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Haircut Ideas for Long Wavy Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. March 31, 2021
Haircut Ideas for Long Wavy Hair

Beautiful long wavy hair is a style some of us are blessed with naturally, others have to pay a tidy sum to achieve. Whether your long wavy locks are natural-borne, you be wondering what sort of styles will best suit this type of hair. Not only do we want to find something which suits our look, but we also want to ensure it is something which will help to keep our hair long and wavy without too much difficulty.

For those of your lucky to have long wavy hair, oneHOWTO has haircut ideas for long wavy hair which will have at least one to suit everybody. Choose the one which suits you the most from our 8+ styles for 2021 and use the photos to get the cut you want.

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  1. Medium straight hair with smoothed bangs
  2. Choppy ends
  3. Layered lob
  4. Asymmetrical haircut
  5. Long shaggy cut
  6. Wavy haircut with straight ends
  7. Gradient haircut
  8. Two layered haircut with bangs

Medium straight hair with smoothed bangs

This long wavy hair cut is simply and flattering. It's perfect for achieving a mane with waves of hair that fall gently below the clavicle. The cut looks for symmetry, forming a well-defined straight line at the end and with the tips perfectly aligned. In addition, it achieves a fun contrast with smooth and straight bangs, providing a chic touch to add to the original.

If you are looking at these ideas for long wavy haircuts, but you don't yet have wavy hair yourself, don't worry! At oneHOWTO, we explain how to make waves in your hair using a flat iron.

Haircut Ideas for Long Wavy Hair - Medium straight hair with smoothed bangs

Choppy ends

If you have long or curly hair and you wonder what is the best cut for wavy hair, this is a sure hit, because fringing the last part of each lock will free your hair without the need for layers. It will also give you extra movement.

The choppy ends, even at different heights, achieve a cheerful and extra youthful look that is easy to style and flatters at any age. You can wear it naturally or with a touch of fixing gel on the ends for a more sophisticated effect.

Haircut Ideas for Long Wavy Hair - Choppy ends

Layered lob

If the bob has become one of the star cuts in recent years, the lob (‘long bob’) is the trend that currently prevails for long wavy hair. Its secret is to create internal layers that highlight the volume of the waves, while maintaining the total length of the overall cut. The result is a classic long hair style, but with a renewed air that neither curls nor weighs down. It stands out for its elegance and subtle movement.

This hair cut is also ideal for those with frizzy hair. If this is you, check out our article on home remedies for frizzy hair to help you get the right look for you.

Haircut Ideas for Long Wavy Hair - Layered lob

Asymmetrical haircut

The asymmetric cut is a trend for a wavy, long hair which has been around for a little while. However, it is staying around because it is a bold and effective cut. Basically, it consists of dividing the hair into two sections (not quite halves) and giving each a different length. If you are feeling a little brave, you can wear your hair parted on one side and leave a very short side. Many people even shave it, letting the rest of the wavy hair fall to the other side.

When styling, leave it loose for a nice long-short contrast. Another option, if you choose this cut, is to do a tousled braid on the long side. In both cases it is original and innovative, but also more permanent, so bear this in mind.

Haircut Ideas for Long Wavy Hair - Asymmetrical haircut

Long shaggy cut

Do you want to sport extra long, ultra modern hair with a rebellious touch? If so, one of the most fashionable wavy haircuts for women is the shaggy cut. It is a long wavy haircut based on layers that allow a controlled disorder that maintains the hairstyle in the middle of the mane and reinforces the ends, making them take center stage.

It is perfect for giving life to long and wavy hair avoiding more boring straight styles. If you want to complete the cut, some California highlights that gradually illuminate the different strands will be the perfect complement to your long shaggy cut.

The shaggy cut for wavy and long hair is easier than you might think, although it is always best carried out by a professional. However, if you really want to try it at home, check out our article on easy and stylish hairstyles.

Haircut Ideas for Long Wavy Hair - Long shaggy cut

Wavy haircut with straight ends

It's arguably the opposite of ashaggy cut and an option to consider if you want to give your long, wavy hair an extra touch of sophistication. Especially flattering on hair that falls below the shoulders, this wavy haircut consists of bringing the final hairline absolutely straight, achieving a ‘freshly cut ends’ effect. In addition, its elegance lies in finishing the hairstyle by highlighting the waves with tweezers so that they are fixed and glamorous.

Haircut Ideas for Long Wavy Hair - Wavy haircut with straight ends

Gradient haircut

It is a basic cut for long wavy hair that allows multiple finishes to suit your style and facial features. There are several types of gradients and any of them add extra movement to the hairstyle.

You can choose, for example, to grade the front bangs, those that frame the face, creating a ‘ladder’ of waves around your face. Another option is to fade from the back to the front. This way you can take the hair shorter in the nape area and increase its length as it gets closer to the chin. Although it is a trend which isn't going way for wavy hair, itt will make you look very fresh.

Haircut Ideas for Long Wavy Hair - Gradient haircut

Two layered haircut with bangs

It is a classic cut ideal for extra long and wavy hair to be more attractive, as it achieves a feeling of lightness and movement. The cut consists of dividing the hair into two areas creating a layer at medium height, which will be the one that breaks the monotony of the hairstyle.

In addition, a fringe is made, also divided into two sections. This is kept open on both sides of the forehead (as if it were a curtain). The bangs are a fundamental part of this sixties look that never goes out of style. It is one of the best haircuts with a fringe, an element that makes this one of our favorite haircuts for wavy hair.

Haircut Ideas for Long Wavy Hair - Two layered haircut with bangs

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Haircut Ideas for Long Wavy Hair