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How To Do The Sandwich Diet

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Do The Sandwich Diet

Are you tired of having to give up bread on your weight loss diets? From now you don't have to because the nutritionist Terica Uriol has devised a revolutionary slimming plan: the sandwich diet. It is a dietary method which defends the nutritional quality of carbohydrates reincorporating them into diets and demystifying the theory that they are fattening. on OneHowTo we want you to discover how to do the diet sandwich, tell you what it is based on and what the underlying principles are.

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Steps to follow:


If you look at the food pyramid you can see how flours and carbohydrates are of primary importance in our diets and yet in most low-calorie diets consumption of this food is limited and relegated to the background.

In this sense, Terica Uriol created the sandwich diet, an eating plan that repositions carbohydrates in the place of the pyramid that corresponds to argue that it is not the bread that is fattening but the fats and accompaniments that we usually include in our sandwiches. Thus, in this diet you must remove fats but not carbohydrates which return to being one of our essential food groups.

How To Do The Sandwich Diet - Step 1

Carbohydrates provide the energy needed for the body to function but without taking fat, thus it makes the body burn fat reserves, plus you won't go hungry because bread is a very satisfying ingredient. To achieve this result it is important that the sandwiches are made of light ingredients and low in fat, so forget about sausages or higher calorie ingredients.

The purpose of the sandwich diet is reintroducing carbohydrates in our diet, something healthy and necessary for the body, but completely eliminating fats and food that is less beneficial for us; it tries to redirect your eating habits towards a more natural and respectful angle of the traditional pyramid.

How To Do The Sandwich Diet - Step 2

To do the sandwich diet the first thing to note is that the recommended bread is made with wholemeal flour, mainly because the refined (white) bread doesn't provide as many nutrients to the body, however, wholemeal has large doses of fibre and vitamins which are good for the body.

Here we give you the sandwich diet rules , what you must do to lose 5 kilos in a month:

  • The basis of this diet is to eat a sandwich during lunch every day of the week; if you get bored of eating so many sandwiches you can replace them two days with a pasta or a dish of brown rice, light and natural ingredients (no sauces or fried tomatoes, for example).
  • The ingredients that you can include in your sandwiches are vegetables, fruit and low-fat protein; in the case of meat, choose lean meats. These will also be the foods that you mix your recipes for pasta or brown rice (e.g. rice with vegetables or pasta salad with chicken are allowed on this diet).
  • You can eat eggs and dairy but the latter has to be skimmed, so you can add light cheese to your sandwiches or eat a yoghurt during snack time.
  • During lunch you can eat carbohydrates but dinner should be made of light dishes and small amounts of food where hydrates are not included; well, at night you can eat a dish of protein and vegetables but not in sandwich. In this OneHowTo article we tell you what the best foods for dinner are.
  • Although the sandwich diet consists in eating sandwiches every day, do not overdo it with the quantities and prepare yourself a sandwich made out of half a loaf maximum (for baguette): the recommended amount is a maximum width of 6 inches.
  • Among the carbohydrates that are allowed you should know that biscuits or ready made toast are fully prohibited because there is too much salt, preservatives and fat in the bread you buy from the bakery.
How To Do The Sandwich Diet - Step 3

On the sandwich diet there are a number of free foods, this means that they can be consumed throughout the day and in the quantities you want. They are mainly fruits and vegetables that whet the appetite without increasing calorie intake; including negative calorie foods but you can also take others as we detail you below:

  • Tomato
  • Leek
  • Pepper
  • Kiwis
  • Lime
  • Gherkins
  • Mushrooms
  • Tea or Infusion
  • Coffee (black)
How To Do The Sandwich Diet - Step 4

The forbidden foods on the sandwich diet are those that are extremely high in fat or oils. Therefore forget about eating croquettes, breaded chicken or chips and opt for light cooking methods with little or no oil; on OneHowTo we tell you how cook without oil.

Sugar and pastries are also completely banned because they are simple carbohydrates that have little nutritional content and yet they do have a high fat content.

Nor are fatty foods such as sausage or nuts allowed. Pork or red meats are not recommended in the diet because they contain a lot of fat; therefore, it is preferred that lean meats are consumed and in the case of fish that you choose white fish because cold-water fish has a higher fat content.

How To Do The Sandwich Diet - Step 5

Next on OneHowTo we give an example of a sandwich diet menu so you see how you can distribute food to get the results that are promised. Note that, for this plan to work, you must include daily exercise in your routine and drink at least 2 litres of water a day.


  • Option 1: infusion or tea and wholemeal toast with turkey
  • Option 2: Fresh orange juice (not packaged) whole wheat cereals.


  • Option 1: Fresh fruit
  • Option 2: Low fat yoghurt


  • Option 1: Green salad and boiled egg, rocket and turkey sandwich
  • Option 2: Vegetable broth and tuna sandwich with lettuce and apple


  • Option 1: Seasonal fruit smoothie
  • Option 2: Low fat yoghurt


  • Option 1: Boiled spinach and turkey omelette
  • Option 2: Vegetable puree and baked hake with lemon
How To Do The Sandwich Diet - Step 6

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How To Do The Sandwich Diet