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How to Do the Yogurt Diet

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. January 31, 2022
How to Do the Yogurt Diet

Yogurt diet is the fast and healthy diet that everyone is talking about. With this method you can lose weight fast and it is ideal to get rid of the 2 or 3 extra pounds you gained over the holidays. We must stress that this method is designed for a duration of 3 days, not longer. Remember that this is not a progressive weight loss plan, but a method that will help you get rid of the extra pounds in a short time.

In this OneHOWTO article you will learn how to do the 3-day yogurt diet correctly, so you can make the most of this weight loss plan.

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  1. The benefits of yogurt
  2. How does yogurt help you lose weight?
  3. Yogurt diet menu for weight loss
  4. Here are some tips for following the yogurt diet properly

The benefits of yogurt

There is a yogurt diet that can help you lose weight fast. The diet lasts 3 days and is based on eating low-fat yogurt as well as other foods. Basically, it is a low-calorie diet that helps you lose excess weight. However, you may have nutritional deficiencies if you do this diet for a long time.

If you follow this diet properly, however, you will benefit greatly. Yogurt is a highly nutritious food that will benefit your health. Here are a few of its remarkable qualities:

  • Very rich in calcium: yogurt is one of the foods richest in calcium and therefore helps us to strengthen the bone structure and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

  • Rich in vitamins A and B: Yogurt provides us with a high amount of vitamins A and B, two ideal nutrients to strengthen our immune system and therefore improve our defenses. These vitamins are also perfect for heart health.

  • Rich in proteins: another advantage of yogurt is that it is very rich in proteins that help us improve the internal functions of the body.

  • It provides active bifidus: Yogurt is one of the foods with the highest content of probiotics, that is, live bacteria that help us repair the intestinal flora, improve digestive processes and ensure that vitamins and minerals are better absorbed.

Nutritional contribution of yogurt

Is natural yogurt fattening? It is not. Here is its nutritional value in grams, so you have a better idea of what you are eating:

  • Calories: 63
  • Protein: 4.4 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 3.6 grams
  • Fats: 0.05 grams
  • Calcium: 126 milligrams
  • Vitamin A: 169mcg
  • Vitamin D: 1.4mcg

How does yogurt help you lose weight?

Have you ever wondered if Greek yogurt makes you fat? The answer is no, because it contains 59 calories per 100 grams, so it has very few calories. The yogurt diet is based not only on the benefits that this product brings to our health, but also on the fact that it is an ideal food to lose weight naturally without compromising our health.

Below we explain in detail the properties of yogurt for weight loss and show you the reasons why this ingredient is optimal for this diet or your daily diet:

  • Activates lipolysis: thanks to the high calcium content of yogurt, it acts as a fat burner, as it activates lipolysis, natural mechanism of the body that breaks down accumulated fat.

  • Strong satiety effect: another reason why the yogurt diet works for weight loss is that it is a food that strongly suppresses appetite, reducing the fear of eating and allowing you to hold out better between meals.

  • Purifies the body: another reason why yogurt helps us lose weight is that it eliminates the toxins accumulated in the body, thanks to the rich probiotics.

  • Low calorie: as we saw in the previous section, from 100 grams of skimmed yogurt we consume only about 60 or 70 calories (depending on the brand or manufacturer). So, it is a tiny amount that helps us provide our body with the calories it needs without overloading it.

  • Regulation of cortisol levels: the calcium in yogurt also regulates the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for regulating stress and anxiety, and is also one of the causes of fat accumulation in the body. Thus, by eating yogurt we manage to reduce stress and prevent our body from tending to fat saturation.

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Yogurt diet menu for weight loss

Now that you know all of the benefits that yogurt has for losing weight, we will tell you about the yogurt diet meal plan you need to follow in order to lose weight.

First day of the yogurt diet

  • Breakfast: tea or infusion (without sugar) + 1 skimmed yogurt.
  • Morning: 1 yogurt 0% with natural fruits of the season.
  • Lunch: salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion + 2 yogurts 0% with sliced strawberries
  • Snack: 1 detoxifying infusion + 1 fruit of the season.
  • Dinner: Cooked spinach with lemon + 1 yogurt 0%.

Second day of the yogurt diet

  • Breakfast: 1 orange juice + 2 yogurts 0%
  • Morning: 1 skimmed yogurt with pieces of kiwi (natural)
  • Lunch: Baked chicken with artichokes + 1 yogurt 0%.
  • Snack: detoxifying infusion + 1 Greek yogurt with fruit
  • Dinner: cooked chard + 2 low-fat yogurts

Third day of the yogurt diet

  • Breakfast: coffee or tea + 2 yogurts with seasonal fruits.
  • In the morning: seasonal fruit.
  • Lunch: Grilled salmon + roasted vegetables + 1 yogurt 0%.
  • Seasonal fruit salad.
  • Vegetable cream + French omelet + 1 low-fat yogurt.

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How to Do the Yogurt Diet - Yogurt diet menu for weight loss

Here are some tips for following the yogurt diet properly

Once you have the meal plan in hand, you need to know how to follow the yogurt-fruit diet to ensure that you actually lose the weight you want without suffering the dreaded rebound effect.

  1. Don't go on the diet for more than 3 days: be sure to follow this rule, otherwise you could get sick because you do not provide your body with enough nutrients.

  2. Drink plenty of water: ideally, you should drink 2 liters of water per day to promote the purification of the body and reduce fluid retention.

  3. Exercise moderately: avoid too much exercise during these three days and otherwise do other more relaxing exercises such as yoga, walking, swimming, etc.

  4. Eat healthy after the diet: In order to avoid gaining weight in the following days of the diet, it is crucial that you eliminate saturated fats and sugars from your diet and move towards living a healthy lifestyle.

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How to Do the Yogurt Diet