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Can Laser Hair Removal Be Done in Summer?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. August 8, 2023
Can Laser Hair Removal Be Done in Summer?

Yes, you can have the laser hair removal procedure carried out during the summer. If you live somewhere with little sun, this will not affect your recovery from treatment. However, if you do live somewhere warm, there are certain precautions you will need to take then having laser hair removal. These are not too dissimilar to the normal level of protection you will need when faced with prolonged sun exposure. You will simply have to be extra careful in maintaining healthy skin. At oneHOWTO, we explain everything you can expect with this process by asking can laser hair removal be done in the summer?

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  1. Can you get laser hair removal in summer?
  2. Recommendations for laser hair removal in summer
  3. Contraindications of doing laser hair removal in summer

Can you get laser hair removal in summer?

The answer to our question is an emphatic ‘yes!’. You can have the laser hair removal procedure carried out during the summer months. You do not have have to cancel scheduled sessions just because the sun is higher in the sky.

The reason why some people will prefer not to have laser hair removal during sunny times of the year is because sun exposure can affect the skin more at this time. Since the laser used in this procedure targets the pigment in hair follicles, it is technically causing damage to the skin. When we add sun exposure to the equation, it can mean the skin is even more vulnerable.

When laser hair removal and sun exposure mix, the following can happen:

  • Skin sensitivity: the skin can become more sensitive to the sun and can damage more easily.

  • Tanning: tanning during summer can mean the skin is more absorbent of the laser. This is due to the increased pigmentation of the skin. This is more often the case in light-to-fair-skinned people who receive laser hair removal and tan at the same time.

  • Hyperpigmentation: for those with naturally darker skin, having laser hair treatment and exposing the skin to the sun can lead to temporary changes in skin pigmentation. This is known as hyperpigmentation.

  • Delayed healing: it is also possible skin exposure can delay the healing of the affected area after having laser hair removal treatment.

Fortunately, laser hair removal technology has been steadily improving. This means that the time when we need to be most careful with sun exposure is reduced. It also means the range of skin phototypes is increased, with darker skin responding better than older forms of treatment. Previously, those with darker skin tones had an increased risk of skin damage during laser hair removal[1].

The best thing to do for laser sessions in summer is to choose the diode laser option. This can be used on any part of the body, is tolerant of any type of skin, has painless technology and leaves no marks. You just have to keep in mind that the skin should not be burned at the time of the session.

If you are a person who wants to say goodbye to hair for good, you can continue or start your laser treatment in summer as long as you follow certain tips and recommendations.

Can Laser Hair Removal Be Done in Summer? - Can you get laser hair removal in summer?

Recommendations for laser hair removal in summer

Although we know that it is possible to perform laser hair removal in summer, it is essential to take certain precautions before starting this treatment. For this reason, we recommend you consult your aesthetic center in advance. They will explain the conditions you must take into account before carrying out your laser removal sessions. Below are some general recommendations that you should consider:

  • Avoid sun exposure: depending on whether the laser is diode or not, they may recommend between 3 and 10 days of not sunbathing before the session and after. This will help to avoid the risk of burns.

  • Avoid doing physical exercise: this applies to just before and after the session.

  • Moisturize the area that must be shaved: you should also do this before and after each session, so that your skin will be prepared for the laser sessions.

  • Hydrate: drink at least two liters of water a day to contribute to the correct hydration of the skin.

  • Exfoliate the skin: do so before the laser session to avoid folliculitis or the appearance of an ingrown hair. Find out how to remove ingrown leg hair in our related article.

  • Shave the area: do so the night or day before the laser session. Avoid methods such as tweezers or wax, since they pull out the hairs from the roots. Learn more about this type of depilation with our article on removing stomach hair.

In addition to these general tips, it is important to take into account specific recommendations before, during and after the session. This is to ensure the results are optimal and the risks are minimal.

Before the laser hair removal session

Before starting the laser hair removal session, remember these essential tips:

  • Keep the skin shaved: so that the laser can destroy the hair from the roots.

  • Do not bleach or tan: do not use products that bleach hair or provide self-tanning creams at least a week prior to the session.

  • Always use sunscreen: in cases where the skin is burned or inflamed, it will be ideal to reschedule the session until the skin has healed.

During the laser session

The best recommendation during the laser session is to be calm and relax. The specialist will be in charge of answering all your doubts and questions. Thanks to new technologies such as the diode laser, the session will not be painful and the sensations are almost imperceptible. If you do notice discomfort, do not hesitate to tell the technician.

Before the first session, the professional will analyze the hair and phototype. The latter is the skin tone. This will establish the best laser parameters for each person. Routine questions about hygiene or medication consumption will also be asked. Learn more with our article on types of dark circles under the eyes.

After the laser session

Right after performing the laser hair removal session, the area will be sensitive and hairless. Its sensitivity will be greater for the next two hours. Consult the specialist for the most appropriate product to calm the area at that time. Creams with aloe vera are often used. It should be regenerative, avoid the source of humidity and mitigate the heat on the treated area. The hair removal clinic can offer you a specific post-laser cream to apply after the session.

It is important to avoid sun exposure in the hours directly following treatment, since the skin will be more sensitive. If you cannot avoid it, use high solar factor cream and try to avoid swimming pools and saunas the same day of treatment.

Can Laser Hair Removal Be Done in Summer? - Recommendations for laser hair removal in summer

Contraindications of doing laser hair removal in summer

Although performing laser hair removal in summer is possible, we must not forget that this type of treatment can carry certain risks. Since it is a relatively aggressive treatment, the skin can be affected by sun exposure. This is why we should avoid sun exposure at least a few days after the session. This helps the skin to regenerate and recover. In case of not leaving a reasonable time, always following the professional's recommendations.

There are certain cases in which laser hair removal is contraindicated. This includes the following:

  • Hair pigmentation: the level of the hair can affect the use of this treatment since the blonder or grayer the hair, the more it will cost to remove.

  • Medications: the use of certain medications or photosensitive treatments (such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy) can be contraindicated for this treatment.

  • Health: if someone suffers infections or skin diseases such as psoriasis, irritation, eczema, hives or chicken pox, the treatment can be especially damaging to the skin.

  • Pregnancy: laser hair removal should be avoided if you are pregnant.

Now that you know if you can do laser hair removal in summer, don't miss the following article on how to care for skin after laser hair removal to learn more.

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1. Battle E. F., Jr (2011). Advances in laser hair removal in skin of color. Journal of drugs in dermatology: JDD, 10(11), 1235–1239.

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