How to Lighten Facial Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide

By Mary Smith. Updated: August 8, 2017
How to Lighten Facial Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide

Women with facial hair will try everything to remove it or conceal it: you can remove the hair or you can lighten it with different products. One such product is hydrogen peroxide, a lightener which lightens both skin and dark hair. At oneHOWTO we tell you how to lighten facial hair with hydrogen peroxide so you can add it to your beauty routine and efficiently reduce the appearance of hair with a product that you're sure to have in the bathroom cupboard.

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Steps to follow:

Before we begin explaining how to lighten your hair with hydrogen peroxide, we'd like to let you know about some important facts you should take into account. The color of your hair will depend on the amount of melanin that is in your follicles. When hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with melanin, a chemical reaction occurs, which is oxidizes the hair and thus gets rid of the melanin found in hair. When the hair regenerates, melanin levels will go back to normal, but still, hydrogen peroxide is considered a harmful chemical that can damage the quality of hair. However, the quality of growth in facial hair is not an important factor as it would be with the hair on your head.

How to Lighten Facial Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide - Step 1

The first thing you have to do when learning how to bleach facial hair with hydrogen peroxide is to wash your face with pH neutral soap and water to remove all traces of makeup or creams that you used during the day.

Prepare a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and a glass of water in order to dilute the hydrogen peroxide so it's not too aggressive on your skin.


Then you must take a cotton swab and dip it in the hydrogen peroxide; spread it over the areas where you want to lighten the hair. The area needs to be well covered for the lightening effect of hydrogen peroxide to work properly.

How to Lighten Facial Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide - Step 3

When you finish covering the facial hair with hydrogen peroxide you should go outside and let the sunlight act on your skin. The average time that you should stay out in the sun is between 20 and 30 minutes.

Note that you may experience a slight stinging sensation while the hair is being lightened. This is normal. If, however, it's a very painful sensation, remove the peroxide from your face immediately, as it can burn you.


Next, you should rinse your face with cool water to remove any traces of peroxide on your skin. To care for your skin after bleaching, you must apply your usual moisturizer all over your face. Then you'll see that the color of the facial hair has been lightened.


Now you know how to lighten facial hair with peroxide, however remember these important precautions before using this product:

  • It's important that the areas that you're going to lighten are in perfect health and are not irritated or damaged as peroxide can cause burning.
  • Completely avoid peroxide coming into contact with your eyes; if this occurs, rinse them with lots of cold water. If pain persists, seek immediate medical advice.
  • After lightening facial hair with peroxide you must not go out without sunscreen of at least factor 15 since the skin may be irritated by contact with UV rays.

As you may know, there are other methods of getting rid of facial hair. But why use hydrogen peroxide instead of other treatments? Waxing may be too harsh on your skin if you have sensitive skin. Moreover, it can be pretty harmful and cause upper lip shadows in the long run. Thus bleaching is advisable for small areas of the body where hair is not too coarse, as hair bleaching with hydrogen peroxide may make hairs stand out more if you want to use it to cover a very big area or hairs that are pretty thick, as it will make them even more visible.

If you're not entirely sure of using hydrogen peroxide to bleach hair, you should know there are other ways to naturally bleach your female mustache.


Hydrogen peroxide also has other uses for your beauty treatments, for example, it can be a good for lightening skin blemishes and clarifying the complexion, combating acne and bleaching your hair.

Also, if peroxide is too strong for you, consult our article natural ways to lighten facial hair for milder lighteners.

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  • Mixing hydrogen peroxide with ammonia is considered too aggressive and could further harm your hair follicles and skin.

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How to Lighten Facial Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide
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How to Lighten Facial Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide

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