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Haircuts to Increase Volume

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 3, 2017
Haircuts to Increase Volume

Fine, thin and smooth hair often has a problem with a lack of volume, and so it tends to stick to the face. If your hair is straight and you are constantly wondering how to add volume to it, keep reading. OneHOWTO will show you ideas for haircuts to increase volume. Wavy, frizzy, layered... Search for the look that suits you best and give your hair new style by adding more volume.

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  1. Short hair creates thickness
  2. Asymmetry
  3. You can still have long hair!
  4. Curls and waves add body
  5. Tips and tricks

Short hair creates thickness

First, if you want your hair to have more volume, keep in mind that the best option is to go for short hair. Having it straight and long makes it heavier so it weights down and clings even more to the face. Shorter hair will be lighter and have more bounce and volume.

Haircuts to Increase Volume - Short hair creates thickness


Asymmetrical cut. Going for short hair with a messy out-of-bed effect is a good method. This type of cut is very flattering and very fashionable. Although you have fine hair you will get much more volume as you will have more hair on your upper head. This asymmetrical cut creates an optical illusion that gives you plenty of volume and texture.

Haircuts to Increase Volume - Asymmetry

You can still have long hair!

If the option of having short hair does not convince you, do not worry. To get more volume with medium or long hair, cutting it in layers or with feathers is perfect. Try to ensure all the hair is the same length and then make shorter layers towards the top. With this you will also avoid split ends which often contribute to seeing the lack of volume in the hair. Read our foods for healthy hair, to avoid dry hair, prone to split ends.

Haircuts to Increase Volume - You can still have long hair!

Curls and waves add body

Curls, waves or frizz are another way to style your hair that will give it more volume. Back brushing or back-combing hair will give it more texture and will make it look like you have much more hair. Waves, meanwhile, will give more movement and body to the hair. Both are perfect hairstyles for limp hair. There are many specifically designed volumizing products for various hair types. It's just about finding one that is catered to you.

Haircuts to Increase Volume - Curls and waves add body

Tips and tricks

For those who opt for layers, you must know that when you dry your hair, you should curl the tips upward. This will make it appear to have more volume and you will increase its movement.

You could also blow-dry upside down. This will lift your roots.

A good trick to get volume is by changing the parting line side each day. One day place the parting to the right, on another towards the left and then in the centre. Like this you will control your hair and gradually give it more volume.

Apart from the cuts that we have already discussed, there are certain colours and tones which will help give the hair a feeling of volume. For example, the combination of brown and blond is perfect for this effect. By contrast, all dark or black hair has the opposite effect and it is not suitable if you want to add volume to it.

The best way to get more volume is to get the healthiest hair possible. When your hair is healthy, it will not break and will continue growing. Find out how to make your hair grow faster naturally. Also, massaging your scalp is a great way to stimulate your hair growth.

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Haircuts to Increase Volume