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The Benefits and Properties of Bakuchiol Serum

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. June 9, 2021
The Benefits and Properties of Bakuchiol Serum

There are so many skincare products which seem to appear, it is hard to know what is a trend and what is not. Bakuchiol serum is a cosmetic product with a texture very similar to gel. Due to its high concentration of active ingredients, it can be ideal for many different purposes. As with other facial serums, it depends not only on the properties of the serum, but also on the user's skin type and needs.

To best know if this product is suitable for you, you will need to know the benefits and properties of bakuchiol serum. Whether you want to use it to decrease skin wrinkles, combat other signs of aging or simply keep your skin well-mpisturized, we tell you everything you need to know.

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  1. What is bakuchiol serum?
  2. Properties of bakuchiol serum
  3. How to apply bakuchiol serum

What is bakuchiol serum?

Many of the serums and other beauty products that we find in cosmetic stores are made with an ingredient known as retinol. This is a chemical compound that is formed from carotenes, especially beta-carotenes. These are mainly used to delay the aging of the skin. They do this by stimulating the production of collagen and help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

However, carotenes can be aggressive on people's skin. This is especially so for people with sensitive or atopic skin. This can result in various side effects, including itching, redness, flaking or dry skin.

Due to the negative effects of retinol, some beauty brands have looked for alternatives which will not be as harsh on the skin, but still maintains the benefits of the product's purpose. This is where bakuchiol serum arrives.

Some people know bakuchiol serum as vegan anti-aging serum. This is because bakuchiol is an active plant compound extracted from the leaves and seeds of the babchi plant (Psoralea corylifolia). This is a plant originating from various areas within India. But why is bakuchiol used to make facial cleaners and serums? Bakuchiol does not cause the side effects on atopic skin that retinol can incur, but it still maintains the benefits of this natural ingredient.

If you have especially sensitive skin and you are looking for a remedy that is not aggressive for your face, bakuchiol serum could be the cosmetic for you.

Properties of bakuchiol serum

As we have already indicated, bakuchiol is an extract of the leaves and seeds of the Babchi plant (Psoralea corylifolia). It is currently used in a wide variety of beauty products, especially for those suitable for sensitive skin. However, what are the properties and benefits of bakuchiol which make it such an effective product? Here we provide the main benefits and uses of bakuchiol serum:

An excellent natural moisturizer

Bakuchiol serum is a product that has excellent moisturizing properties that make our skin absorb moisture more quickly and stay hydrated for longer. In addition to this benefit, this active ingredient is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It relieves symptoms of dryness such as itching, inflammation and flaking of skin problems such as psoriasis.

Prevents skin aging

Another of the properties of the bakuchiol serum is its ability to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. These are essential proteins to help prevent the effects of premature aging. These anti-aging properties are due to the fact that bakuchiol is a plant active ingredient composed of antioxidant substances that activate the collagen in our skin and reduce some signs of aging such as wrinkles and expression lines.

Due to its antioxidant power, bakuchiol serum is also a product that is used on skins with lack of luminosity. These products are often sold to provide a whitening effect that promote cell regeneration and prevent the appearance of dark spots on the face. You can learn more about lightening skin with our article on how to remove dark circles from under the eyes.

Antimicrobial properties

In addition to the above properties, bakuchiol serum also stands out for its antibacterial power, which makes it a very suitable product to treat other skin problems such as acne. Due to these properties and its anti-inflammatory effect, bakuchiol reduces the presence of bacteria and other impurities that cause this skin condition. Additionally, it is known to alleviate some of its symptoms such as the appearance of pimples and redness on the skin.

The Benefits and Properties of Bakuchiol Serum - Properties of bakuchiol serum

How to apply bakuchiol serum

Now that we know the properties of this beauty product, below we will explain with a simple step by step how to apply bakuchiol on the face:

  1. First, you will have to use a suitable facial cleanser to remove makeup and other dirt from the face.
  2. Then, apply a facial toner to remove the residue from the cleansing cream. Dry your face thoroughly, but don't abrade the skin.
  3. Next, you will have to apply the bakuchiol serum. To do this, you will only have to apply a couple of drops to your fingertips and spread them all over the face with a gentle circular massage. Accompany this application by dabbing gently with your ring finger to activate circulation. This will also help it to penetrate the skin better. Avoid applying the serum around the eyes.
  4. Finally, apply your usual moisturizer to complete your daily facial routine.

It is recommended that you do this process 2 times a day. This means once in the morning after you shower and once again in the evening before bed. In the latter occasion, ensure you use a suitable night cream for a moisturizer.

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The Benefits and Properties of Bakuchiol Serum