How to Shave Hair on the Shaft of the Penis

By Mary Smith. November 18, 2020
How to Shave Hair on the Shaft of the Penis

While professional body hair removal is still a market dominated by women, male hair removal is becoming more common. This is especially so for men removing hair themselves at home. While not everyone will have the same haircare needs, it is important to now how to do it properly. The skin of the genitals is less than a millimeter thick, making the area very sensitive. When it comes to shaving the penis shaft, we also need to be particularly careful.

In this oneHOWTO article, we show you how to shave hair on the shaft of the penis. We also look at other types of hair removal to ensure you have all your grooming needs met.

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Should I remove the hair from my penis?

This is not a question for everyone as there are many who do not have much or any hair on the shaft of their penis. For those that do, whether you want to remove it depends on personal preference. For those with a lot of pubic hair, they may want to remove some as they believe it looks better. Some people simply want a neater appearance and find long pubic hair to be too messy.

There are some drawbacks of removing all of your pubic hair. The main one is that it can cause discomfort when the hair tries to grow back. It is not true that shaving pubic hair will make it grow back quicker. As it does grow back, however, you may have to deal with stubble and the discomfort this can cause.

You don't have to remove all of your pubic hair to make it look neater. You can trim with scissors to get rid of messiness. If you are a man and want to remove hair from your penis shaft, there are different ways to do it:

  • Shaving
  • Clipping
  • Waxing
  • Hair removal cream
  • Laser hair removal

We look into these different ways to remove hair from the penis shaft below.

Shaving the penis shaft with a razor

One of the most common ways of removing hair from the penis is shaving. This is for good reason. Shaving is a quick and easy form of hair removal for men, using something many men will already have around the house. Although using a razor to shave your penis is common, we still need to be extremely careful when using them as they can damage the skin easily.

Additionally, when shaving your penis with a razor, the blade can cause irritation to the skin. Razor bumps are one of the most common negative consequences of this practice. When the hair grows back, the hair will also have a blunt tip, making the area feel scratchy as it grows past the skin. For this reason, shaving the penis is not the best way to remove hair without itching. Knowing how often you need to shave your pubic area can also be tricky.

If you still want to know how to shave the penis, we advise you use the razor in the shower and always take great care. Only use a safety razor for this purpose. A straight razor is too dangerous. Follow these steps:

  1. Before using the razor, trim the longest hairs with scissors to make shaving easier. If you are also wondering how to shave your testicles, we advise you to use a multi-bladed razor to avoid possible cuts in the thinner skin. To know more, take a look at our article on how to remove hair from the testicles safely.
  2. Find a comfortable position for shaving, but we advise you to always do it in the shower. The warm water helps open the follicles and the shaved hair will fall away in the stream from the showerhead.
  3. Shave during or after a warm shower to facilitate and use special shaving creams or gels for sensitive skin, even if you don't have sensitive skin on other parts of your body.
  4. Pass the blade little by little over the shaft of the penis in short movements. To avoid cutting in any folds of skin, hold the skin taut so it creates as flat a surface as possible.
  5. Always shave with the direction of the hair, never against.
  6. Holding your penis down you can shave the upper area to the navel. Holding it on one side you can shave from the upper part of the thighs to the penis, passing over the scrotum. Holding the penis up allows you to shave the lower part.
  7. Finally, once you have removed all the hair from the penis, rinse and dry the area well. Hydrate it with an antiseptic moisturizer that allows you to soothe shaved skin and help prevent itching.

Below we explain how to remove hair from the penis using other methods.

How to Shave Hair on the Shaft of the Penis - Shaving the penis shaft with a razor

Shaving the penis shaft with hair clippers

Do you want to know painless method for male genital hair removal? Clippers are your answer. Ideally you will want to use smaller beard trimmers, but you can also use hair clippers if you are careful. Although capable of removing pubic hair quickly and effectively, it does not cut as close as other types of genital hair removal. This means hair will appear to grow back more quickly.

Men who end up opting for electric clippers often have to shave several times a week if they want to keep it very trim. For this reason it has its drawbacks. If you have the time and inclination, bear the following in mind when removing penis hair with clippers:

  • Do not use electric clippers on the testicles as loose skin can snag easily.
  • If you can, use the clippers for the pubic hair that surrounds the penis, but avoid the most delicate areas.
  • After trimming, use a moisturizer to avoid irritation.

Waxing the shaft of the penis

As you know, wax is one of the most effective male hair removal methods. Its effectiveness derives form the fact it pulls the hair out by the root, allowing the resulting hair removal to last up to 6 weeks. This is why it is one of the longest lasting types of genital hair removal.

There are drawbacks to waxing the penis. The main one is the pain. Waxing tears the hair out at the follicle which is painful in such a sensitive region, something women who wax regularly know all too well. It can also be difficult getting the wax into the correct places.

If you do want to choose wax, especially if you have no prior experience, we recommend going to a professional. A good beauty therapist should be able to reduce the pain as much as possible, although don't expect it to be a breeze. Waxing testicles is never recommended.

There is more than one way to wax your genitals, something you can find out about in our article on what are the types of intimate waxing.

Hair removal cream for the penis

When asking whether there is a quick and painless method to wax the penis shaft, some have suggested hair removal cream as the answer. However, this method of hair removal can be more aggressive than many think.

We need to bear in mind that hair removal cream contains substances that can irritate the skin. As we have stated before, the genitals are a particularly sensitive area of the body. Although there are different brands of depilatory creams for sensitive skin, we advise you do not use this as a way to shave your penis shaft. It is best to look the other ways to remove pubic hair and try one of them.

How to Shave Hair on the Shaft of the Penis - Hair removal cream for the penis

Laser hair removal on the penis

The best way to remove hair from the penis shaft is subjective to your experience. We can say that laser hair removal is effective, painless and lasts the longest. It can also last a long time in the right circumstances.

To carry out laser hair removal on the penis, you have to go to a specialist center. While having a laser around your sensitive areas can sound alarming, it is practically painless. Some may still suffer some discomfort, with the beauty therapist often offering anaesthetic creams prior to waxing.

Some drawbacks of laser hair removal on the penis include the fact you may not be able to grow it back again as before. It will not remove hair permanently, but it will stop some growth. Also, laser hair removal is one of the most expensive types.

Once you have decided which option of genital hair removal is best for you, you may want to see how to remove hair from other intimate parts such as the anus area.

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