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How to Wear Pastel Makeup

Jane Bertin
By Jane Bertin. Updated: May 18, 2017
How to Wear Pastel Makeup
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Soft and delicate pastel tones make a yearly comeback in Spring/Summer trends. They turn all styles light-hearted and poppy, and they work well with all skintones.

Pastel makeup is perfect to create a fresh-faced, youthful look that you can wear to the office or to a summer evening party. Learn how to wear pastel makeup with these tips from OneHowTo and get your brushes to work!

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Pastel tones are bright but desaturated, and they have a powdery, fresh quality. While all colors exist in a soft pastel shade, "pastel" is mostly used to designate light pink, blue, mint green, lilac and peach tones.

Pastels are very common in children's fashions, and they have also been fashionable for grown-ups from the frilly Rococo period to 1980s business menswear. Depending on the look, they can convey innocence or playfulness.

If you're wondering how to wear pastel makeup but you'd prefer an adult, sophisticated look, use matte makeup and avoid shimmer eyeshadow. Powder or creamy makeup will be better. Don't be afraid to layer it!

How to Wear Pastel Makeup -


In order to wear pastel makeup, the first thing to do is to achieve dewy, soft skin. Since pastel makeup is bright and eye-catching, you will be drawing attention to your face. Make sure it is at its best!

Apply concealer to hide eye circles and spots, and use a creamy foundation that matches your skin tone. Blend well: your skin will look naturally flawless.

How to Wear Pastel Makeup - Foundation

Color combination

There is an infinitely wide variety of color combinations to pick and choose from for your pastel eyeshadow, but be careful that they match: use other pastel colors or stay within the same shade.

If you are bolder, try pastel makeup in complimentary colors, that is, the opposite in the color wheel. For example, strike with yellow and violet.

Pastel pink

It is a good idea to start by applying a beige or golden base on your mobile lid with a shade of rose at the crease to give depth. For a more intense look, you can apply pastel pink eyeshadow on your eyelids and highlight the inner corner of your eyes.

How to Wear Pastel Makeup - Color combination

Pastel blue

Pastel blue makeup is trendy and attractive, and works especially well for people with light eyes or very dark skin.

If you're looking for summer makeup ideas but you want to avoid the blue eyeshadow look that haunts most high school pictures, try applying a very light pastel blue eyeshadow from eyelid to eyebrow. Line your lower lashline in white or beige for extra luminosity and frame your eyes with mascara.

Wear pastel blue makeup with pastel pink or coral matte lipstick - avoid gloss or darker tones. Make sure your lips aren't cracked by exfoliating and moisturizing them regularly.

How to Wear Pastel Makeup - Pastel blue

Pastel yellow

Pastel yellow is a more daring choice, but it can work fantastically with pastel blue or violet for special occasions.

Apply pastel yellow eyeshadow on your mobile lid and underline the crease with any shade of blue - we recommend you stay within pastel. Blend well. To make it even more attractive, apply a dash of pastel yellow on your lower lashline as well. Keep the rest of your makeup natural: wear only gloss or an understated mauve lipstick, and use bronzer if you're light-skinned so as not to look washed out.

How to Wear Pastel Makeup - Pastel yellow
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Pastel lilac

Pastel lilac or plum are sexier, more elegant. Wear them with darker outfits - lighten up your office look by wearing a sharp business blazer with mauve pastel makeup, or balance the aggressiveness of leather with light plum tones.

Choose your favorite shade of purple eyeshadow and apply on your eyelids, no higher than the crease - you'd look like a panda. Blend upwards and apply a layer of pastel lilac makeup on top of it to bring luminosity.

How to Wear Pastel Makeup - Pastel lilac

Beyond eyeshadow

For a more unique look, move your pastel makeup elsewhere!

Wear pastel makeup on your lips: pastel pink or peach are the most obvious choices for a sherbet-y summer look, but you can also try mint or baby blue if you're feeling daring. To get on with the rainbow hair trend, you can even wear pastel makeup on your eyebrows, applying pastel powder and brushing well for an avantgarde runway look.

You can also go in the opposite direction and limit pastel makeup to your eyeliner. Use a bright color that matches your eyes - lilac for green, orange or yellow for blue, mint for brown - and keep the rest of your makeup soft and natural.

Now you know how to wear pastel makeup, you can experiment with all tonalities and degrees of boldness. Learn how to match colors for incredible outfits and learn how to color block.

How to Wear Pastel Makeup - Beyond eyeshadow

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Image: bellahermosa.com
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How to Wear Pastel Makeup