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Haircuts that Make You Look Slimmer

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Haircuts that Make You Look Slimmer

Did you know that you can look slimmer thanks to your styling? Everyone knows that there are some clothes that stylize your figure, making you look slimmer. But there are also some haircuts that will also help get this effect and are therefore recommended for women who have a few extra kilos. In this OneHowTo article we will reveal which haircuts make you look thinner, haircuts that will help you enhance your appearance and make you feel more beautiful.

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  1. Feathers and layers
  2. Wavy hair
  3. Bob cut
  4. Hair sideways
  5. Light in the hair
  6. Asymmetrical pixie cut

Feathers and layers

Generally straight hair has a thinning effect that's perfect for the face but you need to watch out. Long straight hair will not favour you at all because it will highlight the roundness of your face. It is best to opt for a feathered or layered cut to give volume to your hair and adapt to the features of your face.

Above all avoid straight fringes as they will frame your face and make it look more round. If you want to wear a fringe have an uneven one or a fringe that falls to the side. This will refine your expression and meet your objectives.

Haircuts that Make You Look Slimmer - Feathers and layers
Image: modaellas.com

Wavy hair

Although curly hair is not recommended for round faces, the truth is that we must avoid as much as possible that hair falls straight and smoothly to the face because, as we have said, it will produce a contrast effect that will make us look plumper.

Therefore a good haircut is one that is more or less to shoulder length and with gentle undulations on the tips. This will help us frame the eyes and give freedom to the ends, making them look more stylized. At OneHowTo we offer you tips to help you make hair wavy.

Haircuts that Make You Look Slimmer - Wavy hair

Bob cut

With a bob cut we highlight the neck and thus show a slender and finer figure. But be careful, if you cut too much hair you may get the opposite effect: a rounder face. It is best to choose bob cuts (above the shoulders) or long options that reach the chest.

If you want a bob cut try cutting it above the shoulders. This way your face will look more stylized thanks to the neck. If you want a more stylized look try to give a little freedom to the tips with some soft waves or feathering.

Haircuts that Make You Look Slimmer - Bob cut
Image: itrendsfashion.com

Hair sideways

Another good haircut to look thinner is one where the hair falls to one side, stopping the hair from framing the face and obtaining a slender and slimmer effect. To do this you can opt for a side fringe that is long and therefore stylises face.

Another option is to make the parting far on one side side and create the illusion of a slimmer face. Also, if you ondulate the tips you will get a better result.

Haircuts that Make You Look Slimmer - Hair sideways

Light in the hair

Note that another trick to look thinner is to opt for a haircut with some highlights. These will soften the roundness of your face and sharpen it, therefore making it appear slimmer. Conversely, if you choose dark and uniform looks you may emphasize your round face, making you look less thin.

In general, it is advisable to opt for highlights or touches of colour in light colours, so you get a more uneven look and subtract importance to the shape of the face. Remember that if you have highlights on your hair you need to care for them properly, so they last longer.

Haircuts that Make You Look Slimmer - Light in the hair

Asymmetrical pixie cut

Although we have indicated that in general short hair does not favour plumper women there is one style that is capable of sharpening the face to make it look thinner. It is the asymmetrical pixie cut, i.e. a layered cut with long straight locks to a side.

Thus it is leaves a fully exposed neck and a stylized effect that also offers concealing the roundness of the face, achieving a perfect result thanks to its uneven layers

Haircuts that Make You Look Slimmer - Asymmetrical pixie cut
Image: ellahoy.es

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Haircuts that Make You Look Slimmer