How to Wax With Chocolate

By Mary Smith. August 19, 2021
How to Wax With Chocolate

Chocolate has become a prominent product in the world of beauty. No longer just to be kept in the kitchen, chocolate can be used in beauty treatments to nourish skin and hair. It can also be used to remove the latter. While waxing with chocolate is a little more involved than simply smearing a Hersey bar on your downstairs, the natural properties of chocolate make it a natural and healthy ingredient when removing hair. Chocolate wax, otherwise known as choco wax, is a depilatory technique which might prove beneficial to you. Find out more with our oneHOWTO article on how to wax with chocolate.

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What is chocolate waxing?

Chocolate waxing is not only effective in removing body hair, it is a real treat for all skin types. It is a type of innovative warm wax that is made from the combination of super moisturizing and nourishing ingredients for the skin. These include cocoa, beeswax, almond oil and/or vitamin E. It is this composition that creates choco wax, something which protects the skin with its delicacy.

For this reason, waxing with chocolate can provide the following benefits:

  • Non-aggressive root hair removal
  • Easy stripping motion
  • Soothing properties
  • Moisturizing properties
  • Suitable for very dry skin
  • Leaves a pleasant scent on the skin

To learn more about the benefits of chocolate in beauty treatments, take a look at our guide on how to make a chocolate hair mask.

Store-bought choco wax

If you want to wax your hair with chocolate, the easiest way is to buy choco wax from a beauty store. Removing hair with chocolate is safe and helps to keep the skin hydrated, but only if you use a quality product. There are many different companies which make chocolate wax, especially as it grows in popularity. Here are some brands which currently make choco wax:

  • DevLon NorthWest Hard Wax Brown Chocolate: easy to use and doesn't require strips.
  • Alera Depilatory Wax: comes in a handy roll-on dispenser for ease of use.
  • GiGi Milk Chocolate Crème Wax: soft and perfect for all hair types.

Search online or ask your local beauty supply store. Since chocolate waxing is become more popular, they should be able to help you choose the right wax for you.

How to Wax With Chocolate - Store-bought choco wax

Ask a professional

Many beauty therapists or aestheticians will have a wide range of products available for hair removal. Not only will they have waxing available, but they should have different kinds for different preferences and skin types. However, although chocolate wax is growing in popularity, many will not have it available if you walk in. For this reason, you should call up and ask if they have choco wax avail able and ask them to order it if not.

Make a homemade chocolate wax

While buying commercial chocolate wax is the easiest way to wax with chocolate, you can make it at home if you can't find it locally. The benefits of homemade chocolate wax include quality control. You can ensure you only use natural ingredients so there are no harsh chemicals or other hidden dangers if you buy a poor quality product. Here is how you can make your own chocolate wax at home:


  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 10-20 g cocoa powder
  • ¼ cup lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1 tsp salt


  1. Take a saucepan and add all the ingredients.
  2. Turn the heat to low and let the ingredients simmer, but do not let them boil.
  3. Stir well so all ingredients are incorporated.
  4. Pour into a suitable container and allow to cool.
How to Wax With Chocolate - Make a homemade chocolate wax

How to wax with chocolate

Once you have either purchased or made your own homemade choco wax, you can use it how you would with any type of waxing product. Here we show you the steps you need to follow to wax with chocolate:

  1. Check the skin of the area you want to wax. If there is sensitive or damaged skin you may want to wait or use an alternative way to removing body hair.
  2. If your skin is fine, heat up the choco wax in an appropriate container. If you have a wax pot, this is ideal. If not, you can use a metal container with a tealight candle underneath. Be careful of fire hazards and do not let it get too hot.
  3. Test the wax with a fingertip. If it is not too hot, use a spatula or wooden stick to apply the choco wax to the hair you want to remove.
  4. Layer on a waxing strip to the coco wax. Pat firmly, let is set for a few seconds and then rip off in one motion.
  5. Repeat until the hair is removed completely.

Once you have finished waxing off all the hair with the chocolate, you will need to wash the skin and moisturize it. This will help ensure the skin stays healthy and you reduce the chance of redness or inflammation. If you want to try other natural methods of making homemade wax, take a look at our articles on how to make homemade depitatory wax and how to remove hair with honey.

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How to Wax With Chocolate
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How to Wax With Chocolate

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