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How to Remove Wax Marks from Face

Alice Marini
By Alice Marini. Updated: February 6, 2017
How to Remove Wax Marks from Face

Removing a wax mark from face is one of those things most people who wax regularly have to come to deal with at least once in their lives. Waxing is a wonderful, relatively long-lasting and inexpensive method of removing hair. However, you need to know what you are doing when you use wax as you can seriously damage your skin and leave wax burn marks on skin. Waxing a sensitive skin can be particularly hard, so your aestheticism should be made aware of your skin type and adapt the wax temperature accordingly in order not to produce any wax spots on face.

Wax burn marks on skin can be embarrassing, especially if they appear on face. The good news is, in most cases you can get rid of wax marks on face without undergoing surgery. So, stay tuned as today on OneHowTo we explain how to remove wax marks from face.

Steps to follow:


First of all, it depends on what kind of wax mark on skin you've got. If the wax took part of your skin off and it looks like you have a hole, maybe you should see a dermatologist as to get rid of that kind of wax mark you may need a lipo transfer.

The second factor to take into account to remove wax marks from face is how old the wax spot is. If you have recently waxed and want to get rid of wax burn marks on face, you should immediately apply ice cubes to the area, if you have aloe vera ice cubes, all the better. That way, the wax burn mark will be less likely to appear and will be lighter.

Bear in mind that it can take weeks or even several months to get rid of wax marks on face, you can use the method described below to make healing quicker and more effective.


The second step to take to remove wax marks from face is to apply a moisturizing lotion to the wax mark on skin. Once your wound has healed, you should keep it as hydrated as possible. Among the best moisturizers to remove wax marks from face we find:

  • coconut oil
  • almond oil

You should apply the moisturizer to the wax spots on face massaging deeply everyday for several weeks.


Home remedies to remove wax marks from face

  • onion extract: onion has been proved to reduce red waxing marks. You can either squash an onion and apply the liquid to the wax burn marks on face and leave it on for one hour, or you can buy a scar removal cream containing onion extract from your pharmacy. You will need to apply onion extract for several months in order to get rid of wax marks on face.
  • aloe vera gel: this is another product that works very effectively on wax burn marks on face. Aloe will also prevent external bacteria from affecting your wax burn scar. You should apply the gel twice a day.
  • fenugreek seeds: soak them in water for several hours and then grind the mixture. Apply it on face and leave it on for one hour.
  • honey
  • Vaseline: apply it every night before going to bed to the wax marks on face. It will speed up healing and prevent hyperpigmentation.

Tip: although many would suggest you apply lemon or tomato juice on your wax spots on face, we do not recommend you do it as it might make your wax scar worse by irritating it.

How to Remove Wax Marks from Face - Step 3

Medical remedies to remove wax marks from face

  • 1% hydrocortisone: you can apply it 3 times a day to get rid of waxing spots on face
  • good medications include: hydroquinone, arbutin, azelaic acid, vitamin C.
  • alpha hydroxy acid cream can also help heal the scar. The alpha hydroxy acid content should be low to avoid irritation. This kind of product works as a skin exfoliant, forcing new healthy layers of skin to appear. Do not apply on a recent wound.
  • if your wax scar on face is thick, you can apply silicon gel on it to make it smoother.
  • If you have dark waxing marks on skin caused by melasma or skin trauma, Melarase creams can help you to remove wax marks on face
  • hyperpigmentation scars can be treated by specific creams that even the color. Ask your dermatologist about it.
  • dermatologists suggest pulsed dye laser to regain the normal skin color on your wax mark on skin
  • You may need a laser resurfacing procedure or chemical peel to get rid of red waxing marks
  • microdermabrasion, collagen or fat transfers are all procedures your dermatologist will be able to advise on and perform to help you remove wax marks from face

An important factor for getting rid of wax marks on face is you should not touch it, and especially scratch it. If you erode the deep skin layers, you could make your wax scar on face become permanent.

Also, ALWAYS apply sunscreen to your wax burn marks on face to prevent the scar from becoming permanent. The sun activates skin cells, melanocutes, to produce more pigment, hence your scar will look darker if you do not protect it from the sun. Then it will be difficult to remove such dark wax marks from face.


Lastly, the best suggestion we can give you is to always asses the wax temperature on your hand before applying wax on face. Also, stress how important it is that the wax temperature must be adequate to your beautician, telling them your skin is very sensitive. The strength of the hair removal procedure should also be moderate.

How to Remove Wax Marks from Face - Step 6

If your wax mark on face does not disappear, or if you think your scar is very deep, it is best to consult a dermatologist who will make you undergo a topographic examination and then advise you on medical procedures you can use to remove wax marks from face.

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How to Remove Wax Marks from Face