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How to Get Rid of Perianal Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 16, 2023
How to Get Rid of Perianal Hair

The world of cosmetology is continuing to advance in ways which are consistently intriguing. Some trends and techniques address issues we have been dealing with for a long time, others propose solutions to problems we didn't know we had. What is considered unsightly and what is desirable changes according to time, region, culture and personal preference, among many other factors. While many people like to embrace their body hair, many others like to keep a tidier house. This is why many of us are looking to remove hair from the perianal area.

At oneHOWTO, we find out how to get rid of perianal hair with our perianal hair removal methods. By explaining what is involved, you can decide if it is a hair removal treatment you might like to consider.

  1. What is perianal hair removal?
  2. How to get rid of perianal hair at home
  3. Other methods of perianal hair removal

What is perianal hair removal?

The amount of body hair we might have depends on the individual, as does the amount of body hair we want to keep. While body hair was more useful to our prehistoric ancestors, most of us have other means of controlling body temperature. Culturally speaking, many of us see body hair in certain places as being either unsightly or impractical. This is especially the case with the perianal area.

For people with female sex organs, the perianal area is the area which ranges from the anus to the vagina. For male genitalia, it is the area from the anus to the scrotum. It has many other words such as the taint or barse, but these are often gender specific and colloquial. The desire to remove hair from this area tends to be purely aesthetic, although it might have practical benefit in terms of cleaning and hygiene.

Perianal areas are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. For this reason, perianal hair removal is a technique which requires care and precision. Many people wisely opt for a trained beauty therapist to carry it out, but it is perfectly possible to do it successfully at home.

How to get rid of perianal hair at home

While it may be easier to have a professional remove perianal hair, it can also be expensive if you want it done regularly. Many people may also not feel comfortable having the procedure carried out in such an intimate area. For this reason, you can do it at home. With the help of a mirror, you can remove perianal hair completely and enjoy a smooth and soft taint at home.

Perianal razor shave

The razor blade has been one of the great allies of men and women when it comes to body and facial hair removal. This technique has the advantage that it can remove all the hair, no matter how thick it may be.

To shave the perianal area, you should have clean skin and use some moisturizing gel or shaving foam. This way, the skin does not become irritated when you pass the razor over it. You must be careful not to cut yourself, especially when shaving any skin fold. A cut in this area can become infected easily.

Perianal hair removal creams

Another immediate and painless alternative is depilatory cream. In pharmacies and supermarkets, there are all kinds of cream brands that are recommended and specialize in different areas of the skin.

To be able to depilate the perianal area with cream, you must choose a special product for sensitive skin and follow the instructions closely. You should not touch the mucus membranes when applying the cream very carefully. After some time has elapsed, rinse with water. It is a simple and painless option, but you must be careful not to get close to the genitals and anus. This because it could cause itching and irritation.

If you do want to remove anal hair, check out our related article on how to remove hair from the anus area.

How to Get Rid of Perianal Hair - How to get rid of perianal hair at home

Other methods of perianal hair removal

If what you want is to get rid of these annoying hairs in the perianal area in a more precise and lasting way, you have options. For women or men who want to look as if you were in the hands of professionals, you should know there are two techniques recognized as being the most effective. The first is waxing. It is usually painful as the hair is pulled out by the root. This also means it takes much longer to grow back. The other technique is the laser hair removal. This is one of the most expensive options, but with more lasting effects.

Perianal wax

Waxing is very effective and easy to do at home. Even so, you should be very careful when applying wax to this areas. It is difficult to reach it alone, so you will need to do it in a mirror. Remember that your actions are reversed in the reflection. Although waxing the perianal area can be painful, the results will last several days.

Perianal laser hair removal

Using a laser to remove perianal hair is probably the most recommended, although it is also the most expensive. A laser pulses with an alexandrite or diode light to remove hair from the root and prevent its further regrowth in the follicle. Despite being a little unpleasant for some, especially in the perianal area, it is not as painful as waxing and other treatments. Neither does it leave the area irritated like other techniques. Currently, there are laser hair removers on the market to eliminate hair. If you choose this option, take a look at our article on how to care for skin after laser hair removal.

Now you know how to get rid of perianal hair and think it might be the treatment for you, you have what you need to make an informed decision. If you want to learn about other types of hair removal, take a look at our article on all the ways to remove public hair.

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How to Get Rid of Perianal Hair