Pubic hair removal

How to Remove Hair From Your Testicles Safely

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 23, 2019
How to Remove Hair From Your Testicles Safely

There are lots of websites out there telling you it is necessary to shave your testicles. This is simply not true. Pubic hair is on your private parts, i.e. parts which belong only to you. Regardless of how you identify, it's up to you how you keep it. However, there are positives to keeping it nice and neat down there. First off, it can help with hygiene. Secondly, it is often better for your partner and can encourage intimacy. Thirdly, it can make you look bigger, tidier and more confident. As it is such a sensitive area, once you've decided on a little manscaping, you'll need to know how to remove hair from your testicles safely. That's why oneHOWTO is at hand to prevent any unfortunate mishaps with your little chap.

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  1. Why you should remove hair from your testicles
  2. Things to consider when removing hair from your testicles
  3. What to use to remove hair from your testicles
  4. Removing genital hair with a razor
  5. Where to remove hair from your testicles
  6. Male genital laser hair removal
  7. How not to remove hair from your testicles

Why you should remove hair from your testicles

As stated above, it's not a pre-requisite for existing in this millennium to shave your balls (n.b. euphemisms and other alternate words for testicles will appear in this article). If you want to let your bush grow until you can pet it like a poodle that's up to you. The pros, however, might just be worth it. This doesn't mean you need to go smoother than an ice rink. You may just want to neaten up the area so it looks more presentable. Here are the reasons you may want to remove hair from your testicles:

  • Self-confidence: removing hair can improve self-confidence. If you shave your testicles completely, then there is no hair for the wee fella to hide behind. You can also get a similar effect if you trim the area at the base of the shaft of your penis. More of the shaft will be visible giving the impression it is longer. The same goes if you trim the general area around it. If you feel good when your get a haircut on your head, the same logic may apply to your scrotum.
  • Hygiene: another reason is for hygiene and it's an important one if you find yourself suffering from funky odors in the basement. Pubic hairs, like any other hair, have a sebaceous gland near the follicle. They produce sebum, a lubricant for these hairs which can mingle with sweat and dirt around the scrotum. This is a natural occurrence, but it is also why we clean ourselves regularly. If we don't, it's likely we're going to develop a bad smell. If we remove these hairs, then there is not as much for the dirt to stick to, so we may help eliminate odors. Bear in mind that everything from overactive sweat glands to spicy food can cause BO, so you may need some other help.
  • Attractiveness: if you are sexually active, either with a partner or otherwise, then trimming your pubic hair might be a good idea. Not only will it be more pleasing to look at, it can be more enticing to play with. Just as some people don't like kissing people with beards, a mighty boosh can be less alluring to put your face near. Getting hair stuck between the teeth or back of the throat is also a consideration.
  • Easier: having less friction down there can also make penetrative sex better. Not everyone will like having a cushion for the pushin', so getting rid of your pubic hair can just simplify things.

Things to consider when removing hair from your testicles

While having no pubic hair can make sex smoother, you have to remember that hair grows back. It will not grow back overnight either. If you have completely shaved your genitals, then after a day or two, you are going to get some stubble. This might be benign and even pleasant for you to scratch, but it might not be as fun for a sex partner.

Stubble rash and unpleasant sensations on another person's sensitive areas are not likely to be very comfortable. While your gonads might look nice and pretty, they might need a "look, but don't touch" sign in front of them. Unless you have the time and impetus to shave your testicles every day, it might be something you should every once in a while.

Another negative behind shaving your balls involves your skin. When you shave, you can irritate and inflame hair follicles. This often forms something known as stubble rash. It is technically little microscopic sores or wounds which have been disturbed by hair removal. If you remove hair from your balls for aesthetic reasons, it might be counterproductive if you have a nasty red rash all over your sac. You can also find ingrown testicle hair, which is pretty difficult to remove.

Looks aside, having agitated hair follicles can provide other issues. As with any exposed wound, you are more prone to infection. If you are having sex, then this can be particularly concerning. Especially with the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections.

Removing the hair from your testicles completely counteracts the reasons we have pubic hair in the first place. You should be aware of the pros and cons before you start whacking away at your pubes. If you have decided it's for you, then read on.

What to use to remove hair from your testicles


You won't be able to shave close with scissors, but if you want to remove hair from your testicles, they are at least a good place to start. They are great for styling as you can snip a little bit here, a little bit there, until you have the style you are looking for. You may not be able to get it exact (unless you have mad hairdressing skills), but you can certainly make it very neat.

The type of scissors you need are important. Ideally use hairdressing scissors which will have a long (but not too long) blade whilst being manoeuvrable. Nail scissors are just not going to cut it. Your scissors need to be sharp, but this is where you will have to be very careful. You need to remember that you are cutting near some very delicate areas. If you slip and snip the wrong thing, you may have a John Wayne Bobbitt situation on your hands.

Hair or Beard Trimmers

While you can start by trimming with scissors, you may want to follow up with some trimmers. You may want to start by trimming with scissors before moving on to using trimmers (or clippers). Trimming with scissors can get the main hair, especially if it is thick. Using the trimmers can help you get the closer shave you might be looking for.

Hair clippers or trimmers should have a guard on them which can be removed. They also often come as a set with hair scissors, perfect if you're looking for something to use in the above stage. The guard (or guards) can be changed to give you a different length of hair. They also stop you from shaving too close and nicking skin.

Not nicking your skin is something which is particularly important in removing hair from your balls. This is because you are not actually removing hair from your testicles themselves, but the scrotum (or ballsack as it is colloquially known). This sack is made from loose skin which expands or contracts according to heat. Because it is loose, it is not as easy to shave as facial skin.

The scrotum is also often wrinkly, especially in heat. This means that the surface is very uneven and can make trimming with electric trimmers difficult. If you completely remove the guard, some of those wrinkles can get caught in between the teeth of the clipper and nick it badly. The large amounts of nerve endings and sensitive skin in this area makes it very unfun if you manage to cut it.

How to Remove Hair From Your Testicles Safely - What to use to remove hair from your testicles

Removing genital hair with a razor

Electric Razor

An electric razor is designed to shave as close as it can to the skin without damaging it. A good one will get you a pretty close shave. Even when shaving your face, however, it's not always the most effective. It may require you having to push it against your skin to allow hair follicles to be snipped. This is not something as easily done when trying to safely remove hair from your balls.

It might still be good for a close shave of the testicles. It has a good combination of safety as well as closeness. Trim with scissors first and then shave with the electric razor. Be careful when moving the electric razor close to loose skin on the scrotum or penis. Also, although it might be tempting, do not push the electric razor too hard on the skin. It can damage the testes, so be careful.

Safety razor

A safety razor was designed with shaving safely in mind. It wasn't necessarily designed to shave your balls, but it happily can work. In fact, it's the best way to remove hair from your balls completely. It will have a guard in front of the blades which stop the blades from cutting the skin too much and prevent damage.

Even with a fresh safety razor, it will be difficult to shave hair from your balls without trimming first. Either with scissors or an electric hair clipper, trim the hair as close to the skin as you can. You don't have to worry about neatness as the safety razor will sort that out.

Here is how to remove genital hair with a safety razor:

  1. Like you would with your face, you need to warm up the area to open up the pores. This is best done with a hot shower or bath. It can equally be down with a hot towel, but it's up to you.
  2. Lather up with shaving foam and shave as you would your face (except with perhaps a little more caution). It might be hard to shave your scrotum without gently pulling the skin taut. This way you will have more of a flat surface to glide the razor over.
  3. Be careful of hair follicles. If you see a lot of bumps on your hair follicles, they could be agitated or inflamed. Going over them with a razor might not be a good idea. If you do agitate them, you may end up with razor bumps which can be itchy and unattractive.

Using a straight razor rather than a safety razor is also a no-no. One accidental jerk and it's off to the monastery for you.

Where to remove hair from your testicles

While you might think that the answer is in the question, we mean where do you perform the ritual of removing hair from your balls. Firstly, you don't want to do it anywhere with a carpet. Those little pubes have ways of floating around a room and you may end up with a surplus of fibers in your rug.

You want to find somewhere with a hard floor. This will allow you to sweep up the evidence and dispose of it easily. While most modern kitchens will have a hard floor, you likely don't want to run the risk of seasoning your pot of stew with a few airborne hairs. The bathroom is ideal.

As you may want to warm up your scrotal skin before you take a razor to it, shaving in a shallow bath is recommended by some. You run the hot water and then sit in it, keeping your testicles warm and allowing you to rinse the razor of hair and shaving cream. This is not a good idea if using an electric razor and can kill you if using one plugged into the mains. In case you didn't know, water and electricity are not good bedfellows.

You can sit on a chair and remove hair from your testicles, but might not always be easy to get to the undercarriage. You can get this effect if you sit on the toilet and do it. However, a plumbing forum suggested against this as hairs can build up in the system and cause problems down the line.

How to Remove Hair From Your Testicles Safely - Where to remove hair from your testicles

Male genital laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has been used since the 1990's, but it was not commonly used on male genitals until relatively recently. Lasers can be used because they target the individual follicle. This is precise, but effective work. For this reason it is one of the slower genital hair removal treatments available.

This treatment is considered relatively safe, but it should be done by a professional. Depending on where you live laser hair removal may be done at home. However, there is always a risk of damaging the skin. This damage is similar to other methods of hair removal, i.e. causing rashes or acne. It can also lead to discoloration of the skin. For this reason, it is only advisable to perform genital laser hair removal if you are trained in its methodology.

Genital laser hair removal is still relatively uncommon because it is quite an expensive procedure. While it may only need to be carried out once or twice a year, it is prohibitively expensive to have one in the home.

How not to remove hair from your testicles

One effective, but not recommended way to remove hair from your balls is to use special creams like NAIR and others. These are known as chemical depilatories. These use a mixture of chemicals to weaken the hair so much that it easily falls out of the follicle. However, it can also easily cause a rash and damage the skin. We do not recommend it as a safe way to remove hair from your balls.

Waxing is also not recommended. This, again, can be effective, but is not good for such sensitive skin as the scrotum. Bikini waxes are common with female genitalia, but only full waxes (known as Brazilian) remove the hair from sensitive parts like the vulva. If you want to wax the scrotum, it means you will have a much larger surface area to cover. The hair follicles will also be susceptible to damage.

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