Pubic hair removal

All the ways to remove pubic hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 28, 2017
All the ways to remove pubic hair

The removal of pubic hair provides hygiene and comfort in the intimate area, especially during those days of the month. There are many techniques for trimming hair from the pubis and not all are synonymous of pain, some must be performed by a professional and others are so practical that they can be done at home.

Ideally, before you start removing the excess pubic hair, trim it with scissors; this will make the removal process more successful. The duration of the procedure and its completion depends on the technique you choose, so it is recommended that you evaluate your options well. Discover in the following OneHowTo article how to remove pubic hair.

  1. Shaving the pubis with a razor
  2. Removing pubic hair with wax
  3. Removing pubic hair with cream
  4. Removing pubic hair by laser

Shaving the pubis with a razor

Shaving is the most common pubic hair removal method and also the least painful. The main advantage of shaving is that we can draw on this technique whenever we want, without an appointment and in the comfort of our home. However, this does not remove the hair from the root, which makes them grow faster compared to other methods of hair removal.

If you decide to shave the pubis with a razor, it is important to apply a conditioning foam or cream before you start to prevent pores from becoming irritated. Preferably, perform the procedure with cold water and with a razor formed of various blades. Then do not forget to moisturize your skin to reduce discomfort. Also, learn how often your should shave to avoid problems.

All the ways to remove pubic hair - Shaving the pubis with a razor

Removing pubic hair with wax

This hair removal method is usually painful. It is performed by applying hot wax on the intimate area and withdrawing when it has dried. Pain occurs when pulling the dried wax to uproot pubic hairs. Waxing is one of the most effective methods and it is recommended have it done by a specialist to avoid burns or injuries in this sensitive area.

This method has the advantage that the hair, being removed from the root, takes much longer to grow (approximately 15 days). It is ideal for seasons like summer, when you need to spend more time with a perfect bikini line. Another advantage of intimate waxing is that the hair becomes weaker over time and so it grows less and the pain decreases in future sessions of hair removal.

After performing this removal, you should apply a moisturiser or anti-inflammatory to prevent irritation and redness in the waxed area.

All the ways to remove pubic hair - Removing pubic hair with wax

Removing pubic hair with cream

Depilatory creams are also an option for shaving the pubic hair. They have the advantage that the hair grows slower than if shaved, but is not as slow to grow back as waxing. These creams can be purchased at any beauty store and you can choose it according to your gender, as men's hair is thicker than women's, so you will find male and female depilatory creams.

The process involves applying the product on the pubic area, leave it to stand for the minutes indicated in the instructions and then remove with a spatula that is included in the package. These creams usually contain many chemicals that can irritate the skin, so you should take precautions or choose another method of hair removal if your skin is very sensitive.

Removing pubic hair by laser

Laser hair removal offers almost partial removal of pubic hair. This method is performed in session. The number of sessions required varies according to the person's skin colour and hair thickness, aspects that may facilitate or hinder the passing of the laser to the follicle.

This method is performed in specialised beauty centres. There you can enquire the cost of the treatment, the number of sessions you need and when you will start to see results. Usually the first changes start to take place after the second session.

If you choose this option here you can find out about how to prepare the skin for laser hair removal and how to care for the skin after laser hair removal.

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  • If your are shaving at home, use a hand mirror to make sure you can see the area you are shaving
  • If any pimples appear after you've removed your pubic hair you should not burst them under any circumstances. The best way to get rid of them is to soak the area in lukewarm water for five minutes.
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All the ways to remove pubic hair