How to Remove Hair from the Anus Area

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 7, 2017
How to Remove Hair from the Anus Area

One of the beauty practices gaining popularity is removing hair from the anal area. If done carefully and with the help of an expert, it can remove unsightly hair from your intimate area. This will not only keep your body well-maintained, but boost your confidence also.

Bear in mind that since this is a sensitive area of the body, it is recommended that specific approaches be considered for optimum results. Therefore, at oneHOWTO we are going to inform you on how to remove hair from the anus in the most effective ways.

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One of the ways to remove hair from the anus without hurting yourself or your skin is by waxing. You can do so at home with strips of cold or warm wax. It is recommended that, if you want to do it at home, you have someone else to help you with this, in the area you want to tackle. Another way is making use of a small mirror, although it will be somewhat difficult to achieve the desired results.

Undoubtedly, the most recommended option for hair removal is going to a beauty centre. There, a professional will remove it with care and attention. Remember that the back-side and, more importantly, the actual anus is a very sensitive area that cannot be shaved in the same way as legs.

How to Remove Hair from the Anus Area - Waxing

Removing hair from the anus using IPL

Another alternative you can use to shave your anus is by intense pulsed light treatment. This method consists of a pulsed light transmitting energy through the hair. This energy generates heat and eventually destroys the hair follicle.

To remove hair using IPL, it is important to know that the number of sessions will always vary per person. But, the results of this treatment are spectacular. IPL can eliminate between 70 and 80% of the hair in the treated area.

How to Remove Hair from the Anus Area - Removing hair from the anus using IPL

Laser hair removal

As a third option, we suggest you remove the hair by laser hair removal. This regenerating technique can remove it for prolonged periods, managing to reduce the hair in the area that we are treating by up to 80%.

Among the advantages of laser removal, we highlight that it is a type of treatment suitable for all skin types and which can be used on any body part. This includes sensitive areas such as the anus. It also improves skin quality.

To do this beauty treatment, you should consult a specialised centre. Theywill inform you on the number of sessions that your body needs, the effectiveness of treatment and the steps to follow before and after removal.

How to Remove Hair from the Anus Area - Laser hair removal


Sugaring, sugar-waxing or Persian waxing is another method using natural sugar wax. Sugaring is done by applying a sticky honey-like sugar mix to gently pull the hair from the root. There are no risks of irritating side effects, as the ingredients used to make the mix are natural. For anal hair sugaring, it is better to use the non-strip technique, so that mess can be avoided.Combine 2 cups of sugar, 1/2 cup of lemon juice, and 1 cup of water and simmer on low heat. Once the consistency starts to resemble honey, take off the heat and leave to cool.Once cool, scoop the mixture with your hands and roll into a ball. Once you think the ball is warm and malleable enough, lift your leg and spread the mixture onto your anal hair. Always follow the direction of your natural hair growth. After 1 minute,gently pull the wax away from the natural growth. To cool down the area,gentlywash yourself with clean water and pat dry.

Other methods of hair removal

As you know, there are other traditional methods of hair removal. Disposable razors, depilatories and electric razors are the most popular. These treatments are effective for specific areas of the body such as legs, under arms or arms. However, for more delicate areas such as bikini lines and the anus, these are not at all recommended. They may eventually cause irritation leading to itching and bumps appearing.

So to remove the hair from the anus it is recommended to use any of the four methods listed above and leave aside the other more conventional methods. They can cause you discomfort and affect the general health of your skin.

How to Remove Hair from the Anus Area - Other methods of hair removal

Ingrown hair near the anus

Due to frequent hair removal or other reasons, some people find painful ingrown hair near the anus. Obviously, these will not disappear with any of the methods mentioned above, so here is a solution if you want to get rid of ingrown hair in the pubic area.

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As we point out in the article, it's not the best of ideas to do so. However,if you must in an emergency situation, make sure you clean the area thoroughly, pat it dry and use a small amount of shaving cream. Spread your legs open and use a mirror so you can see properly, shave using the mirror as a guide. Be careful, as cuts around this area can be pretty nasty.
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Hi Richard, unless you have a medical problem you won't need a doctor. There are lots of specialist hair removal salons where you can pay for a professional to carry out one of the procedures discussed above - hope this helps!

How to Remove Hair from the Anus Area
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How to Remove Hair from the Anus Area

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