How to Accept That you are Ugly - And How to Feel Better About Yourself

By Mary Smith. Updated: December 4, 2017
How to Accept That you are Ugly - And How to Feel Better About Yourself

Beauty is a subjective concept and what is beautiful to others might not be for others. Despite that, we have dozens of concepts on what real beauty is: a beautiful body, a face that looks this way or that, being X feet tall and so many more features that can leave us feeling inadequate and ugly. But how much is true and how much is it just a reflection of our insecurities? In this OneHowTo article, we will explain how to accept that you are ugly if that's what you think and, from there, how to enhance your features and qualities to become more attractive and feel better about yourself.

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It begins by being objective

What is beauty to you? If your answer begins with comparing yourself to X artist or singer, you're on to a bad start. Everyone is different and although a symmetrical face and proportional body are usually classic signs of beauty, there are other smaller details that can also increase our attractiveness. A beautiful smile, lovely hair, style, being kind, intelligent, sociable and nice.

Beauty encompasses all of these things, so in order to accept that you are ugly (in your opinion) and start your own process of change to feel better about yourself, it is important to be objective and to ask yourself:

  • What exactly makes me feel ugly?
  • What part of my face or body bothers me?
  • Is there a solution?

There are many things about our physical appearance that can make us feel ugly; however, these can be solved. A few extra kilos can be lost with diet, hair can be fixed with a visit to the hairdresser, a scrawny body can be bulked out with the right techniques. Find what you consider to be defects and set out a plan on how you can start working on them; sometimes a few changes are enough to see the difference.

How to Accept That you are Ugly - And How to Feel Better About Yourself - It begins by being objective

Stop comparing yourself to others

The fact that you feel ugly and keep comparing yourself to others only makes the situation worse. It is important to understand that we cannot all be the same and trying to be as attractive as someone else will only increase your insecurities. It is also important to understand that beauty is not just physical but also has to do with our spirit and personality, so some people who do not have a classical beauty are seen by others to be beautiful.

Start on your own individuality, finding what your weaknesses are and what your strengths are. Begin working on what makes you stand out for the best , without dwelling on the negative. A good and simple way to do this is to create a list, with one row of what you consider to be your physical weaknesses and the other row with your strengths, including your character and behavior, as well as physical features.

You may feel that your nose is not the most beautiful, that you don't have the perfect smile or that your body is not what you want; but there sure are many beautiful things about you physically and in terms of your personality that you can showcase.

How to Accept That you are Ugly - And How to Feel Better About Yourself - Stop comparing yourself to others

There are physical things that can be improved easily

To accept your flaws is certainly the first step to work on what you can change and improve in terms of your appearance. Many aspects that bother us about the way we look can be solved with the right tools. All you need to do is work on them and make necessary adjustments.

  • Visit a professional hairstylist

A good haircut can help slim down your face or highlight a particular feature of your face. Wavy or curly hair can make a thin face look wider and straight hair can make it look narrower, if that is something you consider a problem. The help of a hairdresser means you can find the perfect hairstyle to suit you.

  • Use make-up well

If some facial feature bothers you, e.g. a big nose of small eyes, make-up is your greatest ally. Currently there are techniques that allows you to completely shape your face and make it look different and more beautiful. For example, there are many techniques to hide a big nose, hide droopy eyelids or large foreheads. Nowadays there are makeup tactics such as contouring that will sculpt your face effectively.

  • Choose the right clothes

When the problem is some specific point of our body, choosing the right style clothes can make an astounding difference. Clothing can create a narrower silhouette, slim down large hips and breasts or make you seem taller without having to wear heels. In our articles on how to dress to look thinner and how to hide big hips you'll find some useful tips on the best outfits to wear for every occasion.

  • Consult a specialist

You can't fix all your problems by yourself. See a specialist to help you fix, e.g. troublesome skin or teeth. If you suffer from acne, oily skin or other skin conditions, see a dermatologist who will prescribe adequate treatment. If you have unattractive or yellow teeth, maintain good oral hygiene and ask for a quote for orthodontic treatment or make the necessary changes to be able to have the smile you've always wanted. If you can afford it, do not hesitate to do it.

  • Exercise

Exercise not only allows you to be healthy but will help you to significantly improve your appearance. In addition, it will increase self-esteem by releasing endorphins that make you feel good. If you have a problem area, work on it with exercises and get fit. This will yield both physical and psychological benefits.

  • Watch what you eat

Your diet affects your physical and your mood more than you think. Eating healthy and staying properly hydrated will make you look nicer and will help with skin problems, help you achieve the perfect figure and will leave you feeling more energetic and ready to face the day. Remember that not everything is physical and that your attitude also matters.

  • Smile!

There is nothing more beautiful than a person with a nice smile, a happy face and a lively and cheerful character. Being serious or downcast all the time can make even the prettiest of people look ugly. Character is a very important factor of beauty so keep this in mind and work on it.

How to Accept That you are Ugly - And How to Feel Better About Yourself - There are physical things that can be improved easily

Work on your inner beauty too

Though the whole world might want you to think otherwise, appearance is not exclusively important for beauty. So if you do not want to be ugly, work on being an interesting person with an engaging personality. Work on your inner self.

Read; learn new things; learn other languages and cultures; show interest in hobbies; develop patience and a sense of humor, willingness; be friendly, open and lively. You'll soon notice how others are drawn to your powerful appeal. Beauty is absolutely ephemeral, and what we have inside is what prevails.

How to Accept That you are Ugly - And How to Feel Better About Yourself - Work on your inner beauty too

Tricks to be more beautiful

With all these aforementioned tips, you have more than enough tools to start working on what bothers you and enhance your positive features. However, there are a few tricks that can help you improve your appearance too. oneHOWTO shares some of the best secret on how to look your best:

How to Accept That you are Ugly - And How to Feel Better About Yourself - Tricks to be more beautiful

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How to Accept That you are Ugly - And How to Feel Better About Yourself
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How to Accept That you are Ugly - And How to Feel Better About Yourself

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