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How to Use Parsley for your Face

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Use Parsley for your Face

Blemishes on the skin affect many of us and usually appear due to excessive sun exposure, ageing or as a result of a skin condition such as acne, among other reasons. It is important to consult a dermatologist in the case of observing 'strange' spots that change color or shape or those that are asymmetrical. For those blemishes that are simply an aesthetic problem we can use natural remedies to get rid of them. In this oneHOWTO article we discuss one of these remedies: parsley. Take note of this step by step guide on how to use parsley for your face.

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Steps to follow:


The power of parsley in regard to face skin care is something already known by many; this ingredient is packed with vitamins, minerals and essential oils that renew the dermis from its deeper layers and thus make it look more beautiful.

Its main use is to give more light to the skin, help eliminate blackheads and reduce dark spots on the skin. This last point is what interests us here. This property is due to the lightening and regenerating powers of parsley and its vitamin C content is excellent for regulating melanin production as it's a melanin inhibitor, giving a more beautiful and even skin tone.

Take note of the different ways you can use parsley to reduce the visibility of those dark spots on the skin that so worry you.

How to Use Parsley for your Face - Step 1

The first treatment that we propose is very simple to prepare. You just need to get your hands on some parsley to restore the natural skin tone of the area you want to work on. First, you need to collect about 5 branches of fresh parsley and wash them well to remove any residues. Then put them in a container and with the help of a mortar or fork mash them up, also adding a little water.

Once a parsley paste is obtained spread it on a bandage or gauze and apply it to the stained skin, leaving it to rest there for about 10 to 15 minutes. After this time wash the area with warm water and ready!


The above method allows you to take advantage of all the properties of parsley and apply them to the skin directly, but why not combine it with other ingredients that also have a lightening effect on the skin? The first which we will talk about is lemon, a citrus fruit with a high concentration of vitamin C that has the ability to inhibit the production of melanin and cause the skin to get a lighter and more even tone. Besides this it is a powerful natural antioxidant that protects the skin's youth.

To prepare this homemade anti-stain treatment you first need to squeeze the juice from a lemon and then mix it with two tablespoons of mashed parsley. You will get something similar to a mask that you should apply to the stain with the help of a cotton pad. We recommend you do the treatment at night and rinse off the area when you get up in the morning. Keep in mind that this natural remedy is also perfect to treat marks and scars caused by acne.

How to Use Parsley for your Face - Step 3

If to the above mixture we add other ingredients such as olive oil or cucumber the treatment can give even better results. Above all it will be more moisturized and much softer to the touch. You can develop a mask to tackle blemishes by mixing 5 branches of chopped parsley, 5 drops of lemon juice, half a tablespoon of olive oil and 2 slices of cucumber. Mash all the ingredients until perfectly integrated into a paste and apply on the stained skin leaving it sit for about 10 minutes. Repeat treatment every night to get the expected results.

How to Use Parsley for your Face - Step 4

Other skin lightening ingredients are chamomile and honey, so these too can be a great option to combine with parsley. They are also good for skin health, moisturizing and leaving it well nourished with a beautiful appearance.

If you want to try this home remedy for skin blemishes you should mix 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley, 4 tablespoons of chamomile and 1 small spoonful of honey. Extend the mask obtained on the blemishes to be treated and allow to act for 15 minutes to take effect. You can then rinse the area with water.

How to Use Parsley for your Face - Step 5

Not only parsley is good to tackle skin blemishes, you can also use other natural products like yoghurt, aloe vera or rose water. These are great alternatives to end skin opacity and reduce dark blemishes to make them less visible to the naked eye. To discover treatments with these products we invite you to consult the article how to treat skin blemishes with home remedies.

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How to Use Parsley for your Face