How to Thoroughly Clean Your Anus

By Mary Smith. Updated: February 20, 2017
How to Thoroughly Clean Your Anus

Maintaining intimate hygiene is important for your health and well-being. And when it comes to cleaning the anus, (both the outside and the inside) many people just aren't doing it right. Sometimes, if you don't wipe properly, fecal matter can accumulate in the anal area causing irritation and discomfort, and being the cause of odors. At oneHOWTO we explain how to thoroughly clean your anus and stay healthy.

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Steps to follow:

It's important that before you wipe your anus, you make sure you have completely finished evacuating, so you don't have to repeat the process of wiping yourself again. Take your time while defecating. It's important to make sure you've finished having a bowel movement before wiping.

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Anus - Step 1

The first thing we recommend is that you invest in good toilet paper. To prevent chafing, sores, discomfort and even hemorrhoids, it's wise to choose a soft toilet paper with thick squares, allowing you to use less and most importantly, to ensure delicacy.

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Anus - Step 2

There's no need to use the whole roll of toilet paper to clean your rear end, much less if it's of good quality. Simply use three squares of toilet paper to begin. The best way to clean your anus is while sitting, since standing up, you don't have as much access.


Take three squares of toilet paper and fold them, allowing you to reuse the clean side. Firmly hold the square of toilet paper with your middle finger to wipe the anal area, ensuring that all the fecal matter is removed.

Always wipe from front to back with gentle movements. Never wipe in the opposite direction, to prevent feces from coming into contact with your genital area and causing infection. No need to be harsh, make sure you don't apply too much pressure, as it might make the area sore.


It's important to continue wiping until the fecal matter is completely gone. A good way to avoid irritation and discomfort caused by toilet paper, is to initially clean most of the stool with toilet paper, and then finish cleaning yourself with special wet wipes. or you can also use baby wipes. If you have sensitive skin, make sure that you use wet wipes that are for sensitive skin and that are not scented to prevent irritation. These products are very effective for cleaning the anus, reducing irritation and discomfort if you shave your anus hair, while providing a thorough cleansing and leaving you with a more comfortable feeling.

Moreover, did you know that it's better to leave our hair alone if we want a healthy anus? Take a look at our article: What purpose does anus hair serve?

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Anus - Step 5

Use wet wipes or baby wipes to clean your anus until you have completely removed all fecal matter.

But if what you want is a deep cleanse of your rectal tract, you must use an enema, which is the adequate object for this procedure.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids or commonly have anal irritation, you should wash it in the shower or using a bidet. It's best to use a mild soap and warm water to wash your anus after each bowel movement. In such cases, you should rinse the area, wash thoroughly with soap using your middle finger, and then rinse again. Repeat the process if necessary.

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Anus - Step 6

Do you have plenty of time to clean your anus? Then why not take a shower to make sure all of the area is spotless. To do so, apply water directly to the anus with the shower head and use some specific pH neutral soap to clean it thoroughly, don't just overlook this area when showering.


Cleaning the anus each time you eliminate is essential to guarantee good health. So take your time, use good toilet paper and wet wipes, to ensure you get the best results.

If you want an impeccable behind, you can also find out how to remove hair from the anus area.

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What did you think of this article?
For me this works:

I usually do a bowel movement before I take a shower.

I still make sure I am clean.

1. Spread bum cheeks ever so slightly
2. After you do your business do a courtesy flush.
3. Wipe your bum, I do not use “3” squares, I use a reasonable
amount of TP so as not to get any Pooh in my nails. Continue to a dry wipe, gently and flush so as not to plug up with toilet paper and overflow toilet.
4. I do not use bum wipes because people make assumptions that flushable wipes are really flushable when in fact they are not, the same with tampons, hair and Q-Tips. I am a plumber and so many people get their sewers plugged up. Plus they also plug up the vent which prevents sewage to flow.
5. I carry a hotel complementary body lotion which has no alcohol, or hair conditioner which also is free from irritants. This is more effective than Water and soap because the toilet paper does not degrade as it does with water and soap. Wipe till clean.

Doing this way will minimizes problems with mainline sewer issues, and embarrassing overflows at toilets away from home. Plus it is less expensive and more convenient.
I finger my ass
Not only good but also enough article. Always to rememberable-really.
At age 79, I found it helpful and mostly reassuring that I was doing everything correctly.
This kind of information should be more readily available. For instance, it could be printed on toilet paper wrapping and on products such as hemorrhoid cream or even available in family doctor's office.
Sheila N
I do #2 in squatting position using a bench to keep my feet about few inches above floor rather than at just sitting position. Then wipe as usual. After thorough wiping, exterior of anus is still
loaded with unacceptable level of bacteria (as it still smelly). Then I hold a bowl of water with right hand, below the anus (but without wetting other genitals), wash the anus into bowl with left hand fingers. Repeat with second bowl of water. I feel soap is no needed as anus has natural protective lipid layer. Then wipe the crack to complete dryness. Then wash hands using soap. This is not typical south Asian method. I started this practice after suffering from a abscess near the anus. Good suggestion about baby wipes which is practical at public toilet.
The Best way is to use a Bidgette or water. Ask an Asian he will tell you the most hygenic way to clean.
Never use bidet because it irritates our anus.
Garland Genoho
True hygiene applies only when you wash your anus with water and soap.
Gary W
This is ridiculous. Those wipes clog up sewer systems. Here's what you do: Step 0: Put some warm water in an open large-lid (e.g. Gatorade) bottle. Step 1: Fold one square of TP (toilet paper) twice, hold it with the edge up, and sipe your anus in gentle strokes, to get rid of loose fecal matter. Step 2: Fold another square as above, wet it in water, and use it to wipe your anus fully. If necessary repeat with more squares of TP. Usually one is enough. Step 3: Hold water bottle in one hand, with its mouth inside the toilet seat (may need to adjust your position). With the other hand, take small amounts of water several times and wash the anus thoroughly. You can tell it's clean by the feel. Step 4: Dry the wet area with Kleenex, discard in waste basket NOT in toilet bowl Step 5: Dry your behind thoroughly with a handheld hair dryer I've been doing this 20 years and never had an itching problem.
Sandra Fatarse
I find vinegar very soothing and it removes poo very quickly

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Anus
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How to Thoroughly Clean Your Anus

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