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How to use aloe vera to remove wrinkles

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to use aloe vera to remove wrinkles

Over time our skin loses collagen and elastin resulting in a lack of hydration and much feared wrinkles and lines. To prevent premature ageing that makes our skin look aged and weary, it is essential to care for skin on a daily basis both internally and externally. In this task, together with a healthy diet and excellent moisturising with quality liquids and creams, we can use some natural products with rejuvenating properties and antioxidants such as aloe vera. This plant is considered a miracle for our beauty, as many are the benefits which it can give us at an aesthetic level. If you want to know how to use aloe vera for wrinkles read this OneHowTo article.


  1. Aloe vera for wrinkles
  2. Anti-wrinkle Mask of aloe vera and cucumber
  3. Anti-wrinkle Mask of aloe vera and lemon
  4. Aloe vera for crow's feet
  5. More tips to combat wrinkles

Aloe vera for wrinkles

Aloe vera has many benefits, one of which being anti-ageing properties for skin. Unlike other natural products, it is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and provide all the nutrients and vitamins needed to prevent dryness and premature wrinkle formation.

In addition, its antioxidant components combats the actions of free radicals which are responsible for much of the skin's ageing. Not only that, aloe vera is also perfect to stimulate and increase the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis, which is essential to maintain a young, healthy and radiant complexion.

How to use aloe vera to remove wrinkles - Aloe vera for wrinkles

Anti-wrinkle Mask of aloe vera and cucumber

One of the best ways to use aloe vera against wrinkles is developing some homemade masks in which we can include other good natural anti-ageing ingredients. One of the most effective is the one prepared with aloe vera and cucumber, since this vegetable contains vitamins A, C and E that are ideal to smooth fine lines and rejuvenate the skin.

Preparation: In a food processor, blend 100 g of pulped aloe vera with 100 g of cucumber, add water to the mixture until a smooth paste is reached. Extend it over a clean face just before bedtime and allow to act overnight. On the next morning wash the face with abundant warm water and use your usual moisturising cream.

How to use aloe vera to remove wrinkles - Anti-wrinkle Mask of aloe vera and cucumber

Anti-wrinkle Mask of aloe vera and lemon

Nothing better than combining the antioxidant power of aloe vera with the rejuvenating properties provided to the skin by lemon. This citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C, a basic substance to prevent wrinkles on the face and nourish the dermis in depth. If you want to try this magnificent fusion, follow the steps that we show in the next lines to produce an excellent anti-wrinkle homemade mask.

Preparation: extract the pulp of the aloe leaf and insert it into the blender. Squeeze a lemon and add the juice to the aloe vera, processes both ingredients until a paste forms. Apply the mixture obtained onto the face with circular movements, also apply on the neck and chest to smooth wrinkles in these areas. After about 20 minutes, remove with warm water and ready!

How to use aloe vera to remove wrinkles - Anti-wrinkle Mask of aloe vera and lemon

Aloe vera for crow's feet

If your goal is focused on the task of combating crow's feet and preventing new lines from forming in the corners of the eyes, the following remedy is perfect for you. Aloe vera does not only serve to mitigate and prevent these, it will also give this part of the face the hydration and softness you need to stay firm and young.

Just extract the pulp of aloe leaf and apply it directly on the crow's feet or, if you prefer, purchase a commercial aloe vera gel and follow the same procedure.

How to use aloe vera to remove wrinkles - Aloe vera for crow's feet

More tips to combat wrinkles

Remember that using aloe vera for wrinkles is a good help to moisturise your skin and prevent premature ageing, but besides that you must follow a series of basic care procedures to ensure the health of the dermis and to prevent the onset of the dreaded wrinkles. It will be essential to:

  • Cleanse facial skin daily with products suitable to your type of skin.
  • Watch your diet and include foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Drink two litres of water daily.
  • Avoid abrupt and sudden changes in weight, causing the loss of skin elasticity.
  • Protect skin from the sun using creams with high protection factor.
  • You avoid harmful substances such as tobacco.
  • Do not abuse artificial UV rays.
  • Know when to start applying a wrinkle cream and eye cream.
How to use aloe vera to remove wrinkles - More tips to combat wrinkles

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How to use aloe vera to remove wrinkles