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What Facial Expressions Cause Wrinkles

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 3, 2017
What Facial Expressions Cause Wrinkles

Over time, the formation of wrinkles on the face is inevitable, but did you know that there are certain facial expressions or gestures that can accelerate ageing? That's right, many of the expressions we commonly make combined with other unhealthy habits for the skin make it more vulnerable and prone to expression lines and deep wrinkles. Although it is not something miraculous, knowing what gestures cause wrinkles the most and trying to control them can keep your skin in perfect condition, making you look younger. Keep reading this article from OneHowTo and discover what those facial expressions are.

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Steps to follow:


Frowning is one of the most common expressions that cause wrinkles, accelerating the appearance of fine lines right between the eyes and the bottom of the forehead. So, if you frown when you're angry, when you're frustrated or when something does not seem right, be mindful of it and try to avoid doing so from now on. This gesture is typical in many people when they are reading or watching something closely; try to correct it and you'll see how, eventually, your skin looks more youthful.

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When we shout or argue, our facial expressions are more exaggerated which can also cause wrinkles. If such gestures are very common, the result is an increased presence of fine lines around the lips and forehead area. The best advice to avoid those faces is to learn to take things more slowly and practice relaxation techniques to help you react less aggressively to situations that provoke anger, nerves or stress.

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Laughing at life is a wonderful thing which is also very beneficial to emotional and physical health. So even though this expression is emerging as one of the gestures that cause more wrinkles on the face, especially in the corners of the lips and around the eyes, don't stop laughing and take things with a good sense of humor.

To counter the effects of aging on your skin, try hydrating daily, especially the area around the eyes because the dermis is much thinner there and tends to develop wrinkles prematurely. Use a special cream for the skin in this area and follow the steps we propose in our article on How to apply eye cream correctly.

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If you wear glasses or contact lenses, it is essential that you use them at all times to avoid some of the facial expressions that can also cause wrinkles, i.e. squinting. Squinting contributes to wrinkles around the eyes. Also, do not forget to wear sunglasses to protect against UV rays and to prevent squinting against the sun's rays.

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Smoking is a very unhealthy habit which is also damaging to the skin. Numerous studies have shown the tremendous effects of nicotine and smoke on the dermis, among which are early wrinkles - far more obvious around the lips and eyes, but also present on the cheek area. Besides this, the skin tone changes, turning a greyish color and dull.

Would you like to quit but do not know how to start? Browse articles on How to stop smoking and How to control anxiety after having stopped smoking for extra help.

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Simply focusing on facial expressions alone will not be enough prevent wrinkles on the face : For a young and fresh skin for longer use products and creams on a daily basis. Creams enriched with collagen, elastin, glycolic acid and antioxidants are the best options, as well as a healthy and balanced diet along with 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily. With all this, you'll keep your youthful glow for longer, looking beautiful at all times.

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What Facial Expressions Cause Wrinkles