How to Remove Dark Spots from the Crotch Area

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Remove Dark Spots from the Crotch Area

It is normal to find dark spots on the skin. This is called hyperpigmentation; it means that there are certain areas that darken because there's an excess of melanin. It may happen in the most intimate areas of our body, and it's usually caused by irritation due to different methods of hair removal. These can cause the skin in these particular areas to darken over time.

If you've tried on your swimwear and you've had an uncomfortable surprise at seeing spots in your intimate area, pay attention to the next article at OneHowTo. We have some tips on how to remove dark spots from the crotch area. Take note of the following home remedies and you'll have blemish-free skin.

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Why are there spots in the crotch area?

The appearance of darker spots in the crotch area is something that happens to many people. The causes can be varied, as there are many factors that can bring it about. Generally, dark areas in the crotch are the result of irritation because of hair removal methods, such as shaving with a blade or hot wax. This is why it is advisable to use alternative methods to remove hair in the areas where the skin is more sensitive.

Another factor that may cause the appearance of dark spots in the crotch area could be wearing very tight underwear or exceedingly tight jeans. Why is that? The continuous friction that occurs in the area when brought into contact with these garments can cause irritation and hence a darkening of the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to wear looser garments made from cotton. Another common cause is excessive sun exposure; the inner thigh and crotch area may be marked and damaged by UV rays.

One of the medical explanations to this problem is hyperpigmentation, i.e. an excess of melanin in some area of your skin. Melanin is a substance that darkens our skin tone. It is one of the most common causes of dark spots, but it can also occur due to other medical causes such as a hormone imbalance, problems with obesity or even diabetes.

Do not hesitate to see a dermatologist if you find very dark spots in these intimate areas, since it may be a more serious problem that needs a particular treatment.

How to Remove Dark Spots from the Crotch Area - Why are there spots in the crotch area?

How to remove dark spots with lemon

Lemon will become your great ally if you want to banish unsightly dark spots from your crotch area. Lemon is the ideal choice for that, since it acts as a natural bleach and it also balances out the pigmentation of the dermis.

However, never apply lemon juice during the day on the area you want to whiten as it can have the opposite effect if you expose your skin to the sun. There are various useful recipes with lemon as their centerpiece. We recommend the following:

Lemon and yogurt mask:

Mix lemon juice and natural yogurt in a bowl and apply it on the crotch area as you would a mask. Make sure the skin has been previously washed and dried. Allow the mask to act for about 30 minutes and rinse the area with warm water. This remedy should be repeated every night for a week at least. In addition its bleaching effect, the yogurt will nourish the skin.

Lemon and cottage cheese:

Add 5 drops of lemon juice to a dollop of cottage cheese. Apply the solution on your crotch and let it work for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse the area with warm water to finish off the process. You can use this cream daily and you'll soon notice how your dark spots gradually disappear.

Lemon juice:

The whitening power of lemon is such that there's hardly any need to mix it with any other product to benefit from its properties. Cut a lemon into slices and rub your crotch with them - careful you don't have any small wounds or scratches there! If the area is very dark, leave the slice on for half an hour and then wipe off with warm water. Do it daily to help reduce skin blemishes. You can also do so by directly applying lemon juice on the darkened area.

How to Remove Dark Spots from the Crotch Area - How to remove dark spots with lemon

How to remove dark spots with honey

Honey is another great product that will help exfoliate your skin and banish those clumps of dead cells that are obscuring the crotch areas. For all your beauty treatments with honey, we recommend using sugary - not liquid - honey. Try the following recipe:

Homemade bleaching lotion with honey, oil and lemon:

Honey exfoliates; oil smooths; lemon bleaches. Together, they are the perfect blend to get rid of dark spots on your skin. Mix a tablespoon of olive oil with honey and half a litre of fresh lemon juice. Stir all the ingredients until they're well integrated. Apply on the crotch area and let the homemade bleaching lotion sit for 20 minutes, approximately. Shower with warm water. This remedy is perfect to do every night before bed, since it exfoliates, moisturizes and bleaches your delicate skin effectively.

How to Remove Dark Spots from the Crotch Area - How to remove dark spots with honey

How to bleach dark spots with oxygenated water

Do you have oxygenated water at home? Then you've got another natural remedy right there! This product will help whiten dark spots very effectively. Many people already use it at home to discolor dark spots on their bodies. Of course, you should mix it with water as it may be too aggressive for the dermis and cause further skin irritation - precisely the opposite of what we want.

To remove spots from the crotch area with this remedy, you just have to soak a cotton ball or some gauze with oxygenated water and then rub it on your crotch area gently. Let it air dry without rinsing. If you perform this treatment daily for a week, you'll notice the results.

How to use bleaching creams and exfoliants

Finally, note that there are plenty of bleaching and exfoliating creams on the market that will help remove dark spots from your skin. If you want go with this option, you must look for anti-spots cosmetics - they will be branded as such. These have compounds with hydroquinone (between 1 and 4%), the perfect active agent for the treatment of hyperpigmentation of the dermis.

It is important to consult a doctor or pharmacist before using such compounds, because they can cause irritation, allergy or redness. Anti-stain creams are sold in any drugstore.

How to Remove Dark Spots from the Crotch Area - How to use bleaching creams and exfoliants

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How to get rid of dark spots from the crotch area
How to Remove Dark Spots from the Crotch Area
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How to Remove Dark Spots from the Crotch Area

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