Reducing face wrinkles

Anti Wrinkle Facial Massage Techniques

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 25, 2021
Anti Wrinkle Facial Massage Techniques

Facials are amazing to relax us physically and mentally, but did you know that by revitalising our facial muscles through massage you also do treatment to fight wrinkles? Yes, this is a completely painless and extremely effective technique that allows us to boost our facial blood circulation, firm our skin's tissues, reduce our most visible wrinkles and keep our skin young. And best of all, we can do this anti wrinkle facial massage ourselves every day when we have a few minutes. Read this OneHowTo article and discover step-by-step the anti wrinkle facial massage techniques.

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Steps to follow:


Giving yourself a facial massage every night or even occasionally is great in order to revitalise all the muscles in your face and to help reduce or eliminate those deep wrinkles. Moreover, it is a simple technique that will prevent the formation of new lines and sagging.

According to specialists in skin health, this type of anti-wrinkle facial massaes have certain benefits such as those that we have listed below:

  • Stimulating fibroblast and collagen production, thus improving the skin's elasticity and firmness.
  • Boosting skin microcirculation, which is excellent for maintaining well-toned tissues and opening areas where wrinkles have appeared.
  • Firming facial muscles.
  • Improving skin tone.
  • Reducing facial swelling.
Anti Wrinkle Facial Massage Techniques - Step 1

Before starting this anti wrinkle facial massage techniques, to boost its anti-aging effect, we suggest you apply at the same time your usual anti-wrinkle cream or, if you prefer, a natural oil specific for rejuvenating the skin. This second option offers incredible results, and there are oils that contain antioxidants, vitamin E and minerals, which are great for nourishing skin from the inside and fighting the visible signs of ageing.

The best options are argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil and wheat germ oil. In our article natural oils to get rid of wrinkles you can see the particular properties of each one of them.

You only have to pour a few drops of your chosen oil onto your fingers and start to do the anti wrinkle facial massage, as we explain in the following steps.

Anti Wrinkle Facial Massage Techniques - Step 2

To correct wrinkles and try to make them less visible, the key technique is to massage in circular motions. The following method will work to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, no matter where they are. Follow our step-by-step guide:

  • With the index and middle fingers of one hand stretch the area of the skin where the wrinkle is to correct it.
  • Place some anti-aging cream or oil on the tip of the index finger on your other hand.
  • Then, with this index finger, make small circular movements over the entire length of the crease, from top to bottom.
  • Do this movement for a few seconds while stretching the skin in order to successfully stimulate circulation in the area and allow the anti-aging nutrients in the applied lotion to sink well into the skin and take effect.
Anti Wrinkle Facial Massage Techniques - Step 3

In addition to the circular movements, you can massage certain areas to diminish wrinkles in specific areas of your face. Take into account the following recommendations:

  • For forehead wrinkles: you should apply the anti-aging product in upward movements, i.e., from the top of your eyebrows to your hairline.
  • For midface wrinkles: in this case, the anti wrinkle facial massage technique consists in applying the anti-aging lotion going from the inner part of your face to the outer, giving a 'lifting' effect. You'll have to stretch the skin and a good way to do this is to hold your hands with fingers interlaced on your nose and unlink your fingers while moving your hands to the outer areas of your face.
  • For chin wrinkles: apply the product from the top going in the direction of the neck to the chin skin to stretch it. Bend your two index fingers and put them just below your chin. Using your thumbs, massage in circular movements to stretch the skin.
  • For wrinkles around your mouth: place a hand on each cheek and massage the skin in zigzag movements.
  • For wrinkles around your eyes the anti wrinkle facial massage technique consists in applying the product in semicircles, starting above the eye, going from the tear duct towards your temple. When you are done, repeat the same movement with the area below the eye.
Anti Wrinkle Facial Massage Techniques - Step 4

The skin of your neck and décolletage is extremely delicate, so you should also pay attention to it and extend your anti wrinkle facial massage technique to this area in order to avoid the appearance of unsightly wrinkles. If you carry out this task regularly and protect this area from UV rays with a high factor sunscreen, you'll have a beautiful and young neckline for much longer.

To reduce wrinkles in this area, you should massage your décolletage in a circular motion with your knuckles and go upwards until you reach the top of the neck. After that, make a kneading movement stretching the skin upward, starting from your décolletage area and ending at the top of your neck.

Anti Wrinkle Facial Massage Techniques - Step 5

Finally, we show you a fantastic anti wrinkle facial massage technique to oxygenate the skin's tissues, boosting collagen production and therefore contributing to the youthfulness of the skin. If you want to try it, you just have to do some quick pinches on the upper area of your cheeks and the sides of your jaw tracing your facial contours. Try it, the results of this anti wrinkle facial massage technique will surprise you!

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Anti Wrinkle Facial Massage Techniques