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Should I Shave Stomach Hair?

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
Should I Shave Stomach Hair?

Everyone has stomach hair and there are very few people who can actually claim to have baby smooth stomach skin without a single hair naturally. There are different kinds of hair growth in the stomach region of different people. Some have sparse light hairs which are hardly visible, while for some it’s a full fledged dark jungle. But there is one question which everyone thinks about when they look at their stomach hair: Should I shave stomach hair? Keep reading this OneHowTo article to know the answer.

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  1. Pros and Cons of shaving stomach hair
  2. Should you shave stomach hair?
  3. Final Verdict

Pros and Cons of shaving stomach hair

First of all, let us take a look at the pros and cons of shaving stomach hair, as your decision will depend on your conditions and reasons why you'd like to do so.


  • Shaving stomach hair makes the skin around the stomach smooth.
  • Shaving stomach hair makes you look attractive especially if you have dark coarse hair.
  • Shaving hair in this region is quite easy and can be done both in the shower and outside the shower. Take a look at the most effective ways to remove stomach hair.
  • For females, shaving stomach hair is a great advantage during the summer as they can flaunt their bikinis with more confidence.


  • If you have shaved once then you will need to shave again and often too as shaved hair starts to grow back within some days.
  • When hair starts growing back in the stomach region after shaving, it causes itchiness.
  • Shaving stomach hair increases the possibility of ingrown hairs and razor bumps in this region.
Should I Shave Stomach Hair? - Pros and Cons of shaving stomach hair

Should you shave stomach hair?

Now you know about the stomach hair, we should also consider the type of hair you have, usually, women have finer and lighter hair, whilst men have more abundant and darker hair in this area.

For women

Most women like well groomed smooth skin and for this reason they like to shave body hairs including stomach hair.

If you don’t want to shave your stomach hair often then you can choose to shave it according to your clothes. For example if you are wearing midriff baring clothes like crop top pr bikini then keep your stomach region hair free by shaving. While in those days when you don’t need to reveal the stomach you can skip shaving.

As women's stomach hair may become darker and harder with shaving, a good alternative is to lighten stomach hair instead.

For men

While some men like to keep themselves well groomed and hair free others do not like to disturb their body hairs. Those who like their body sans hairs should shave their stomach hairs regularly. Others who want some hairs on their body can either leave their stomach hair as it is or can trim it a bit if it is coarse and dark. If you want a longer lasting solution, the best thing to do is to wax your stomach hair.

Final Verdict

So, overall for both men and women it is a personal choice when it comes to shaving stomach hairs. Shaving stomach hair can make you look well groomed with smooth skin and leaving it as it is will make you look natural though you may have to face ingrown hair and razor bumps.

Should I Shave Stomach Hair? - Final Verdict

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Hi, can I share some tips for those who want to shave their stomach hair?
First off we should relativize the choice, we can feel attractive with stomach hair as well, but if we personally dont feel our stomach is attractive with hair growing there, we might think about removing hair, with the razors or other stronger method :). We should consider that if the woman (if we're men or gay), but especially the man, finds some body hair a deal breaker he/she might not be worth it, unless he/she makes up with other qualities or is not a bigot about it, but just has a preference.
We can consider that but we should mostly decide to shave as autonomous choice :).
If you decide to shave:
Start shaving just above and around your belly button down to the top of your underwear, going the opposite direction to your hair growth, which sometimes can require shaving sideways.
If you plan showing the underwear, i.e, at beach, make sure you are using that cut as guideline for shaving or a strip of stray hair might show from the top of it, unless you are wearing skimpier ones as a guideline and what you're gonna wear is cut higher.
Shave up to where your hair stops growing visibly or just all the way up to your diaphragm at the top most of your stomach.
If you'd rather not stimulate fine hair, you might want to test if this area is worth shaving, but keep in mind that even relatively downy peach fuzz might contrast and appear darker next to the shiny smooth areas of darker hair around and below your button where you needed to shave. Just shave all the way if you think it's too noticeable. Some people do indeed shave their entire front abdominal area to have it uniform. Being hair much softer in this area, chances of irritation are much lower.
Don't shave more often than needed, in general, but especially where hair is finer, depending on how soon hair starts to be visible or feeling rough when growing back, so you'll know when it's time to shave again and only in the areas where this happens first.
This can greatly reduce the chances of hair becoming thicker in a short time by reducing the frequency of stimulation of hair follicles, both delaying the onset of the possible thickening and darkening process and slowing it down significantly too.
To an extent we might also just shave what shows with the outfit we are wearing, but as said we should shave for ourserlves first and foremost.
You can definitely shave once or for a few times on a zone of your body to see if you like the look, before deciding to continue or stop, it's very unlikely that it becomes thicker just shaving once, don't worry, as that's just a myth, what we see by shaving once is stubble, but that tapers again once we wait for hair to shed if we decide to stop shaving then ;)
As already said if we notice hair is starting to get a bit thicker, it's not the end of the world, we can shave just a bit more often.
To choose your favourite method if you are annoyed more at having to depilate often you might prefer a stronger method and choose waxing, if you are put off by the pain when the new waxing session eventually comes, although then you don’t think about it for weeks, but you’ll have to wait for a target length, then maybe shaving is for you.
P.s I suggest "hair may become darker and harder with shaving" more ready visible in the "cons" list, while razor bumps and itchiness is more easily avoided.
P.s. You might want to consider before starting to shave your stomach or a new zone of your body, that if your hair starts to grow back thicker and the roots get stronger, your first wax is likely gonna be a bit more painful and uncomfy, although the worst will be over after a few sessions if you don't shave in between them :).
Shave if you don't want the discomfort of waxing at the moment, but you are ok with the idea of some possible extra pain if you ever turn to waxing one day. But if you are ok with just keeping up shaving and abandoned the idea of ever waxing, there is no problem as you wouldn't want to go through waxing to start with, while if you are tempted to wax but you want it to hurt the least with the least discomfort and to avoid making it more painful than necessary, then you can choose to just start waxing right away -_^.
"You can definately stop when you want. However, after shaving once your hair will grow back thicker and darker."
Thanks and cool, didn't know once was enough :). People generally keep shaving the zone where they start to prevent that whenever it shows, which is what I do as well.
I meant though, if we shave for a year it gets thicker than if we do it once :)?
If we stop shaving for a year does it stay as thick and dark as when you first stop?
If you shave once you can still stop, though, that I know?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Anto

You can definately stop when you want. However, after shaving once your hair will grow back thicker and darker. OneHOWTO
Something happened? did I say something wrong. I only wanted to help.
Thanks for the answer I didn't expect it. Hope I don't bother, coming back months later ^_^.
I sometimes wonder why would hair become eventually thicker with shaving, not having termination nerves, it's fascinating. Maybe the same reason why it stops at a length, then starts growing back to the length if shaved or cut, by the length that has been cut. The nerve is in the follicle and hair shaft acts as an extension of the touch through it :).
Does it stay thicker if I or one stops shaving or it eventually becomes normal again?
Many people, though. keep shaving anywhere and don't mind anyway as it's just comfy. cya soon and thanks again ^_^
OneHowTo Editor
No problem, we're glad to help!
Thanks for the help then, you're often very informative -_^.
If you like, do you have answers hypothesis on the questions and curiosity about our body hair, I know it might sound weird, but being part of us, it's still good to learn more because why not, lol :).
Hi, nice article. I know hair is gonna grow back thicker and darker, but it just looks so nice, soft and smooth, when just shaved :D, that imho it's worth it, still, a choice to be weighted, of course.
It's small to minimize shaving to what you're gonna show that day, I guess that will delay the occurrence of hair thickening, however when that eventually happens, we can still shave a bit more frequently.
But are we sure it's not just an impression?
OneHowTo Editor
If you shave it is bound to grow thicker, the only way to make it grow thinner is to use laser treatment.
Thanks for the comment and hope this helps
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Should I Shave Stomach Hair?