Pubic hair removal

What are the types of intimate waxing

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 27, 2017
What are the types of intimate waxing

Hair removal in the pubic area of not only allows us to feel more comfortable on beach days, but is also a great alternative for sexual intercourse even being a hygiene issue of for many. But if you've ever gone through this procedure it is good to know what kinds of intimate waxing there are in order to choose the right one for you. On we explain what you need to know about this topic.

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Steps to follow:


In theory it is good to clarify that when we talk about hair removal we are referring to removing hair from the root. If you use a blade to closely shave the hairs then you are referring to shaving and not hair removal. Waxing helps prevent allergies and discomfort caused by blades, but it's also a great choice as the hair takes several weeks to grow back, however with a razor it only takes a few days.


There are different types of intimate waxing and it all depends on your taste and what you want to explore. The most classic of all is the bikini line wax, one that does not go into the pubis and lets you show off your panties or swimsuit without there being any annoying hair in sight. It is also usually the least expensive because it requires little wax.


The Brazilian wax is one of the most popular today. It involves the removal of hair more on the pubis, ideal for showing off small and low cut bikinis, characteristic of Brazil, hence its name. It is a common choice for many women, it reduces the presence of hair significantly, although not entirely.


The complete removal is perfect for women who do not want even one hair on her pubis. A great alternative to more lengthy and provocative look, however you can decide to leave a row of hair if you want, it all depends on your taste and of course how much you want to surprise your partner.


Another type of hair removal that does not apply anywhere but you can also use is decorative, which is used to design forms with public hairs, for example a heart, an arrow, etc. Everything depends on the ingenuity and the demands of everyone. Ideal for the most fun and playful.


If you're not great at waxing yourself there are other ways of removing pubic hair, such as going to a specialized centre where they know how to take care of you. Remember that the pubis area is very delicate and should be treated with caution if we want to avoid pain and injury. After waxing, you'll want to apply a lot of gentle moisturizer like aloe vera and get rid of the remnants of wax from your skin to avoid irritation.

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If you want complete hair removal, including the anus you can also take a look at how to get rid of hair from the anus area, this is especially recommended for those who prepare for anal sex.

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What are the types of intimate waxing