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How to Use Vaseline for Puffy Eyes

How to Use Vaseline for Puffy Eyes

We are accustomed to using Vaseline as lip balm to keep our lips protected and soft, but did you know that this classic ointment can also help us keep the eye contour young and beautiful while getting rid of puffy eyes? That's right, there are already many women who use Vaseline as a usual anti-aging cream to moisturize the skin around the eyes and keep it free of wrinkles, puffy eyes, crow's feet and bags. Its composition is ideal to care for the skin of this delicate area and protect it from all external factors that can affect its structure and cause damage or signs of premature age.

Continue reading this article from oneHOWTO if you want to find out all the properties of Vaseline for the skin and how to use Vaseline for puffy eyes.

  1. Benefits of Vaseline for your eye contour
  2. Vaseline for puffy eyes and wrinkles
  3. Vaseline masks for puffy eyes
  4. More eye care tips

Benefits of Vaseline for your eye contour

Vaseline is an ideal natural product to care and beautify your eye contour skin due to its amazing moisturizing and hydrating properties. It is very rich in vitamins A and E, so in addition to perfectly moisturizing the area, it also rejuvenates and fights the appearance of wrinkles, which is very important for this part of the face that tends to age before the rest. Take note of the main benefits of Vaseline for the skin and how it can contribute to improving the appearance of the eye contour:

  • It creates a protective barrier on the skin on which it is applied, thus preventing external pollutants from damaging it or excessively drying it.
  • Prevents skin from losing water, moisturizes and softens it amazingly.
  • By penetrating deeply into the skin, it acts as a good healing product from the innermost layers.
  • Prevents premature aging and keeps skin firm and elastic.
  • It prevents cellular oxidation and prevents the appearance of new wrinkles puffiness or lines of expression.
  • It attenuates and makes the wrinkles and signs of the area's age less visible.
How to Use Vaseline for Puffy Eyes - Benefits of Vaseline for your eye contour

Vaseline for puffy eyes and wrinkles

For all of the above, Vaseline is one of the best existing natural products to prevent the aging of your eye contour and keep that area looking beautiful and fresh. Not only will it allow you to keep the skin around your eyes always perfectly moisturized, but it will also help reduce wrinkles, crow's feet, dark circles and bags. With a single product, you can get all these benefits and look a more beautiful face and a much more awake and attractive look.

How to apply petroleum jelly in the eye contour

Using Vaseline as a regular eye contour is very simple, as you will only have to take a small amount of this product with your fingertips and apply it with small dabs to the skin to ease its absorption. With these gestures, you will also stimulate blood circulation in the area and contribute to its rejuvenation. Make sure you pay particular attention to the outer corner of the eye contour, where crows feet appear, as this will also avoid their appearance.

For the treatment to be more effective, we advise you to leave the petroleum jelly on the skin all night. The next morning, wash your face with soap and warm or cold water. Repeat this procedure every night and you will see how you'll look better and look prettier from now on .

How to Use Vaseline for Puffy Eyes - Vaseline for puffy eyes and wrinkles

Vaseline masks for puffy eyes

Although the above method is the easiest way to use Vaseline for puffy eyes, you should know that you can also prepare good homemade anti-aging masks with it for this area of ​​the face if you combine it with other natural products. Take note of the following recipes for home creams for puffy eyes and do not hesitate to check their incredible effects on your skin:

Vaseline, almond oil, egg and honey

Melt 2 small tablespoons of Vaseline in the microwave and then place in a bowl with 1 small spoonful of honey, 1 small spoonful of almond oil and 1 egg yolk. Remove all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture and apply the cream on the eye contour with the help of a brush or a clean cotton swab. Leave it on for about 30 minutes and, after this time, remove with plenty of warm or cold water.

Almond oil and honey are very hydrating and moisturizing products and egg offers a very powerful natural lifting effect.

Vaseline, rose oil and wheat germ

To start making this cream for puffy eyes, first melt 2 tablespoons of Vaseline in the microwave or in a water bath. In a bowl, combine the melted Vaseline with 1 tablespoon of rose oil and 1 tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Wait a few hours until the ointment thickens and when it has done so, apply it over the eye contour giving a gentle circular massage. Perform the treatment before going to sleep and let it act all night long.

Wheat germ oil is ideal for moisturizing dry skin and reshaping thanks to its vitamin E content. Rose oil, on the other hand, is toning and soothing.

Vaseline, grape oil and aloe vera

This recipe consists of mixing 1 tablespoon of melted Vaseline with 5 tablespoons of grape oil and 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Apply the mixture to the skin around the eyes and allow it to sit overnight or for at least 30 minutes.

Grape oil is a great rejuvenator and natural purifier, while aloe vera has the ability to regenerate damaged skin tissues and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

How to Use Vaseline for Puffy Eyes - Vaseline masks for puffy eyes

More eye care tips

  • Moisturize your eye contour daily by applying a cream specifically for this area. In the following article we tell you when to start using eye cream.
  • Protect this area from the sun by applying a good sunscreen.
  • Avoid applying face cream in this area to prevent eye bags from appearing.
  • Properly clean and tone your eyes every day using suitable makeup removers for your skin type and specific to each area.
  • Take care of your diet and add foods that increase collagen levels.
  • Drink plenty of water during the day and avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine.
  • Sleep a minimum of 8 hours a day to prevent the appearance of dark circles or eye puffiness.

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