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What Causes a Droopy Eyelid

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 15, 2017
What Causes a Droopy Eyelid

Ptosis, more commonly known as drooping of the eyelid, is a problem that occurs when the eyelid excessively droops, causing abnormalities and eye problems. This condition not only affects facial beauty, but it also shows a clear deterioration in the eye muscles, which can result in obvious deterioration of normal vision. If you want to know more about what causes a droopy eyelid keep on reading the following oneHOWTO article. The symptoms, signs and possible solutions or treatment for this eye disorder are explained.

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  1. What is it and what causes a droopy eyelid?
  2. Drooping eyelid symptoms
  3. Medical treatment for drooping of the eyelid

What is it and what causes a droopy eyelid?

When the upper eyelid excessively opens out, this is called drooping of the eyelid. The end of this muscle may drop down lower than normal over the pupil which relates to Ptosis, whilst excess baggy skin on the top eyelid is called dermatochalasis. Generally speaking, drooping of the eyelid combines both conditions. The problem is exacerbated as the eye muscles prevent the lid from properly opening.

Whilst this problem usually occurs over the passage of time due to eye muscle deterioration and degeneration due to age, it is also common for people with an underdeveloped muscle to suffer from it. So the tendon that supports the eyelid's position detaches which stops it from supporting the eyelid.

Other causes which can lead to drooping of the eyelid include: continuous contact lens wear which can weaken the muscle and cause it to droop; various muscular or neurological diseases; trauma or damage to the muscles which are responsible for lifting the eyelid or to the nerves which control them and it may even be caused by genetics or is hereditary.

Certain conditions can lead to drooping of the eyelid such as diabetes, tumors around the eye area, Horner syndrome, stroke, Myasthenia gravis or simple eyelid inflammation, commonly known as a sty.

In short, ageing, congenital abnormalities, eye injuries or diseases, are some of the most common causes of a droopy eyelid.

What Causes a Droopy Eyelid - What is it and what causes a droopy eyelid?

Drooping eyelid symptoms

When a patient finds it difficult to open or close their eyes this is the most obvious sign of drooping eyelids, besides the physical presence of excess skin around the eye. This is due to weakness in the muscle responsible for raising the eyelid or damage to the nerves and muscles that control these movements.

If you suffer from drooping of the eyelid, other noticeable symptoms include increased lachrymation or watering of the eye, as well as an obvious difficulty of seeing clearly. If you suffer from serious ptosis, any visual interference may be increased.

What Causes a Droopy Eyelid - Drooping eyelid symptoms

Medical treatment for drooping of the eyelid

Ptosis or a droopy eyelid may only appear on one eye, which is easier to see with the naked eye. However, it is important to visit your doctor so they can detect the causes of the condition via a medical examination, especially if it occurs in both eyes. The physical tests performed by a professional include a visual field examination, examination with a slit lamp and a stress test to rule out Myasthenia gravis.

Once diagnosed, specific treatment may be carried out on the drooping eyelid, and with more accuracy if it has been caused by a disease. Otherwise, you can always resort to surgery. For this type of problem, blepharoplasty is usually carried out. This is a surgical intervention that can be performed in mild cases to lift the eyelid and physically improve its appearance or to correct and improve vision in more serious cases.

OneHowTo offers some tips to hide a droopy eyelid and some home remedies to fix a droopy eyelid, which can help this condition become less noticeable.

What Causes a Droopy Eyelid - Medical treatment for drooping of the eyelid

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What Causes a Droopy Eyelid