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How To Know If Short Hair Will Suit Me

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 30, 2017
How To Know If Short Hair Will Suit Me

Are you thinking about cutting your hair but you're not brave enough because you're worried that it won't suit you? If you're in this situation, we recommend that you read this OneHowTo article. We reveal one of the most reliable rules so you can find out in advance if extra short hair cuts will suit your face or not. This way, you won't have to take a risk or ruin your locks with scissors. Take note and find out how to know if short hair will suit you.

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  1. Test to see if short hair suits you
  2. Short hair according to face shape
  3. Caring for short hair
  4. Short curly hair

Test to see if short hair suits you

Now, before rushing and using scissors to cut your long hair, you should know whether short hair will suit you or not by carrying out a simple test at home. It is called 'Rule of 2.25 inch', a measurement technique shared by the famous stylist John Frieda which is specifically based on the distance between the jaw and ear to determine if short hair will suit a woman.

No matter what the shape of your face, try this rule before changing your look and you can be sure that your new image will be better than the last. You only need two tools: a pencil and a ruler. Follow the steps detailed below:

  • Place your pencil just below your chin, keeping it horizontal.
  • At the same time, put the ruler below your ear (from the lobe) vertically.
  • The point where the two utensils meet will indicate the measurement.
  • If the distance is less than 2.25 inches, or 5.7 centimetres it will mean that short hair will suit you wonderfully. Conversely, if the number obtained is greater than 5.7 cm it means that you will look better with long hair.

Use the drawing shown in the image as a guide so you can do the test properly.

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How To Know If Short Hair Will Suit Me - Test to see if short hair suits you

Short hair according to face shape

The above rule does not have to be decisive, as stylists also think that face shape is important when trying to learn what hairstyle is most flattering for a woman. Different cuts can hide or enhance facial features, achieving a perfect balance and a more beautiful appearance. Take note of the following tips and discover what haircut will suit the shape of your face:

  • Oval face: This kind of face suits any haircut, so if this is the shape of your face, you're in luck! You can cut your hair short and style it like Kristen Stewart, for example.
  • Round face: Blunt or layered cuts are perfect to cover the width of your face.
  • Square face: layered cuts with volume on top are more flattering layered as they make the face look visibly lengthened.
  • Long face: You look great with cuts at chin level, such as the fashionable Bob cut, which is ideal for adding volume to the lower part of the face.
How To Know If Short Hair Will Suit Me - Short hair according to face shape

Caring for short hair

If after this, you decide to cut your hair and change your look dramatically, it is important to be aware of the care required for your short hair from now on. It will be essential to hydrate and comb your hair properly so it always look amazing.

  • Use quality combs; wooden ones or ones with natural bristles are preferable to plastic ones, since the latter is much more damaging to hair cuticles.
  • Learn how to shape your hair with your fingers. These will become your best tool for creating spectacular hairstyles.
  • Hydrate it during washing with a good conditioner and nourishing mask.
  • Use styling products such as hairsprays, mousses or waxes. Remove these products from your hair at the end of the day so you do not damage the hair fibers.
  • Finish washing with a cold water rinse; it is great for closing the hair cuticles and making them look healthier and brighter.
How To Know If Short Hair Will Suit Me - Caring for short hair

Short curly hair

If you don't have straight hair don't worry! This does not mean you can't have short hair. There are lots of possibilities when it comes to cutting and styling short and curly hair. Take a look at our article Cute hairstyles for short curly hair and find the one that will suit you better.

How To Know If Short Hair Will Suit Me - Short curly hair

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How To Know If Short Hair Will Suit Me