, especially if you have lighter hair to begin with. To achieve removing moustache blemishes with lemon, every night you must apply the mixture made from the juice of a fresh lemon.

Some home remedies with lemon for lightening skin recommend you leave the lemon juice on overnight, but this is a no-no. Lemon juice is an acid. While it is a mild acid, it can still damage your skin if you leave it on too long. This is because it will upset the natural pH balance in your skin.

When you are done with the lemon juice skin lightening remedy, gently wash away the remains of lemon juice and apply your usual moisturizer afterwards. While the lemon juice can damage your skin if left on too long, you can still do this treatment regularly if you only leave it on for 5 minutes or so. If you do, you will soon see the effects of the lemon on your blemish.

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How To Remove Moustache Stains With Home Remedies - With lemon

Camomile and honey

Chamomile is also a good ally for removing moustache blemishes with homemade remedies because it contains properties that help to lighten the skin. These properties are found in specific natural chemicals which have many benefits, skin lightening being just one of them. The chemicals are apigen, quercetin and azulene and they are what cause the pigmentation in chamomile. There is some research to suggest that apigen in particular might be able to prevent certain skin cancers[1].

To make thes winder flower effective, you simply have to prepare an infusion of chamomile and add a little honey. If you want to make the scent of this natural remedy a little better, you can add a few drops of rose water.

Once you have the prepared the paste, you need to use a cotton ball and apply it to the moustache blemish. You should leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. If you repeat this process 2 times per week, you will start to notice the lightening effects of camomile. Even used (although not hot) chamomile tea bags can work wonders on your skin. The greater concentration of pure chamomile, the better.

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How To Remove Moustache Stains With Home Remedies - Camomile and honey

Yoghurt and carrot

Carrot is an astringent that is effective in lightening skin blemishes and removing marks caused by acne. So, it will also serve as an ally for removing moustache blemishes.

To achieve this, we blend a carrot and add it to the natural yogurt, mixing the ingredients well until we have a smooth paste. Then you should apply the mixture on the moustache spots and leave on for 20 minutes. After this time, you can gently wash off the paste with warm water and repeat the process once a week.

Like lemon, it is not a good idea to leave this mixture on for too long, nor is it advisable to put it on without mixing it into a paste. Unlike lemon, it is not because of acid which can damage your skin. It is because the carrot juice contains Beta carotene (ß-carotene), a dark pigment which gives the carrot its color. If you leave only carrot paste on your skin, this pigment will turn your dark upper lip into an orange upper lip.

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How To Remove Moustache Stains With Home Remedies - Yoghurt and carrot

Cucumber and apple vinegar

If you have sensitive skin, home remedies for removing moustache patches with cucumber and apple cider vinegar contain two elements that will help whiten the skin without causing irritation.

You only need 2 slices of cucumber and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. The first thing you should do is grind the cucumber with a mixer until it is a paste, then mix it with apple cider vinegar and apply on the dark spots on your upper lip. You will leave this mixture on for 10 minutes and then remove it with warm water.

Again, the cucumber in this mixture helps to counteract some of the potentially damaging properties of vinegar. In this case, as with the lemon, it is acidic. Do not put onto your skin without mixing it and do not leave it on for too long.

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How To Remove Moustache Stains With Home Remedies - Cucumber and apple vinegar

With hydrogen peroxide

Another way of removing moustache blemishes using home remedies is using hydrogen peroxide. This product contains bleaching properties that help reduce skin tones immediately. It is the same chemical which is used in hair dye for blond hair and the same essential principal is at work when you want to remove moustache dark spots.

However, hydrogen peroxide is a very strong chemical and is a corrosive, so ensure you know what you are using before you put it on your skin. Even the kind which bleaches hair will have a maximum (most will be much less) concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Ask your pharmacist to make sure you have the correct solution for using on your upper lip.

The method of application is very simple: a cotton swab moistened with hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the moustache area using gentle dabs to get the area wet. Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse with water. If you have dry skin, apply some sunscreen to prevent UVA rays from the sun penetrating your face.

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How To Remove Moustache Stains With Home Remedies - With hydrogen peroxide

Other alternatives

Another way you might get dark patches or spots on your lip is if you have something called hyperpigmentation. This is when the pigment in the skin created by excess melanin production causes darker patches of skin to develop. Using the above home remedies should also work on upper lip skin which has this issue. Hyperpigmentation can be causes by acne scars or melasma, a skin coloration which can cause the dark spots and patches on your skin.

If you are in a rush and want to get rid of your upper lip shadow quickly, you can also cover upper lip shadows with makeup.

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How To Remove Moustache Stains With Home Remedies