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Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. February 9, 2023
Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50

Short hair never goes out of style, but this does not mean all short haircuts are equal. While the style of a person's haircut will ultimately depend on the individual, there are certain factors which can help us to decide on the best cut for us. Within reason and capability, anyone of any age can get whatever cut they want. However, it is true that some tyles generally tend to suit us better at different stages of our lives. oneHOWTO shows this with our list of short haircut ideas for women over 50. Whether you want something that makes you look young, something more modern or you are simply done with long locks, we have the inspiration for you.

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  1. Bixie haircut
  2. Messy pixie haircut
  3. Pixie haircut with bangs
  4. Long pixie haircut
  5. Punk pixie haircut
  6. Sharp bob haircut
  7. Long bob haircut
  8. Micro bob haircut
  9. Blunt bob haircut
  10. clavicut haircut
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Bixie haircut

A blend of the pixie and bob haircuts, the bixie cut is one of the most trending haircuts of last year. It is a comfortable option that does not require much maintenance, but remains very stylish. This type of cut is characterized by providing a frame for the face. This can rejuvenate the facial features and provide a very flattering short hair cut for over 50s.

Its length falls between the pixie (a very short haircut) and the jaw-length bob. More specifically, the bixie cut reaches above the ear. There is no one style to show off your bixie. It can be adapted to any hair texture and it works great as a layered cut. Make it more classic or more modern, wearing it with or without bangs.

If you are still unconvinced, learn everything you might need to know with our guide to the pixie haircut.

Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50 - Bixie haircut

Messy pixie haircut

The messy pixie haircut is another perfect option for women in their 50s or over. The result is carefree and rejuvenating. The style is a pixie cut but with a tousled effect (although always controlled) that makes the upper layers gain more volume and lengthens the face. If you are a fan of Sharon Stone, you can take her as a reference. She is the queen of the messy pixie who shows us how it can work amazingly. Do you have the Sharon Stones to try it?

Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50 - Messy pixie haircut

Pixie haircut with bangs

We have another variation of the pixie cut, simply because there are few short haircuts which are as darn amazing. It is an option that fits perfectly with mature faces, since it gives us freshness and a much more current style. Pixies are fairies, but are known for having a short, boyish haircut (think of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan). Adding bangs with a little feathering is the best option for this look. It is particularly good for those of us with rounded faces.

If this is the one for you, discover more options for haircuts for rounded faces and wavy hair.

Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50 - Pixie haircut with bangs

Long pixie haircut

As we have pointed out, the pixie has many variants. While we want to have a shorter cut, we may not have it in us to go full pixie. For this reason, the long pixie cut is a good compromise. It allows us to frame the face in a different way and it gives us something more to work with at the back. It is a great look for women over 50 who want to scale it back, but still want a little vivacity and flow. It can also go great with long bangs for a little personality.

Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50 - Long pixie haircut

Punk pixie haircut

Perhaps the most daring cut on this list, the punk pixie is a vibrant and striking look that won't be for everyone. Whether you were a punk back in the day or you are simply feeling the rock & roll vibe, this is a great over 50s short haircut for women. The idea is to have it very short on the sides, but with a raised cut at the top. You can have it tapered at the back, but it is a bold and sexy look for a bold and sexy person.

Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50 - Punk pixie haircut

Sharp bob haircut

The bob is another haircut for women over 50 that never goes out of style. Like the pixie, it also has multiple varieties suitable for any type of face. For this version of the bob, we propose an option that fits perfectly with more mature faces. The sharp bob is a current hair trend that gives us a more polished bob, but slightly rounded and with marked ends. Generally, it is usually combined with a line in the middle that will allow to rejuvenate the face.

Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50 - Sharp bob haircut

Long bob haircut

And if you want to wear a bob, but avoid an extreme cut, the long bob is for you. It is a cut above the shoulders, which makes it a very versatile haircut for short hair. This is one reason why it is one of the most in-demand haircuts by women over 50. It allows you the freedom of a short haircut, but you can still maintain mid-length hair. In addition, long bob hair will help you frame your face and give you a very flattering look. You can even hide behind your bangs, if so inclined.

Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50 - Long bob haircut

Micro bob haircut

At the other end of the bob-cut spectrum is the micro bob. This even shorter version of a bob is a cut located between the chin and the earlobe. This provides a very modern look, something a little reminiscent of the mid-200s. In fact, wear it with a blouse, trenchcoat or a striped tee and it has indie sleaze written all over it. With a little fringe, you can maintain your cool and freshness at the same time. It is a great option for women over 50 who want to try something a littl different.

Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50 - Micro bob haircut

Blunt bob haircut

Within the bob spectrum of cuts, we must also highlight the blunt bob. This is an escalation of the cut that gives us a feathered effect and greatly rejuvenates the face. It is a comfortable, casual and stylish cut. Sporting this do means you can cut down on the amount of time you need to go out. One of the best benefits of short haircuts for women over 50 is that you can have something which doesn't require as much maintenance, but still look amazing.

Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50 - Blunt bob haircut

clavicut haircut

Although the clavicut haircut is at the limit of what could be considered a short haircut, it is a cut that is very trendy and that many women in their 50s love. If you are not ready to make a more radical short style change, the clavicut might be the gateway cut. With the clavicut, the hair reaches the height of the clavicle.

The secret of the clavicut is that is generally uses a forward slant to give more movement to the hair and provides a feeling of more volume. If you are not yet ready to get a more unique short haircut, the clavicut is perfect for you.

Now that you know some short haircuts for women over 50, you may also be interested in discovering some more styles which can take some years off.

Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50 - clavicut haircut

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Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50