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How To Hide A Droopy Eyelid

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: September 1, 2017
How To Hide A Droopy Eyelid

Although it may be a natural and genetic characteristic, when we reach a certain age eye lids lose their original elasticity and begin to look more droopy. This affects the appearance of the face, usually causing what we associate as a tired and saddened image. We know that today you can correct this problem by surgical aesthetic treatments, but besides these being invasive they are quite expensive, so if you are looking for a solution that helps you to slightly modify the shape of the eyelids, we invite you to continue reading this OneHowTo article. We offer a range of beauty and makeup tricks with which you can hide droopy eyelids immediately and look a lot more beautiful.

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Steps to follow:


Well defined and plucked eyebrows are key to frame the look and change your look without having to resort to applying too much makeup. Ideally, to disguise droopy eyelids your eyebrows have to have a high angle, which you can create using an eyebrow pencil to apply makeup on them. In case you have hairless holes, fill them with a pencil that matches the natural color of your eyebrows and yet, helps you to beautify your look and appearance of the face in general.

How To Hide A Droopy Eyelid - Step 1

Primer is a perfect cosmetic to enhance the facial features you want and apply a touch of this right under the eyebrow, it is an amazing trick to make the eyelids look more lifted. We also recommend you add some light in the area of the tear with a beige shadow or eyeliner in beige or nude.

How To Hide A Droopy Eyelid - Step 2

It is very important that you choose the eye shadows you are going to apply well. Drooping eyelids do not go well with shiny or pearly shades, and they get to give more volume to the upper eyelid. On the contrary, matte shadows are preferable and, first, apply beige tones on the arch of the eyebrow and eyelid to serve as a base and then apply an earth tone around the eyelid using ascenders up to blend it completely with the shadow above. With it, your eyes will acquire more depth and will be broader.

How To Hide A Droopy Eyelid - Step 3

In makeup for droopy eyelids you cannot miss a good outline with black pencil. Draw a thin line just flush with the upper lashes and take it to the outside of the eye corner making a slight upward toward the temple. Do the same in the lower lashes and your eyes get a nice almond shape.

How To Hide A Droopy Eyelid - Step 4

Mascara is another major ally to hide drooping eyelids with makeup. For an additional curved look first use an eyelash curler and then apply a coat of mascara ensuring that it's well spaced and smooth. If you get voluminous long eyelashes all the attention will be focused on them and in the breadth of your look.

How To Hide A Droopy Eyelid - Step 5

If you are the type who likes shockingly long lashes on any occasion, using false eyelashes is also a great choice for your eyelids look much more enhanced.

Take a look at the best ways to fix a droopy eyelid without surgery, as it's possible to reduce this condition with home remedies.

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My right eye droopy from inner corner& both eyes are not same size & not in equal level what should I do to hide defect & I don't want surgery
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Riya, In order to make your eyes look the same size, try using liquid eyeliner to create a shape that will even them. Draw a thicker line on the smaller eye's lid and a thicker line of eyeliner at the bottom. Experiment with eyeliner until your eyes look the same shape, though you should know that nobody has both eyes the exact same size. Hope this helps
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How To Hide A Droopy Eyelid